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    Thread MIUI charge animation?

    Hey all - I'm curious if it's possible to add the charging animation for MIUI as some kind of overlay using Substratum or if there is an app / Magisk module that already does this. I have been a fan of this animation but have yet to find something that I can use on my OP7 Pro. Example...
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    Thread .11 OTA Update Issue

    Alright, I have tried just about everything and keep running into the same roadblock so I am going to post here and see if someone has an idea of what is going on and how to work around it. I will outline each method used below as detailed as I can. I'm currently on 9.5.9 and looking to upgrade...
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    Thread Bricked?? Flashed Kernel now can't boot

    Hello... So I was going to test out a couple different kernels this morning. I was running Elemental X and it was performing quite well, but I wanted to test out arter97 since it was new to OP7. Flashed via TWRP and had absolutely no issues at all. After reviewing the features I noticed it...
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    Thread Please help! Fastboot Boot Loop after TWRP Restore

    I'm really at a loss for what to do here... I'll give as much backstory as I can. I had installed WETA v4.1 while also running Renovate ICE, which was not causing any issues until I toggled the "Google Photos workaround" option which set my phone as a Pixel 3 XL. This caused a conflict and made...
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    Thread [Q] Flashing stock rom?

    So... I have looked around and can't find a specific resource that tells me what I need to do, so I am posting this. If there is an existing thread or post you could point me to that would be appreciated. I unlocked my Moto X bootloader (US Cellular), rooted, and flash a new ROM a few weeks...
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    Thread CM11 & acDisplay / Dynamic Notifications Apps

    Hey everyone, I unlocked my boot loader, rooted, and flashed CM11 on my Moto X a couple days ago. I am only missing the Active Display feature from stock and wanted to replace it with something from the play store. I am running into a problem with both acDisplay and Dynamic Notifications apps...
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    Thread Best Phone Call App

    IMO Vonage seems to be best. I can call from my tablet using my mobile number. Easiest setup ever. Any other options out there?
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    Thread [GUIDE] Auto Bluetooth Tethering (NO ROOT)

    I just recently got my Note 10.1 (2014) WiFi a few days ago, but have been doing quite a bit of research. One thing I really wanted was my tablet to be... well, mobile. I could always use it at home through WiFi, but off the WiFi connection it serves very little purpose if any at all besides...
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    Thread [SALE] Rocketfish Miracast Video Receiver

    http://www.bestbuy.com/site/rocketfish-miracast-video-receiver/7511057.p#tab=overview On sale at Best Buy, good deal I think. Anyone know if it works with our device?
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    Thread PCWorld: Moto X #4 Best Tech Item of 2013

    http://www.pcworld.com/article/2070623/revealed-the-50-best-tech-products-of-2013.html Moto X getting some love. :D
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    Thread [Q] CM + Moto Apps

    So... quick question (major noob when it comes to porting apps/roms). Since Motorola has all of the featured apps on the play store, are we able to flash CM and install the updates (Assist, Active Display, Motorola Connect, and Touchless Control) to the Moto X? Is this even possible? Could the...
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    Thread Possible US Cellular 4.4 OTA Tomorrow

    Just passing the message along. http://www.droid-life.com/2013/12/03/us-cellular-moto-x-getting-kit-kat-update-tomorrow-as-build-13-11-3/ Sent from my XT1055 using xda app-developers app
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    Thread Q: Keeping root after OTA

    Currently a US Cellular customer and am wanting to root. If I unlock my boot loader and flash TWRP and gain root through that method, will I be able to take OTAs still? If so, do I keep root? Sent from my XT1055 using xda app-developers app
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    Thread Questions regarding rooting

    I am currently using my unrooted Moto X with US Cellular. I was holding off on rooting until 4.4 hit but it seems that that might not be until next week given the holiday. I wanted to go ahead and root on 4.2.2 but want to make sure I do it correctly. Do I need to unroot before taking the OTA...
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    Thread [UNLOCKED BOOTLOADER] Possible 4.4 Root (NOT MY WORK)

    This is not my work, and I can not vouch if it works or not as I am a US Cellular customer and don't have a working version of 4.4 on my device. This was posted on Reddit. Link and entire post to follow: Video "proof": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NP9WXLIzhTY&feature=youtu.be...
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    Thread To root, or not to root, that is the question

    With 4.4 right around the corner (it seems), I am weary of rooting since from what I have been reading there is issues with getting OTA updates. I really want to get Greenify back and use some of the Xposed tweaks but I don't want to compromise getting the OTA update for 4.4 when it comes around...
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    Thread Just a big thank you!

    I was using an old droid x until it stopped working about two weeks ago. I got a gnex as a replacement from Verizon and wow am I happy with this phone. I've been following xda for a long time but never rooted my phone until just a few days ago. With all the information on this forum I was able...