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  1. amtrivedi

    Thread [Q] Vanilla AOSP/Code Aurora [4.1.2] - whats app device not supported

    Installed the rom and gapps. afterwards installed whats app and successfully configure it with my mobile number but at the end it shows error message that device is not supported. If i reopen the app then also the same message comes. But if i receive message from anyone and from notification i...
  2. amtrivedi

    Thread [Q] CM stuck at Logo

    Today installed cm-10.1-20140410-UNOFFICIAL-normandy and cm-10-20140411-UNOFFICIAL-normandy roms in my Nokia X but it keep stuck at CM logo. And also tried CM11 but in CWM it shows Broken Android Symbol with Error.
  3. amtrivedi

    Thread [Q] FreeXperia Project Bootloops in Xperia Z1

    Hi, I installed FXP 302 on my Z1 (C6902) and it keeps getting into bootloops. Any idea ? Here is what I did. 1. Flashed boot.img from FXP 302 Honami build 2. Cleared cache and data from recovery 3. Installed FXP and Gapps 4. Rebooted I also tried...