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    Thread Can I go back to miui 9?

    I'm currently on xiaomi.eu version 10.3.4 stable on my redmi note 5 pro with orange fox recovery installed. I want to go back to official miui 9 stable rom. I've heard anti rollback can brick my device so is there a safe method to do that?
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    Thread PUBG graphics issue is because of Oreo based MIUI?

    So many people say the HD graphics issue is an pubg fault and they should be fixing it but it's actually a MIUI issue which no one is noticing. Mi 8 SE which has Snapdragon 710 also has the same issue and it comes with oreo pre installed. And Global version of Note 5 pro also has this issue so I...
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    Thread Help me to Unbrick my Phone!

    Hi guys! So I hard bricked my moto g2 when I flashed stock 5.0.2 rom and then tried updating it to stage fright update. I can't boot into anything. I did try to find a solution for this but all of them are quite confusing. Some posts say there is no way to bring the phone back and some just are...
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    Thread [Completed] Unable to locate OTA file for Yu Yunique

    Hey guys! I have a rooted Yu Yunique running stock ROM and sand I want to update manually but I can't find the update file anywhere. I've looked in cache and Fota in Data but still nothing. They're all empty. Where else can I find the update file ???
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    Thread Moto g 2014 stuck at bootlogo

    I tried flashing a boot animation on my moto g but after flash it just got stuck at the Motorola symbol. I tried booting into recovery and fadtboot and factory reset my phone but nothing works and the phone just turns off. Is there a way to fix it????:(
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    Thread Is there a way to get ambient display for Moto g 2014 on Cyanogen?

    I recently flashed cyanogen mod 12.1 on moto g 2014 and I can't find ambient display. Is there a way to get it on cyanogen cause it was available in the stock ROM and it was very useful feature.
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    Thread Can't get custom recovery on Moto g 2014 XT1068.

    I think I've tried every method of flashing a custom recovery on my moto g2 but the thing won't show up. I try to boot into recovery but the phone just turns off. Nothing happens so I tried booting into recovery through command prompt and still no success. Can someone please help me out with...