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  1. kareemgonna

    Thread [Q] Do I have to flash a specific Kernel before flashing CM 10.1??

    I'm wondering if I have to flash a specific Kernel before flashing custom roms ( CM specifically ). My device is P3110 running stock 4.1.2 . Any help will be much appreciated, thanks guys. Edit: Does flashing the CM Rom zip file flash the newest CM kernel or should I flash it manually?
  2. kareemgonna

    Thread Xperia mini pro overclocking information

    I want to know what's the safe overclocking maximum and governor . I also want to know what's the maximum safe temperature? Is 50c' as a maximum safe? Thanks for your help. Sent from my SK17i using xda premium
  3. kareemgonna

    Thread Is it ok to flash the ftf for ICS update with different SI number?

    What is the difference between updating via pc companion or flashtool ftf file? Thanks Sent from my SK17i using xda premium
  4. kareemgonna

    Thread Flashing Rom with a different SI

    Yesterday I got fed up waiting for my SI to receive the update so I downloaded the ftf file and flashed it via flashtool. But knowing that it's for a different si although everything works fine including the keyboard and everything else I wanted to know what is the difference or it doesn't make...
  5. kareemgonna

    Thread Custom Kernel that works with Official ICS??? xperia mini pro

    Since I finally updated my device to ICS then rooted it , I was wondering if there's a custom kernel that works with this rom so that I can overclock my device. Sorry If I'm posting in the wrong section.