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    Post [VS995,H990,H918,H910,US996,LS997,H915,F800K/L/S] mk2000 Kernel [STOCK]

    Using h910 and just updated from beta 34 to 38 and it is running alot cooler, also noticed battery is better for me now than it was in 34. I've been loving your kernel for the past few months, thank you very much for all the hard work you're putting into this device :)!
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    Post [ROM][H910|H918|LS997|US996|VS995|H990*] UNOFFICIAL LineageOS-15.1 for LG V20

    After spending an entire day flashing multiple times, It's done. Except for a lack of root, startup looking abit odd, and some games not working, the latest build is doing amazing on my H910 so far :). I also have the gamma kernel flashed. No network issues that I can see as well, so woo!
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][Nougat] Resurrection Remix for trltetmo - Note 4

    I flashed (UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.76-systemless) with twrp right before I installed the rom, It seems like it's working fine for me? I want to reflash but now I'm unsure if i want to risk it lol. *Edit, It also works after installing the rom. Pretty much full root access with everything else but the...
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][Nougat] Resurrection Remix for trltetmo - Note 4

    Regarding not flashing supersu I may have flashed supersu systemless from recovery before I read your warning. Currently the phone works fine and is in root. Is it still an issue?
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    Post Hard Bricked?

    Well, I got my phone back to the bootloader! No longer bricked thankfully.
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    Post Hard Bricked?

    would it be stupid to think I could use another htc devices hardware to somehow fix it?
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    Post Hard Bricked?

    Well I had it s-off with the jopuonut wiretrick, Also found out something interesting, I bought it online nearly 9 months ago for 280 he claimed there was no problems, and I have it taken apart right now and the plastic tape holding the plugins for the screen into the mainboard is crumpled up...
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    Thread Hard Bricked?

    Hello, sorry about this but I'm pretty sure my cdma evo is hard bricked. The led starts as an extremely dim red when I try and start and then a few seconds later the led goes even dimmer to where it is barely visible. It shows up as QHSUSB_DLOAD when I connect it to my computer. It started 2...