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    Thread Nexus 7 on Lean Kernel OC'ing issue

    Hi, I'm using SmoothROM v5.1 with 3.1.10-leanKernel and using setCPU. When I set the clockspeed and lock the screen, the CPU clock is reset after unlocking. No profiles etc. enabled, just trying to change the upper clock speed. Can anyone help?
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    Thread Remote Wipe Vulnerability

    Hi Guys, the browser hack that wipes Samsung phones is not limited to just those handsets. These guys do a better job of describing the whole thing: http://www.theverge.com/2012/9/26/3412432/samsung-touchwiz-remote-wipe-vulnerability-android-dialer Here is a direct link to the exploit test...
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    Thread [Q] AOSP Branch Sizes?

    I know master is 6gb per the docs but is there a command to determine a branch size before downloading it?
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    Thread market enabler

    Has anyone been able to get the market enabler to work?
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    Thread Motorola and Bootloaders

    Just trying to raise a bit of awareness, here is moto's blog post on bootloaders. I think they are more likely to respond/realize how much we want this policy changed if we us their own forum. Also note that the linked document outlining future ICS upgrades completely leaves out the Droid 3...
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    Thread Auto Rotation

    Is there a method by which I can auto-rotate the lock screen and/or dialer? I'm running Liberty3 2.0 and ADWLauncher.
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    Thread [Q] Considering a Bad ESN D3 for International

    Hi guys, I don't live in the US and I'm considering getting a D3 with a bad esn and unlocking it for use on my GSM carrier. From what I've seen this should work in theory but I'm also a bit concerned about what would cause a bad ESN. Any questions or checks I can do to figure out if the phone...
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    Thread NOM

    Hey, I have a HTC Dream that is unlocked and I am not in the US, currently if my GPRS connection is in active use then calls go to my voicemail. After some research I found that there are 3 modes of operation for a GPRS; NOM1 , NOM2 and NOM3. Only in NOM (network operation mode) 1 can a GPRS...
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    Thread ROMs Website

    Hey guys, A while back I asked about producing a website to make it easier for people to get into custom roms and also make it easier to stay afloat in the sea of information. I've got one php programmer who has started and we have a foundation but due to time constraints neither him or...
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    Thread Centralizing Roms

    Hey everyone, I'm one of those many thankful people who has a 'hacked' rom on their G1 (JF 1.5r2). I love the fact that there are so many variations to suit the needs of individuals but like alot of other people I find it oh so difficult to keep up. I know droiddeveloper.com is doing a great...
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    Thread Is updating the Radio on RC8 Recommended?

    I've got JF 1.41 RC8, can I update the radio and if so are they any drawbacks/improvements I should be aware of? I've been searching the forum but not really finding much info regarding RC8 (I'm unlocked, not on T-Mo AND roaming so I'd rather not risk RC33 and the horror stories about txt...
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    Thread Two Questions RE: Maps & Shell

    Is there a way to cache the map tiles offline? Mymaps is a nice app but when roaming its just too expensive to to walk around pulling data over roaming gprs/edge/3G. I'd like to be able to cache a large amount of tiles, disable data and move about. Is there a way to enable a different shell...
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    Thread Can't Use 'My Map Editor' on JF 1.41 ADP1.1

    Hey guys, As said in the topic I'm running the new JF 1.41 on ADP1.1 and everything seems to be fine except for the My Maps Editor App which I actually use :(. So here is the deal when I try to run it, the app stays open for about 3 seconds after I first run it and then drops out, no force...