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    Post ROM ❯ PIXEL 5 ❯ OFFICIAL ❯ ProtonAOSP 11

    Hey y'all, I've been trying to install this ROM but no matter what I do I can't get it to install correctly. I navigate to where I have the flash-all.bat saved and I run that using ./flash-all.bat in powershell and it gives me this output... PS...
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    Post Fastboot Strangeness, Having Issues Rooting/Installing ROMS

    I think I tried that last night, but I tried again just now with a new patched.img just in case. Flashed successfully but same problem. Here's my exact powershell input/output. For powershell I gotta use ./fastboot but its the same as running 'fastboot' in cmd. And I've using powershell with and...
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    Post Fastboot Strangeness, Having Issues Rooting/Installing ROMS

    I actually did not have USB debugging enabled, but after doing so I have the same problem. Just tried to flash magisk with the two custom .img files I made last night, and my last confirmed working one, same problem as before. It successfully flashes, then bootloops til I reflash the stock boot.img.
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    Post Fastboot Strangeness, Having Issues Rooting/Installing ROMS

    Hey, Yes OEM Unlocking is on and greyed out. It was giving me the option to turn it off again before, not sure why it isn't now.
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    Thread Fastboot Strangeness, Having Issues Rooting/Installing ROMS

    how exactly did you flash the stock rom bc im lost on this process.... Heres where im at bc i cant get any help from the ProtonAOSP thread or anywhere. ive never flashed a rom without twrp and im lost now: BC This is what ive been getting...
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    Post Fastboot Strangeness, Having Issues Rooting/Installing ROMS

    Hello! I've been enjoying my rooted Pixel 5 but today I saw that the first Pixel 5 ROM is available so I went to go try it. Just like the instructions asked I tried to flash the ROM like it was a standard stock image since we don't have TWRP yet. Everything was going fine until it got to the...
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    Post [ROM][6.0.1_r61][clark][UBERTC] ★ Turbo ROM ★ Substratum ★ [08/29/16]

    I got this installed with OpenGapps, been running all night. Texting and calling seem to work but I have no LTE OR 3G. I can connect to WiFi but no cellular internet. I'm on Verizon. Any solutions?
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    Post [ROM-AOSP][UNOFFICIAL][6.0.1] Pure Nexus for Moto X Style/Pure Edition | Substratum

    Everyone seem to have their Gapps working properly but me....I flashed the latest as of posting this, Google Play Services and Setup Wizard non-stop crash. Also tried ARM64 Gapps Micro version, no luck. Im gonna try the 7/30 release, we'll see...Also, do i need to be wiping and reinstalling the...
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    Thread Phone swapping or eligibility questions...

    Hey! I ordered a Moto X Pure (2015) from someone on XDA, It's arriving tomorrow. I had a question about carriers but Verizon isn't answering my questions and its kinda frustrating. My good friend needs a phone and wants an iPhone. I have the iPhone she wants and since mine is arriving tomorrow...
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    Thread [Completed] I need a basic rundown of rooting benefits.

    I recently bought a Moto X Pure from an XDA Member which should be here at the beginning of next week. I used to own a GS5 which as you know is pretty locked down. Locked bootloader, hard to root, if you updated you're screwed, ect. So! I've been out of the rooting game for a while now and only...
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    Post [ROM] [Lollipop] [V0.5] [06/28/2015] FreedomROM

    Alright....Im starting to get tired of trying this over and over. I set the permissions to 0644 like i was told and when i replace it, it reboots then gives me a System UI has crashed error that i have dismissed over 100 times that pops back up the very second i close it. What the hell do i do?
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    Post [ROM] [Lollipop] [V0.5] [06/28/2015] FreedomROM

    This seems AWESOME, about to install and use the Nexus System UI. I will be uploading the default GS5 SystemUI.apk to my google drive, anyone want me to post the link?
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    Thread Cell Phone Unlocking Credibility

    I am about to pay cellunlocker.net to unlock my Galaxy S5 and was wondering if anyone here has used to and knows if it works? Is it a scam?
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    Thread ROM Questions

    So i ordered a Verizon Galaxy S5 on Amazon and when it arrived it was AT&T and when i put in my SIM it says invalid, I asked for an unlock code from AT&T and they said the payments haven't been completed. If I were to root and install a Verizon ROM would it be able to recognize and use my SIM...