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    Thread [Galaxy A72] Small fix for GCam : Ultra-wide cam not shooting (libgcastartup.so)

    Hi everyone, I found out a bug for Samsung Galaxy A72 with the ultra-wide camera. So, when the scene was bright light and the ISO was low (< 60 more or less), I was not able to take a picture with HDR+. This was the error: E/libgcam: [validate.cc:63]: ErrorIfLess: Invalid condition...
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    Thread [MOD][2018-09-23] OnePlus Camera M

    For OP5/5T thread, click here Don't hesitate to post your settings, samples and comparisons ! Before installing If you have installed an update of Oneplus Camera before, you have to understand that the update is "above" the original system application. Because my mod replace the original...
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    Thread Unified sections between OP5 and OP5T

    Does anybody knows when will have unified sections between OP5 and OP5T ? Because many mods in OP5 section are also compatible with OP5T.
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    Thread [MOD][2018-07-22] OnePlus Camera M

    Samples Original Camera x Camera M x GCam HDR+ : Sample 1, Sample 2 GCam HDR+ x Camera M : Sample 1 Original Camera x Camera M : Sample 1 Old: https://i.cubeupload.com/BxqGVT.jpg https://i.cubeupload.com/slXZ8t.jpg https://i.cubeupload.com/4o9jFT.jpg (by vagkoun83) Don't hesitate to post...
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    Thread Bug report : Dots pattern in OP5 photos

    Dots pattern appears in photos taken in RAW mode with OP5 with a third-party apps. You can have this dots if you taken a RAW photo with Open Camera or a photo in Google Camera mod (who use RAW for HDR+ process). If you take the photo with the stock camera, there is no issue. It's a bad...