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  1. samson_420

    Thread Service Menu is Blank < Help

    I have no idea what happened. I was getting ready to connect my s4 to a z3x box & hit the wrong setting within the service menu. The phone restarted & now it gets no signal, does not see sim and the service menu is blank without options. I tried a full custom ROM then ran it back to full stock...
  2. samson_420

    Thread Can not install Cyanogen nightlies or others.

    I am running CWM v5.5.0.4 and I can't install any of the nightlies at all. I installed BlackJelly and it runs just fine. . . But, what gives? Also, is there anything better about the nightlies compared to the BlackJelly?
  3. samson_420

    Thread Why does Samusng continue to use cheap plastic?

    The rest of the phone seems great. But, it still feels like low class garbage. I love the screen and how it looks along with the complete design of the phone. But, this phone is made from the same low quality soft plastic the first galaxy was made out of. What gives?
  4. samson_420

    Thread ArmorSuit MilitaryShield

    Anyone use this stuff? I found it on Amazon for 18 Bucks. Which is less than half the price of the insanely priced ghost armor. Now they charge 40 Bucks at the mall to Ghost Armor your phone. That's just insane. . . . But, every phone I had until now has been ghost armored and held up pretty well.
  5. samson_420

    Thread I killed the GS3

    I didn't even do anything out of the ordinary at all. I rooted the phone and installed CWM. Been working perfect for 2 days. . . Real cool phone. Until now, I downloaded screen density changer and tried to change the density(worked fine and the change was taken). My phone reset and just went...
  6. samson_420

    Thread [Q]Anyone upgrade from the hd2?

    I am on my 3rd hd2 due to previous BS. I have not seen any other phone even catch my attention. My HD2 is a beast, but I know the Galaxy SII does have faster download speeds. So, anyone make the switch?
  7. samson_420

    Thread Hard case? Kinda

    I just had to buy another HD2 last night(I dropped my original:( It came with a pink hard rubbery case. Where can I find one that is black? It can't be more then 3 Bucks. I looked on eGay, but they all look the same. All of them say silicone and the ones that say hard rubber look different...
  8. samson_420

    Thread Lost 7Gb of music?

    Yesterday I looked through my phone and all my music was gone. The space showed available too. . . . WTF? I noticed a message about a hour before saying the SD card is unmounted. Which came on its own, I didn't do anything at all, I just exited the browser. Now, I am just putting all the stuff...
  9. samson_420

    Thread MMS Sometimes just does not download on T-Mobile

    It shows a a download icon on the right, you hit and it does not nothing. Yet sometimes the pic will come through just fine. What gives? I swapped ROMS and mms apk's Yet my HD2 never has this issue, period.
  10. samson_420

    Thread 3g or HSPDA in US?

    Does this phone get either on T-Mobile in the US? I just noticed it today. It is a pretty darn cool looking phone.
  11. samson_420

    Thread Am I the only one with connectivity problems?

    I mean WTF? I have almost full bars and 4g symbol but I can't get online or the market will say data connectivity is fuked. Or sometimes it's just insanely slow. What gives? I will try it a few times and it works perfect and it's like this everywhere in town.
  12. samson_420

    Thread Can someone post their MMS APK?

    I need one to see if I can modify it for use on on the G2X. . . . Thanks.
  13. samson_420

    Thread How can I get additional SMS settings

    How can we get additional settings for the native SMS APP? I just want to make the background black, really. I tried using the apk off my HD2 and it would not work.
  14. samson_420

    Thread How do you change a single app DPI?

    I have my LCD density currently set at 180 and all is fine. Except for a single app, it takes up like 2/3rds of the screen with gaps on the sides. How can I change this? Every other app is just fine. . . .
  15. samson_420

    Thread Working YouTube downloader

    Is there a working one still available anywhere? I tried every apk I could find. I can find one that works at all, they either get stuck on the loading screen and say they can not fetch the URL or they just FC. I know there aren't any left on the market. . . . . This really sucks, YouTube...
  16. samson_420

    Thread ROM with fully functional MMS(no blurry pic)

    Is anyone using a ROM that has their MMS fully working without compressing images? I tried a few with the same result. If you do, can you post what other issues the ROM has. I am running on 4.1 now and it seems to work pretty well but with the MMS issue.
  17. samson_420

    Thread Life span of our SD cards

    I know a lot of people are still running SD builds and have not jumped on the NAND wagon<since it 's still not 100% stable. Since the OS is running off the SD card, the card transfer has to be constant right? So, is the life span of the card drastically reduced? If so, by how much?
  18. samson_420

    Thread How's the NAND (really)

    I know it has been made possible(thank you fine XDA Devs:) But, how solid is it? Battery - Seems good Freezing? Glitches Hang Ups Resets Crashing apps Not working random features? Speed I looked through pretty much the whole topic and I just find random issues all over the place. Some major...
  19. samson_420

    Thread Can your Android?

    Run smooth? I mean really? Not smooth enough. . . . 1.No robot voice(I never had this issue myself) 2.Not kill your battery in half the time of WinMo 3.Not lock up the phone after you get off a call for a few seconds or if you are trying to pick up the call 4.Actually alert you when there is...
  20. samson_420

    Thread How well does your HD2 run?

    Well, I got my HD2 to run Android okay, I guess. It does run better then the Vibrant. . . But, my battery life sucks and I have no file transfer while running Android due the damn OS being on the SD card. The WMO has all kinds off little glitches. . . . The battery life is half decent. But...
  21. samson_420

    Thread Copying SD Cards

    I ordered a 32Gb SD Card for my HD2. But, I finally got a quality Android build going on my little 2 gigger. Everything works 99.9%. . . I did not think it was possible but after 2 days of tweaking and scowering threads I have one(I can share it if you like). If I copy all files from my 2Gb...
  22. samson_420

    Thread Incoming call notification does not work

    Well, I just noticed my 2nd line incoming call notification does nothing. Well, close to nothing. It makes no sound or light up the screen. Yet, when the proximity sensor is not active on my HD2 you can see the caller information. I have tried 2 builds, the [Build][20.11.2010][NexusHD2-FRG83D...
  23. samson_420

    Thread Best replacement battery

    Can anyone suggest one? I know there are a few on eBay, but I know they are all/some of questionable quality. Anyone buy one that works?
  24. samson_420

    Thread Can someone make a CAB File of these T-Zones settings?

    These work perfect every time on my XDA Neo. I just want them in a cab so I can just run it when the phone is reset instead of inputing them manualy. Thanks. . . . . . . . . . . . . Name: T-Zones WAP Access point name: wap.voicestream.com Check in both: this network connects to the internet...
  25. samson_420

    Thread XDA Neo will not Roam out of state

    I have a XDA Neo(Prophet) running on Shadow WM6. I just came out of my home state and my phone does not work. Well let me explain. It says I have no signal/service, yet the Edge icon is still there. So my internet works just fine, but I can not even try to dial a number out. It will not let me...
  26. samson_420

    Thread Not possible to send SMS but can receive

    It's weird, I can receive messages but not send them. I tried everything but it will not work, yet my GPRS/EDGE works fine now.
  27. samson_420

    Thread Touch to Turn on screen

    I have a XDA Neo and the battery life is not really the best, so I keep in standby (hit the side button so the back light and LCD is turned off). But the only way to get the LCD back on is to hit the power button. Is there a way to get the LCD to come back on along with the back light by just...
  28. samson_420

    Thread What is wrong with my WiFi?

    My WiFi worked perfect until a few hours ago. I was outside where the signal is real bad so I used the Edge connection instead. I tried using the WiFi when I came back in the house. But it does nothing. I can connect to my network but then I can not get online at all. The signal is at least at 2...
  29. samson_420

    Thread Are emulators possible to run on the Prophet?

    I kind of wonder, I got a emulator and it runs fine. When I open any game it is just slowww, I mean Mario takes 3 seconds to jump. I tried over clocking to about 273mhz, but got only slightly better results. I am running WM6, if that makes a difference. Any ideas? ? ? ?
  30. samson_420

    Thread XDA o2 Neo and Roms

    A few newb questions here. One, Will all of the Roms in here work on a XDA o2 Neo? I realy wan't WM6 with a touch interface. Two, I tried opening the ROM Update Utility I get a error saying "The application has failed to start because RAPI.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may...
  31. samson_420

    Thread Touch on o2 XDA Prophet

    I just purchased this phone and I think it is amazing until I seen the HTC Touch which is pretty much the same accept for the touch interface. I seen a few videos of the Touch menu installed on the XDA. How can this be done? I am pretty sure it has been covered on here before, but there is just...