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  1. J

    Post CIFS on Speedmod kernel

    Thank you! It was pointing to /system/lib/modules/cifs.ko but i changed it and now it works! :D
  2. J

    Thread CIFS on Speedmod kernel

    Hello everybody, I'm trying to get CIFS working on my sgs 2 but I can't get it to work :-( I've flashed the speedmod kernel and installed the cifs manager app, but it says "no such device".. I'm sure I just forgot someything but I don't see what.. any commands I still need to run for it to...
  3. J

    Post Post you 2.3.3 reviews HERE (and nothing else)

    What doesn't work? lockscreen stopt working today! it just turns off the screen. (could be because of a bug in old tv animation mod) :( How did you install it? Odin, with bootloaders, with repartion (pit 512) Are there any problems so far? no not really General performances? fast! almost...
  4. J

    Post [APP] GPS Aids - Aiding the SGS GPS [V3.0 @ market]

    dutch translation is done! :D nederlandse vertaling is klaar! :p;)
  5. J

    Post Enable electronBeam Animation

    yes Yes YES!! :p I'm not the only one who wants it :D $omator said he would look at it :)
  6. J

    Post [Q] Scrolling glow animation

    +1 to that, would like to see it to!
  7. J

    Post [GB Firmwares] XWJVN, DDJV9, XWJVK, XXJVQ, RSJV3 and more [Download]

    anybody got a clue about the screen-ON animation? :confused:
  8. J

    Post [Q] Screen-ON animation JVK?

    hm, I ask a question and I end up awsering someone elses :P anybody got a awser to my original question?
  9. J

    Post [GB Firmwares] XWJVN, DDJV9, XWJVK, XXJVQ, RSJV3 and more [Download]

    Yes, but that's only the screen-OFF animation :( I want the screen-ON animation ;):p
  10. J

    Post [GB Firmwares] XWJVN, DDJV9, XWJVK, XXJVQ, RSJV3 and more [Download]

    Does anybody know if their is a screen-ON animation available like in CM7? :D and were to find it if it exists? :p
  11. J

    Post [Q] Screen-ON animation JVK?

    Yes indeed :) Here you go! http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1011901 It is somewhere in the middle of the first post :cool: EDIT: look for "member contributions" EDIT 2: only works if you are on a gingerbread ROM btw ;)
  12. J

    Thread [Q] Screen-ON animation JVK?

    Hello everybody, I just went from CM7 to stock JVK. I already installed the screen-off animation, but I was wondering is any way to get the screen on animation to, like in CM 7 :D:confused: Didn't I search good enough :rolleyes: or hasn't it been done jet?:(
  13. J

    Post Firmware: I9000XWJPF

    Because of you i hit refresh 3 times for no use what-so-ever :O :P
  14. J

    Post [Q] Why my Galaxy S locks up?! (Comatose Syndrome on going investigation)

    I have this same issue too! At first it hanged en didn't respond (getting warm too) and I sent it off for repair and they took 2 weeks... just to upgrade the damn firmware! Prob seemed fixed untill another problem appeared! when I put my sgs to charge and use it at the same time it will shut...
  15. J

    Post [Q] Defect?

    It is more than two weeks old :( and I already sent it once for repair because it froze ect :( I just tried to update to froyo (trough KIES) but it said it worked but the phone still says that it's 2.1! I don't get it!
  16. J

    Thread [Q] Defect?

    Hi guys, I was wondering if my phone is defect or not! Because when I charge my phone and use it, after a while it gets warm and at some point hangs. I then have to manually reboot it (holding powerbutton, even once had to pull the battery out) and then most of the time it hangs A. on the...
  17. J

    Post Help needed with browser problem!

    OK, now searching another SIM to test :D I'll keep you updated ;) Edit: Found SIM and tried and indeed, this one does work! Very strange! Well tomorrow I'm changing provider :P thanks for the help anyway :D
  18. J

    Post Help needed with browser problem!

    But why would opera browser work if that is the case? and the other apps too?:confused:
  19. J

    Thread Help needed with browser problem!

    I love my SGS exept for the gps (which i can't do anything about) and a prob with the browser.. The problem with my browser is that it only works if I use wifi! It doesn't work with 3g or gprs or anything like it! Every other app can use the connections (3g etc) including the opera browser! I've...