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  1. obsidianchao

    Thread Ubuntu on TF300?

    I keep searching but feel like an idiot; I swore I read somewhere that Ubuntu was possible on the TF300, but can't seem to find it again. Help? Sent from my SCH-I535 using XDA Premium HD app
  2. obsidianchao

    Thread Best RSS Widget

    What would you consider the best RSS widget for the TF300? Google Reader's widget works alright, but it just feels weird sometimes. Free would be preferred. Sent from my ASUS Transformer Pad TF300T using XDA Premium HD app
  3. obsidianchao

    Thread "Next Field" removal?

    I've been using Gingerbread Keyboard (though this is on almost every keyboard), the the "next field" arrow that pops up next to the space bar (usually on websites, not apps) drives me absolutely nuts. Is there a way to remove this, or a KB similar to GB KB or ICS KB that lacks it? Sent from my...
  4. obsidianchao

    Thread Affordable Extended Battery

    Does anyone know of a good, reliable extended battery that won't charge up the ass like the Mugen one does? (I'm sorry, but my Fascinate got a whole day on a $20 extended, $100 is unacceptable) Sent from my SCH-I535 using XDA Premium HD app
  5. obsidianchao

    Thread AOSP /datadata Restriction

    I'm on PoolParty (uh, 1.4 iirc) on my Fasc, and it has the /datadata limit; the partition is small, and if I have too much data in there (too many apps or large caches, and when I say "too many" I mean around eighty, including the standard Gallery/Email/etc. apps), everything starts crashing...
  6. obsidianchao

    Thread Securing a PCB

    I'm planning to make a controller this summer, but the PCB I'm using is a lot smaller than the case I need to use. How do I secure the PCB so it isn't flopping everywhere?
  7. obsidianchao

    Thread Bandwidth Priority?

    Hey guys, I've been using OnLive on my new TF300, and while it isn't bad, it's a bad laggy with inputs. Is there any way I can give my tablet priority on my bandwidth? (I don't get input lag on my PC, to clarify)
  8. obsidianchao

    Thread Fightin' Gaemz

    Who here plays 'em, and what do you play? I just got a damn nice fightstick (the Soul Calibur V TE that Mad Catz just dropped), and been playing them even more. On 360, I'm usually playing BlazBlue: CS (haven't gotten Extend yet), SSFIV, a ton of UMVC3 (so bad yet fun), and KOFXIII. Hopefully...
  9. obsidianchao

    Thread [Q] Everything FCing

    Hey, everyone. I've been having this problem a lot... when I was on CM7, about once a month everything would force close. First an app (xScope, Twicca, anything), then GApps, then my keyboard... the phone starts FCing everything within about an hour of being turned on. In the past, I've just...
  10. obsidianchao

    Thread [Q] Poke Pal

    Does anyone have a Poke Pal APK and/or the app installed that they can make an APK of? It was free, but Google screwed them for copyright claims... I could really use this, I'm trying to train my Pokemon for a tournament.
  11. obsidianchao

    Thread Murdoch "Pie"

    Rupert Murdoch was just hit in the face with a shaving cream pie. Assailant was a man who shouted "Greedy!" as the pie connected with Murdoch's face. Discuss. I can't stop laughing.
  12. obsidianchao

    Thread Kindle 3 Firmware Hacking

    I've seen Kindle mods (specifically have the screensaver one installed right now), but I have been interested in modifying the firmware to allow me to press a key combo (say, alt+shift+A) to macro text, because I use two different twitter accounts and signing in and out sucks. Does anyone know...
  13. obsidianchao

    Thread Sony Pictures hack: TOTAL BS.

    http://db.tt/96ikF1j That is the supposed Sony Pictures hack that occurred today. Have a good laugh looking at those files.
  14. obsidianchao

    Thread Can I get this shipped to America?

    Anyone know? It's unfindable in the US. Their other album is 50 bucks here because it's a collector's item. -.- http://bit.ly/lLwNN7 Really want it...
  15. obsidianchao

    Thread Most popular Dinc ROMs/Themes?

    I have a Samsung Fascinate, but a friend of mine just rooted his Dinc. I've glanced around these forums, seen a little, but your theme section is a bit cluttered... what are the popular ROMs and Themes for this phone?
  16. obsidianchao

    Thread Lady Gaga, Born This Way

    Please, don't fill this forum with hate, that would just make you an ass. I just picked up the album, and I have some severe mixed feelings on it. I really like Electric Chapel and Scheiße, but some of the songs are just... eh. And I kinda found Black Jesus offensive. (No, the song is not about...
  17. obsidianchao

    Thread Google purchasing Modu

    I heard about this Google buying Modu thing and started looking up Modu patents... and found this. http://patft.uspto.gov/netacgi/nph-Parser?Sect1=PTO2&Sect2=HITOFF&p=1&u=/netahtml/PTO/search-bool.html&r=33&f=G&l=50&co1=AND&d=PTXT&s1=Modu&OS=Modu&RS=Modu SSD on a phone... is this good, or old...
  18. obsidianchao

    Thread [Q] Should I hop on CM6.2/7?

    I'm currently on EB01, voodoo undervolt kernel from imnuts07, and I'm quite liking it... but I'm slightly bothered by the severe drop-off in theme creation lately, because the Fascinate is, well, old. I hopped on the Fascinate train reeeeeal late and will have it for a while still... I've heard...
  19. obsidianchao

    Thread Help with Custom App

    Don't really want to make a new thread, but you guys might know a fix: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1020777
  20. obsidianchao

    Thread [Q] Help with custom .apk

    So, I extracted my Tweetdeck .apk and edited the .9 inside for the widget; I recompiled (AKA renamed the .zip back to .apk) and now the application won't install. "Application Not Installed" it says, after saying "Installing...". Anybody know how to fix this? I didn't edit anything but that...
  21. obsidianchao

    Thread Theme to match

    So, I need a theme to match my new ADW Elegant icon pack. Any suggestions? (My current setup is below. Also, it it possible to make my Tweetdeck widget match it? Anybody wanna try? :/ ) EDIT: It appears the image won't upload, but the icon pack is in the market as ADW Elegant. Samsung...
  22. obsidianchao

    Thread Quick Clip

    Guys, friend found this on YouTube, I think it deserves its own thread. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gD8nV8RlPU&feature=youtube_gdata_player Discuss. I think it was effing beautiful. Samsung Fascinate, Verizon EB01 Superclean 2.4 Kenesis' TransMyst GBKB (EPIIIIIC) Mob87's Honeycomb Theme...
  23. obsidianchao

    Thread Castlevania: HD

    Anyone play? I'm a hardcore CV fan and could use some decent people to play DLC chapters! Samsung Fascinate, Verizon EB01 Superclean 2.4 Kenesis' TransMyst GBKB (EPIIIIIC) Mob87's Honeycomb Theme Stock Kernel
  24. obsidianchao

    Thread Happy Pi Day!

    Happy Pi Day, everyone! Best day of the year! I less than three three point one four! Samsung Fascinate, Verizon EB01 Superclean 2.4 Kenesis' TransMyst GBKB (EPIIIIIC) Mob87's Honeycomb Theme Stock Kernel
  25. obsidianchao

    Thread Removing Lock Screen

    I know, using the hidden menu, you can remove the lock screen. Problem is, this removes the power button menu. Is it possible to remove the lock screen without that latter issue? Samsung Fascinate, Verizon EB01 Superclean 2.4 Kenesis' TransMyst GBKB (EPIIIIIC) Mob87's Honeycomb Theme Stock Kernel
  26. obsidianchao

    Thread [REQUEST] 8-Bit (for EB01)

    Would anyone be interested in doing an 8-bit theme for EB01? I'm looking for a theme that would match this album cover from an upstart band I love. Samsung Fascinate, Verizon EB01 Superclean 2.4 Kenesis' TransMyst GBKB (EPIIIIIC) Mob87's Honeycomb Theme Stock Kernel
  27. obsidianchao

    Thread [Q] Keyboards

    So, I just upgraded to EB01, and I used to use Blackout MTM Multitouch keyboard on DI01. I reeeally liked it. What are my options for keyboards on EB01 other than the utter trash default?
  28. obsidianchao

    Thread Help with upgrading ROM.

    I'n on DI01 and about to buy Titanium to upgrade. I keep gearing about DJ05, DL09, DL30, and EB01... what should I upgrade to? I'm new to this.... Samsung Fascinate, Verizon DI01 (upgrading soon) MTM Blackout Keyboard SuperClean 0.4 StupidFast kernel
  29. obsidianchao

    Thread [Q] Wallpaper Problem

    So, with my Fascinate, whenever I try to place a wallpaper, it brings up the cropping tool. But the cropping tool is a square. I turned off wallpaper scrolling, so cropping my screen size by eye using the square is difficult. Is there a tool that let's me crop to native 480x800 or whatever the...
  30. obsidianchao

    Thread Rooting Help

    Alright, I'm a total noob. Just got my Samsung Fascinate, it is succesfully rooted with CW on it, but... dunno what to do next. I want to upgrade to DJ05, but it said something about data wipe, and I don't want to lose my stuff. Same with themes and whatnot for DI09; I'm decent with tech, I'm...