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    Thread fingerprint scanner not working

    Has anyone else had this issue? I got into a boot loop and had to restore my phone and now my fingerprint scanner will not let me register my fingerprint.
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    Thread OnePlus 7t pro McLaren 5g T-Mobile overheating

    Is anyone else having overheating issues ? It seems to be very bad when using 5g the phone gets so hot it has to go into "cool down" mode. I have a warranty replacement coming I was just wondering if anyone else was having the same issue.
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    Thread sprint LG v20 ls997 running verizon weta vs955 Rom

    I rooted my phone with dirty Santa root and I was able to flash a verizon Rom on it and get it up and running . I have an inactive Verizon SIM in it and its showing that its connecting to verizon. It even calls verizon when I dial 611. I'm in the process of switching from sprint to verizon. I...
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    Thread Can anyone help me???

    I am having an issue with call echo, it only does it when I flash non tw roms, I have tried prety much every rom available and I also tried flashing different modems with no luck, I dont hear the call evho but the person im talking to does. if I flash back to a tw rom it goes away, it does not...
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    Thread Call echo

    I'd anyone else experiencing call echo?? It doesn't do it on speaker or when the phones muted and it does it on every ROM I've flashed. Sent from my GT-N7105
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    Thread boost mobile on jelly bean rom with working mms

    i have tried every jelly bean rom i can find and i have not found one yet that has working mms for boost. has anyone else found one?
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    Thread EVO 3d on boost native voicemail on ics Rom

    Does anyone have it working yet ? And if so please share how.
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    Thread Is anyone else on boost mobile evo 3d running the new ics

    Sent from my PG86100 using xda premium