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  1. MrPetrelli

    Post Looking for firmware R810XXU1DTG1

    Thank you.. it worked..
  2. MrPetrelli

    Thread About CSC & Update FW R810XXU1DSL1 to R810XXU1DTG1

    Hello, I want to Update FW R810XXU1DSL1 to R810XXU1DTG1 but my CSC is TUR (TUR's final fw is dsl1)... Will it brick after the update? I don't need samsung pay. Do I have to downgrade and change CSC? Thank you.. edit: first I downgraded to BSA4 .. changed csc to XAR.. updated two times with...
  3. MrPetrelli

    Post [ROM][PX5][PX6][PX30][Pie][9.0] Hal9k Mod v4 for MTCD/E head units with Android 9/8/6

    https://dl.xda-cdn.com/4/9/4/4/0/0/3/21.png?key=dkGoFDEuGa0SHudBUkrerA&ts=1601829332 Does anyone just have screensaver.apk?
  4. MrPetrelli

    Post [ROM][PX5][Pie][9.0] Malaysk ROM for PX5 RK3368 with Android 9

    Every restart or install new apk Key chain stopped error after ota update, what can i do now? Trying Factory reset? Or smth? Everything is perfect and working, there is only problem ( key chain stopped )