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  1. hiroots

    Thread stuck on rc29. cant update no more, plz help.

    so one day i tried to update to a 2.2 rom and my fone froze. it got stuck at the 2nd splash screen. turnd it off wiped and re flashed, same thing happened. so i dropped back to rc29 and now i cant even flash 1.5 or 1.6. they also get stuck at the 2nd splash screen. please help me to get back on 2.2.
  2. hiroots

    Thread [Help] cant flash pass 1.6 update.

    i have a problem with updating back to 2.1 or 2.2. one day my fone froze so i DREAIMG.nbh from the menu. now i cant update past 1.6. can someone help me please. i have no clue whats wrong. tried wiping flashing. if you need my log i can get it.
  3. hiroots

    Thread how do you flash a stable cm6?

    alrite ive tired reading what i could find tired this an that. but when i flash rc2 an reboot or shutdown my fone and turn it back on it will stay @ tha g1 splah. but before i reboot etc it works fine. like wut if my bat dies when im out an when i get to charge it ya know. so if you can help me...
  4. hiroots

    Thread my Notify Led lites dont work, pls help. details inside.

    alrite this morning i woke up n noticed i had some notys, my led wasn't work'n. was work'n 1 this morning. i have cm's news built. so i told my girl when i woke up to txt me. i got the txt but no light. so then i was like wtf, back'd everything up. did a complete wipe & fix'd my ext part...
  5. hiroots

    Thread [REQUEST] Red CM 5.0.7 theme

    if you can like a red theme not over tha top red, just a hint. please and thank you.
  6. hiroots

    Thread i cant root my g1. need help, cant enter bootloader mode.

    my fone is not brick'd its on 1.6 n i can get into recovery. i no what im doing when rooting, ima og. anyways when i hold camera n power it wont go into bootloader, but all my people who have g1's can. is there a lock on my fone or is dere a way to bypass it with adb? once i get into bootloader...
  7. hiroots

    Thread solved.

    found the answer just wipe data, thanks for the reply but i found it before tho.
  8. hiroots

    Thread Phone.apk help. cant push it.

    howzit when i push a Phone.apk to system/app on cyans 4.2.3 and earlier builts the phone wont work. but when i use a theme then it works. is there another file that i have to push in order the phone apk to work?
  9. hiroots

    Thread google maps 3.2 not 3.1.2 [faster loading]

    anyways im against piracy but on another forums someone got the map apk from 2.0 built eclair. and it works. heres the link to the 2.0 built downloa it and pull it and just install on your fone. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=567821 its in system/app
  10. hiroots

    Thread http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=572809

  11. hiroots

    Thread what really happen to drizzy! or ?

    okay for the past 20 mins ive been on twitter as a detective haha. so far drizzy deleted his followers and following, i went on haykuros twitter and [email protected] heh, the community is going to be thanking YOU. :) via haykuro meaning drizzy is the guy who messed haykuro up with the name...
  12. hiroots

    Thread help with adobe photoshop & cheetah font

    im trying to make this from scratch with adobe ps 7 for my girlfriend. if you know of a good tutorial can i please have a link or better yet can you make it for me. if you can make it for me or have a tut can you pm it to me please.
  13. hiroots

    Thread Drizzy lost all his android files.

    Hey everyone I lost all my data from my computer, and I mean everything.... I have some download links saved but that is pretty much it! via his twitter. damn, i hope he has his blur links.
  14. hiroots

    Thread does cm- vid cam record audio?

    if so how? if not can it be fixed? i searched, couldnt find.
  15. hiroots

    Thread donut market has this ads thing, question.

    is just me, but the home screen of the donut market has the ads for apps, was that always there or just today?
  16. hiroots

    Thread a lol response from the android community.

    http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=564664 its hitler getting mad at google. funny poop maynn.
  17. hiroots

    Thread is there a way to lock speaker on when calling.

    hi i like to make calls with my speaker on, i hate the ringing in my ear so i just put it on speaker right after i press the call button. so is there a way to lock it so i can just call w/speaker and not need to press menu>speaker. mahalo ["thank you" in hawaiian.]
  18. hiroots

    Thread September 10: Motorola to showcase their Android smartphones

    http://news.techwhack.com/10831-september-10-motorola Motorola has failed to generate excitement in the mobile phone market after the huge success of their Razr model. Things have changed a lot in the recent years. Motorola is no longer the second largest mobile phone maker in the world. They...
  19. hiroots

    Thread tmobile uses bings maps now

    wow i thought tmobile was koo with google. i guess not haha.i was searching for a tmo store and it says bing and not google.
  20. hiroots

    Thread how do i use the java app on hero?

    i put the .jar and .jad file in my root in a folder and nothing. what do i have to do? im running drizzys elite 0.5. thanks for your help.
  21. hiroots

    Thread what is the command line to push a app using terminal?

    thank you. tried to search.
  22. hiroots

    Thread how do i use SU File Managers flv player?

    i put a .flv file on my card and nothing. i do have hero.
  23. hiroots

    Thread what is the name of the 2nd onscreen keyboard apk.

    theres the original android one, what is the second one called. the one with white buttons spaced out. not the better keyboard app or anything. i need the specific name so i can pull it from a built and push it to drizzys champion rom.
  24. hiroots

    Thread was this the website app that was banned from the market?

    was it mobi hand? also why was it?
  25. hiroots

    Thread digimon device question. [tamagotchi]

    is there an app like that online? i dont wanna buy one. on ebay its $50 plus s&h.
  26. hiroots

    Thread app for g1 to comp to get files?

    is there an app that i can connect thru wifi to get my files off my comp.
  27. hiroots

    Thread drizzys v3 rom/jacs 1.1 rom

    on jacs tweet he said 1.1 is almost out and drizzy is making his own. so whats up with that they make one together and thats it? i think ill wait for reviews for jacs 1.1 stickin with drizzy til hes done coding.
  28. hiroots

    Thread is there any rpg games, besides using emus?

    on the market or anywhere? thanks for your help.
  29. hiroots

    Thread [Q] buying apps/returning/making a new gmail rebuying/returning.

    hello i was wondering if google would ban my credit card if i keep making new gmail accounts to buy apps/games and returning em. to play. and what not. i wana try it out but i dont want them to ban me and yeah.
  30. hiroots

    Thread text for free with email if you dont have text or gv.

    idk if you know bout you can send texts with you gmail. lets say your friend has a tmobile number. the address to send it to is there number @tmomail.net. so "[email protected]" list: mobipcs "@mms.mobipcs.com" boostmobile "@myboostmobile.com" verizon "@vtext.com" Virgin Mobile...
  31. hiroots

    Thread [Q] hero homescreen/widgets/loading/class 6

    okay. i have a transend 8gb class 6 sd and when i put htc widgets on all the 7 screens it has the loading issue that everyone has. but i took out most of the widgets and only have weather and bookmark on there with 5 apps on there. so i tested it with heavy browsing with links to youtube videos...
  32. hiroots

    Thread is there a way to back up my game data?

    i have my go go rescue midnight bowling and so much other games. and every time i update my rom i gotta start over. so if you can help me out and point me in the right way to pull my game data and push it back. thanks.
  33. hiroots

    Thread hero and flash games.

    is there a way to play flash games. because most of them need the arrow keys. and none of dem work. so if you know how let me know. i wanna play games on addictinggames thats why.
  34. hiroots

    Thread heres help if you thinking about flashing the new SPL.

    if your scared of flashing the spl because of brick use the old recovery. the one u pushed when you first root your g1. using the other/newer recoverys will most likely make your fone brick. due to it wont flash the spl the way it needs to. so just revert back to the old recovery and flash the...
  35. hiroots

    Thread does anyone have the action replay code maker for nintendo ds?

    if so can you make me codes for Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor please. thank you.
  36. hiroots

    Thread to pull or not to pull battery after spl update.

    i dont remember if i pulled my battery or left it in with my first fone when i installed the spl, so what should i do let me know.
  37. hiroots

    Thread couple of Q about installing the danger spl

    k i had to unroot my fone cuz my apns was acting up. so my question is. right after i update the spl, while in still in recovery flash the rom that i have on my g1. then reboot right. it should have the arrow pointing down right. then followed by the g1 then loading screen.
  38. hiroots

    Thread why is there security on the g1/android

    lets say you have all you stuff all pass worded with the apps you got the lock screen up. even the contact owner app to tell you call or email some one. so you think ur fone is fully protected right. oh and you have your wheres my droid app....i find your fone and just wipe it. i got a new fone...
  39. hiroots

    Thread lol wow iphone has a pizzahut app.

    i think i need one. we order from there every other week or so,.
  40. hiroots

    Thread im on jachero and i only got 14 mbs left

    Last time I checked I had 18. I have all 33 partitions. So can anyone help me please.
  41. hiroots

    Thread changing jacheros cam app.

    ive searched but couldnt find. anyways im on jacheros 2.63 rom and the cam app is messed up. is there a way to use Cyanogens cam app? if so point me in the right direction please.
  42. hiroots

    Thread i need help with live chat pic uploading.

    I've emailed the dev and asked the people on there but no response back. So what it is, is that I'm trying to upload my defult pic on there and it says "cannot crop. Do you have enough space on your sd card." I have a 8gb sd card so idk why. I tired taking a pic with that app but it still...
  43. hiroots

    Thread US tmobile mytouch 3g goes on pre sale in 11 days!

    http://www.t-mobilemytouch.com/?&WT.mc_t=CM&WT.mc_n=MyPhoneAwareness_TMO_Home have fun!
  44. hiroots

    Thread nandroid 2.1

    how do i use it. i have all the files in the right place. when i type in a command it says waiting for device. any help. i have winxp and running dudes cupcake.
  45. hiroots

    Thread few questions before flashing hero

    it says the rom your using. im on jf's 1.51 rom. am i supposed to flash that instead of the hero rom? also for apps2sd do i use this? http://android-dls.com/wiki/index.php?title=Haykuro_Apps_to_SD
  46. hiroots

    Thread tools to remove screws.

    does sears or kmart or ace or some place sell them im planning on taking my white bricked phone screen cover and put it on my bronze phone.
  47. hiroots

    Thread ill pay donation for fixing bricked fones.

    mods move if wrong forums. anyways lets make a incentive donation to the dev that cracks the brick fone. idk how to start it so if you know how lets start it.
  48. hiroots

    Thread what is track ball + power for?

    it turns on a blue light. that's all i can see.
  49. hiroots

    Thread how do i unbrick my fone after spl

    help i need to go work in 2 hours
  50. hiroots

    Thread need help, installing debian first time. im on jf 1.5 adp

    okay i got the debian in my root. i typed: cd /sdcard/debian su heres the part im stuck at. i typed chmod 4755 * didnt work. i typted ./installer.sh permission denied. so what do i type?