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    Thread question about watch faces?

    Hi guys i just got this watch and i really like it very much.... i had a moto 36o 2nd generation and i was getting lots of faces through xda, facerepo and other sites like badapps.fr ( which is not online anymore ) and even random search on google but since i got the Huawei watch 2 i can only...
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    Thread Formating / install custom ROM

    Dear All, first of all i would like to say that i have had some samsung phone over the past years so i am not that new on how to install a custom ROM anyway lets get to the main issue.... i download the custom ROM boot into download and install twrp with odin open the phone and open twrp...
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    Thread Smart Select Edge from S8?

    hi guys i wonder if anyone has or know a way to install the smart select edge panel from S8 to the S7 edge?
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    Thread Black Screen

    Hi, i have a problem with my moto 360 and need help plz my moto 360 screen is turned black, when i tried to do anything with the button nothing appear on the screen but the watch itself vibrate once and if i keep trying with the button it vibrate twice but nothing appear on the screen, however...
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    Thread transfer muti files to facer/WM

    is there a way to transfer a dir. to facer/WM instead of clicking every .face file ?
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    Thread WatchMaker?

    guys after i did update my watch to the latest OS and watchmaker is broken in a way the face itself is not centralized anymore for some reason please advice this applied on all watchmaker faces
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    Thread [Q] question about baseband

    my phone baseband is N9005XXUENB1 and i want to install a stock room from sammobile can i install this? PDA N9005XXUGBOB6 CSC N9005GBLGBOA1
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    Thread (req) can someone create this watch plz

    can someone plz create this watch ? thnx in advance
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    Thread favorite contacts/app widget question?

    where are Favorite contacts widget & Favorite app widget? can someone upload them for galaxy note 3 plz?
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    Thread [Q] HTC Senstaion XE CWM install problem plz help!!????

    Hello All, I have completed the following steps for installing the CWM: Quote 1- Download the CWM recovery file. 2- Download Link | Filename: PG58IMG-cwm- | Size: 5.2 MB 3- Rename the above file to PG58IMG from PG58IMG-cwm- 4- Copy the PG58IMG.zip file to...
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    Thread Backup Question?

    What is the best program to do a full Android backup, including apps, additional files, Folders, Contacts, etc.... ??
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    Thread [Q] how to get a backup of stock rom

    i would like to try some other rom but first i would like to know how to get a backup of the stock rom first, can you please help me!
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    Thread [Q] FM Radio ????

    is it possible to have FM Radio on the nexus ??
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    Thread [Q] downgrade firmware from 4.1.1 to 4.0.1

    can i downgrade from JB to ICS and how??
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    Thread P6210 install CWM & ROOT HELP

    i just updated my GT-P6210 to ICS and want to install CWM & ROOT the device so i have now the Android factory System (3e) recovery so i found this Thread : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1379532 saying Boot into recovery mode. If the recovery version banner is "CWM-based...
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    Thread Tab won't start up normally. Stuck at boot logo

    my galaxy tab 10.1 isnt working anymore, suddenly i wont open i tried to data/factory reset through recovery mode isnt working. tried to install zip from sdcard and gapps this works but when i choose reboot device it stuck at the boot logo!!!!!
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    Thread [REQ] Modern War

    is there any hack for this game???
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    Thread vibrate on call connect

    I am running JB on Galaxy Nexus and i wonder if there is an application that when an outgoing call is connected (answered) the phone vibrates to notify???
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    Thread [jb] paranoidandroid

    Hi Guys, I installed this new rom [JB] PARANOIDANDROID [CM10HYBRID] [20120717 1.7-alpha: Tablet/Phablet/Phone, Panel] http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1619582 but Bluetooth isn't working, viber isnt working & last thing vibrate on call connect Please advice Best Regards, Ibrahim