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    Thread [Q] Any know how to or has anyone tried to installed the Android 11 gsi?

    .any know how to or has anyone tried to installed the Android 11 gsi
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    Thread Bluetooth wont turn on after going back to stock from Lineage OS

    hi, need some help here. I was on stock OOS 10.0.5 rooted and bluetooth was working fine. I flashed lineage OS and bluetooth was still working. I decided to go back to stock and now my bluetooth wont turn on. i even tried going back to 10.0.4 and still no Bluetooth. if i flash lineage os then...
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    Thread my phone keeps randomly rebooting

    Is anyone elses having this problem. Im on android Q final DBT. I have wiped the phone, reflashed via Odin, tried running it without root and with root. Still get the same problem.
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    Thread Has any got Viper4Android working with Android Q (one ui 2)

    Can someone help me get Viper4Android wokring with android q. Have tried to install the modeule several times but the app keeps telling me im missing the driver :rolleyes:
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    Thread help installing twrp and then stock rom on top

    Hello, Can someone help me with some instructions to install twrp and then flash either stock rom or custom rom. I want to have twrp as the recovery so i can flash things in the future and also make twrp backups. Im running stock 8.1 beta with unlocked bootloader I know there are guides out...
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    Thread New telegram group for essential phone owners

    Hi, I have created this group to set up a little community for us essential phones users. We can discuss anything about the phone. Lets help each other. To join click: https://t.me/joinchat/F4kLO04PgApOOprYbSoJJQ Thanks
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    Thread Oneplus 5t telegram chat group

    I have created a Telegram chat group for the oneplus 5t. This is a chat room where we can discuss anything Oneplus 5T related i.e roms kernal etc. RULES: ENGLISH ONLY RESPECT EACH OTHER NO ADS NO FOUL LAUNGAUGE If you want to join: MOD EDIT: LINK REMOVED Please reference this notice...
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    Thread anyway to have a flashable Oreo rom

    Is there any oreo flashable rom out there? I woupd love to try out oreo. For the S8 European version