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  1. abi_sam

    Thread Please Help ME... flashed wrong kernel .......

    im using MOVEES ROM V4.0 Beta 2 and i try to flash the new arter97 kernel for Galaxy S6 920i which was 21.1. i mistakenly downloaded the 925f kernel and flashed if. from that time on when i touch on left side of the screen it register the touch in right side... which is opacite side...(like a...
  2. abi_sam

    Thread can we flash g920f fireware on g920i?

    first of all i'll say that this a dum question, but i like to clear some things in my mind, my device is g920i . i like to know what happens when i flash the g920f firmware over the g920i model phone?:confused::confused:
  3. abi_sam

    Thread GPS Problem in "XtreStoLite Universal Deodexed Mod Edition"

    I’m a person to travel to places and I use GPS to navigate myself. GPS Function was grate in stock rom but after flashing this rom my GPS location shows some ware else and always say "Signal Lost". What should I do?:confused: Correct https://goo.gl/photos/x6afr3wNANUdGhSt5 False...
  4. abi_sam

    Thread noise cancelling handset?

    hello thier i would like to know can i use a noise cancelling handset in samsung S6?:confused:
  5. abi_sam

    Thread should i update my s6 to 5.1.1?

    i didnt get the ota update but when i connected to Smart Switch it shows the 5.1.1 update..... what do i do????? update it or no :confused:
  6. abi_sam

    Thread [Q] Solid Red light when I connected to Charge

    im getting solid Red Light when i connected to power. no charging not even recondnice by the computer.. What can i do to power on the phone.. i did hard reset too nothing happend.... i read some article about red light and some says to return to sony store and some says to unplug the battery...
  7. abi_sam

    Thread [Q] Xperia z2 not turning on

    i got a xperia z2 phon and it was in 4.4.4 kitkat Germany Telekom firmware and i updated to new lollipop. then i flashed a UK unbranded lollipop firmware. then my phone didn't charge even i connected to power. my phone turnd off and when ever i connected to power i can see only the red LED...
  8. abi_sam

    Thread [Q] Sony MH1C Headset not supported... WHY?

    I have a Sony MH1C Headset and when it plug it says unsupported headphone.... its working on Sony Xperia Arc S..... Not working on Xperia Z1...(in lollipop they given the option to select headphone models:confused:)
  9. abi_sam

    Thread Pre-Rooted Xperia Z1 C6903_5.0.2_C6903_14.5.A.0.242_Customized SG Flashable

    This is my First Post...... Finally the File is Uploaded.... Mega Down loader:- " mega.co.nz/#!LgAjzLCJ!IDSitCzjZMs1tpzE8QUFTnVCV_7DSn8dMf14t-MMnMo " (im new so CDA want allow to post links so..... please copy and paste the link to your browser...:):):)) Thank you. Steps For Rooting Xperia Z1...