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  1. J

    Thread Touch screen problems? Maybe actually proximity sensor (which is terrible).

    One of the touch screen issues I sometimes experience is when swipes are "broken" and register as shorter swipes and taps. This makes me think maybe the accidental touch protection, which is supposed to be triggered by the proximity sensor, is being triggered when it shouldn't. We all have read...
  2. J

    Thread Raw format resolution

    Anyone used the RAW format with the camera? (if so, what software are you using to process them?) The gallery app tells me the resolution of the RAW is 1040x780 when the jpeg version is 4160x3120. I don't currently have anything else to open RAW with in order to verify this is correct, but if...
  3. J

    Thread Camera resolution choice oddity

    When choosing my camera 'photo size' option I picked the 4:3 (13MP) choice. But at some point when I looked, the highest resolution available was 4:3 (8MP). I just remembered this and was going to post a question (thinking maybe I was mistaken and the highest choice was always 8MP) and I see...
  4. J

    Thread Back to my LGOG

    About a year ago I got a really really good deal on a GS5. It wouldn't have been my choice under normal circumstances, but it was worth a try. There were some good things and some annoying things about it. Last weekend I decided that I had enough of the annoying things, specifically around...
  5. J

    Thread [Q] Disable auto speakerphone?

    Apparently (I use that word because I don't think I have ever seen this feature officially listed) the S5 automatically switches to speakerphone when you take the phone away from your ear. I guess this is supposed to be a convenience, but for me it just doesn't work well, activating speakerphone...
  6. J

    Thread Bad Amazon! Bad, bad Amazon!

    I'm curious if anyone else has noticed this behavior. Maybe it's just due to something I did. I've always heavily used the Amazon appstore because my first Android device was a Kindle Fire. I have the kindle and amazon mp3 and amazon shopping apps too. Just like Amazon wants, I have some...
  7. J

    Thread New Trent NT650CR rugged case review

    This will be a fairly brief review. I'm not going to post any pictures -- the Amazon product page will have to suffice. I'm still deciding on what type of case (if any) to use with my S5. I've never been a big fan of this type of rugged case because of the bulk they add to the phone. This one...
  8. J

    Thread Gallery stopped displaying older pics

    I've got the Camera saving to my sd card and until last weekend, as far as I ever noticed, the built-in Gallery app would display all of my pictures (the ones from the S5 - it doesn't search any other dirs on my sd card, grrr). Saturday I noticed it only showed me a handful of pictures, the...
  9. J

    Thread secure_storage_daemon using a lot of cpu

    I've noticed the process /system/bin/secure_storage_daemon using a solid 24% cpu. I killed it just now and it restarted and is not sucking up cpu anymore. What is this? Does it interact with some app I can safely freeze? Can I safely rename it so that it can't run?
  10. J

    Thread AT&T statusbar logo inconsistent

    Anyone else have this? It seems that more often than not, I have no carrier text in my status bar. Some would say that is great, but in an area where reception is not great, it is a handy indicator... When it is accurate.
  11. J

    Thread Silent boot possible without root?

    One of the first things I always want to do with a new phone is turn off the stupid boot sound. Is there a hidden setting somewhere to do this on the AT&T GS5? With root it would be easy enough to change the audio file. Not looking for an app that kludges around the issue by muting when you reboot.
  12. J

    Thread Get the calendar widget from our phone?

    I am temporarily using a galaxy s5, and among other things I miss the little calendar widget lg has that looks like the app icon but has the live date in it. I found a similar widget in the play store but it isn't quite right. Can I somehow get the widget of my lgog to put on another device?
  13. J

    Thread Any equalizer that works with our phones and play music?

    I've been looking for an equalizer for music... ideally one that works with any music app I choose, but in particular one that works with Google Play music (just because all my music is already in there). I've tried several, and while a couple kind of worked (they show up as available choices...
  14. J

    Thread mute boot sound

    I had my boot sounds muted, but after a factory reset I can't remember how I did it in order to re-do it. I THOUGHT there was a boot.prop change but I can't find it now. Seems that I can rename the files in /system/media/audio/ui (PowerOn.ogg and PowerOff.ogg) but I don't remember doing this...
  15. J

    Thread [Q] screwed up /data/data/com.android.providers.settings - lost home button

    Hi all, I was using aSQLiteManager to edit /data/data/com.android.providers.settings/system/settings.db, and it seems to have truncated the db to 81920 characters (it was about 91k to begin with). After rebooting the phone I noticed some of the sound settings had reverted to odd states (some...
  16. J

    Thread Weird lockup noted

    At this point I'm not necessarily looking for any help, but would still be interested in anyone else's similar experience. My phone has stock JB, rooted but unlocked. Last night I set my phone on the nightstand with around 80% battery. Didn't have any reason to touch it until around 11:30am...
  17. J

    Thread [Q] Anyone else getting terrible Google Services wakelocks on JB?

    This started around the time I wanted to check and see if my GPS was still working after the update. I went through the hoops to get google maps to be able to use the GPS and it was working fine. But shortly after, I noticed excessive battery drain, and BBS showed me that my phone was not...
  18. J

    Thread enable wireless and 4g at the same time

    Is there any way to do this? It seems that when I enable wifi, the rmnet_usb0 interface becomes inaccessible (no ipv4 address). When I disable wifi, even the wlan and cfg80211 modules get unloaded. I can't seem to find the way to load them (with wifi set as disabled) to try to ifconfig the...
  19. J

    Thread [Q] Eco mode vs battery saver apps

    So I've had my phone for about 2 weeks now. One of the first things I did was turn on eco mode since I rarely need extra performance. Now, this is not my first Android device, but it is my first Android phone, so I started out not realizing all the battery suckers I had on there by default...
  20. J

    Thread semi-success: delayed update to 6.3 and preserved root

    This did not go exactly as I had planned but it ended up ok anyway and I learned some. I am using a rooted stock rom. First, my idea was to prevent the auto update to 6.3. Second, I wanted to see if it was possible to somehow preserve root so that I wouldn't have to re-root after the update...
  21. J

    Thread directory that survives OTA update?

    Is there a known-safe directory that doesn't get clobbered in an OTA update, other than /mnt/sdcard? Maybe /data or something under it? The reason I ask is that I had a brainstorm. If I just keep a copy of /system/xbin/su (and make sure it's still setuid root), after an update I can always...
  22. J

    Thread 6.3 update may be out

    Someone on the Amazon forums has reported getting a software update to 6.3. I have droidwall blocking a lot of stuff in hopes of avoiding the automatic update. We shall see...
  23. J

    Thread half-working adb

    I wonder if anyone has a fix for this. I haven't seen the exact symptom posted but I may have missed it. Two computers: First, windows 7, android sdk installed, adb works perfectly fine. Second, is a windows xp virtual machine (xVM virtualbox) with the USB device passed through from the host...
  24. J

    Thread Alternative thoughts on preventing OTA update

    I don't think I have seen any mention of this idea yet. Sorry if I missed it... In a recent thread about the 6.2.2 update and people wanting to prevent it, I thought I read that someone saw the file show up in the update directory. I'm assuming this means the same 'kindleupdates' directory you...