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  1. repherb

    Thread Menu + Back keys not working after Upgrade to Lollipop 5.0?? READ THIS!!

    This post is to help anyone that upgraded to Lollipop 5.0 from KitKat 4.4.2 with any newer 2012+ devices (Not just the Note 3, but also s4 etc.) exhibiting the symptoms in the title of this post. So i picked up a Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900W8 and got the OTA update from KitKat 4.4.2 to Lollipop 5.0...
  2. repherb

    Thread Koodo releases SGSIII

    Hi everyone! thought i would share the good news, it seems that Koodo has released the SGSIII at last. HERE is the link with proof.
  3. repherb

    Thread [Q] Koodo/Telus I747M + LTE = no outbound calls??

    Hi everyone! So, i finally got a SGS3. Love it! Noticed while i am with Koodo that i am getting the LTE indicator but when i try to make calls, they immediately fail and drop. I used the *#2263# menu, chose WCDMA and selected the ALL item to force the unit to 4G mode and i can make calls again...
  4. repherb

    Thread Hipstreet TITAN HS-7DTB4-4GB Tablet - Proper Rooting, Market etc.

    Hi all, I picked up a cute little tablet for my young kids to use on trips in the car from my local Walmart called the Hipstreet Titan HS-7DTB4-4GB. After poking around the OS, i found out it was rooted but not properly and you couldn't even run the android market on it to unlock its' true...
  5. repherb

    Thread Carrier APN Settings (3g/4g/LTE)

    Thought I would start a central thread for APN settings as I have been noticing everyone wanting to swap SIMs and roam other carriers but forgetting they need the proper APN or they will get bubkus for data. :D Bell Mobility: APN Name: Bell LTE APN: pda.bell.ca Proxy: web.wireless.bell.ca Port...
  6. repherb

    Thread Bell Optimus 4G LTE Adventures

    So for the first time i am going to do something i have never done before... HEEEEELP!!!! Sooooo I guess i will admit that i have fubared my Bell Optimus 4G LTE. I accidentally disabled my LG Stock Launcher and in my haste really fubared my phone. Without any way of regaining an su prompt or...
  7. repherb

    Thread Stock ROMs, post'em if ya got'em!

    Hi Everyone, Now that the P930 rooting/CWM/Recovery scene is officially in swing, I thought I would reach out to you all and ask that if anyone had a spare few minutes, could you please post stock partition images from your MMCBLK0P1, MMCBLK0P8, MMCBLK0P13, MMCBLK0P14 and MMCBLK0P27 please to...
  8. repherb

    Thread LG-P930 Model Differences List

    (DISCLAIMER: I have disseminated this info from all over the net, but while manufacturers and carriers post THEIR specs we, the consumer, have the evidence in our hands. THERE WILL BE ERRORS!! Send me a PM with corrections PLEASE!!) Hi All, Thought I would post a quick look-up regarding the...
  9. repherb

    Thread [Q] How to re-enable the stock launcher (or any disabled app)???

    i am still trying to figure out how to re-enable com.lge.launcher2 as it was disabled and i have no idea how to get it back as primary launcher via command line in ADB. I can't install it from the SDcard or as an attachment as it says "Application Not Installed" (maybe protected????). tried...
  10. repherb

    Thread Fix for Black/Blank Launcher Screen

    So, i have been quietly been looking over the forums and have noticed that alot of users have "accidentally" deleted/disabled/removed their stock LG Launcher (com.lge.launcher2). This causes you to swipe UP to unlock your screen and be presented with a blank black screen. While everyone is...
  11. repherb

    Thread TOP dump, might be useful??

    Just thought i would post a dump of my TOP command, might help with trying to see what is running from a native command line point of view: User 10%, System 3%, IOW 4%, IRQ 0% User 35 + Nice 0 + Sys 12 + Idle 279 + IOW 14 + IRQ 0 + SIRQ 0 = 340 PID CPU% S #THR VSS RSS PCY UID...
  12. repherb

    Thread [Q]Bell Mobility offering LG Optimus LTE vs actually handing out LG Nitro HD units??

    Just wanted to let everyone know that Bell is stating their LG Optimus LTE is actually the LG P930 Nitro HD (as per the box and the internal OS). Seems to be a bit of confusion on the 'Net. Anyone able to figure this out? Comparison??? Bell vs. AT&T
  13. repherb

    Thread [Q] Looking for Bell original Sensation ROM, anyone??

    Hi everyone! I did something stupid, and now need to send my unit to Bell for repair. I need to flash the original ROM back onto it, but for some reason my nandroid backup is broken. Can anyone point me to the original ROM please? thx!!!