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  1. andriman

    Thread Recover bricked Find7a

    Hello, I've recently bricked my Oppo Find 7 (X9006) (bootloop, trying to flash anything in TWRP results in error: unable to mount /data) Everytime that happened I was able to recover it by using this: Http://bbs.coloros.com/find7-117159-1-1.html or similar tutorials, but they seem to be...
  2. andriman

    Thread 960 FPS video recording?

    According to this: http://hispeedcams.com/lenovo-zuk-z2-pro-will-have-960fps-video-confirmed/ ZUK Z2 Pro should be capable of recording video at 960 FPS. It is probably achieved through interpolation or something, or not at all (see Mediatek and their "[email protected] FPS"). Anyway, when you guys...
  3. andriman

    Thread [ROM][2016-04-06] ColorOS 3.0 Stable for R7 Plus variants and R7sM

    ColorOS 3.0 Beta for R7 (Plus) Chinese developers have released the new version of ColorOS for: R7sm R7Plusm R7Plus R7sPlus It is based on Lollipop 5.1.1. Original Chinese thread: http://bbs.coloros.com/thread-234299-1-1.html Screenshots: I'd say it resembles the Xiaomi's MIUI...
  4. andriman

    Thread [MOD] ColorOS Camera MOD (OppoCamera MOD)

    I have been waiting for Oppo to implement some features into their original camera so I wouldn't have to use 3rd party camera apps for it. I ended up modding the original ColorOS stock camera to include the features to serve my needs. Since I think you might also make a good use of the added...
  5. andriman

    Thread OppoCamera APK from Chinese Beta ROM

    Here is the original camera apk from Chinese ColorOS 2 Beta. Current version: 1.04.986 From Chinese ColorOS 2.0.16 (Find7a - X9007) Tested on ColorOS 1.2.2i (Find7a - X9006) DOWNLOAD: http://www12.zippyshare.com/v/73078312/file.html Original source: http://bbs.coloros.com/find7-57994-1-1.html...
  6. andriman

    Thread [Q] Google Translate - Where to get additional conversation languages

    Hello guys, I have a problem with Google Translate for Android, specifically with it's conversation mode. According to this page there should be 14 languages available for the conversation mode, but I can only see English and Spanish. In addition, there is no possibility to install additional...