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  1. brisseau

    Post [GUIDE] Convert TMO to EU via MSM Tool, no SIM Unlock or Bootloader Unlock needed!

    I have the T-Mobile OnePlus 8T + 5G (KB2007) I thought I'd followed all the steps in the OP but now (after the initial flashing and wiping everything) my phone boots (it takes a while) but once the OnePlus square logo comes on, the screen goes black. Can't see anything. After a minute or two, it...
  2. brisseau

    Post T-Mobile bootloader unlock.

    Twitter T-Force worked for me. Now to get the unlock code and rooted!
  3. brisseau

    Post T-Mobile bootloader unlock.

    Thanks for the update. Will start waiting anxiously now! :) Thanks in advance for all you do!
  4. brisseau

    Post TWRP, Dev support ++ for the OP7T in future

    To the developer community out there, please correct me if I'm wrong. The biggest obstacle to a "functional TWRP" is the decryption issue that OnePlus will hopefully address. If that gets resolved, we should see the ROM community take off. I agree that the 7T is a phenomenal phone and damned...
  5. brisseau

    Post Restore 1905 to T-Mobile stock with locked b/l from global conversion?

    Just to verify, the T-Mobile model should be HD1907. If so, check out this thread: OP7T T-MOBILE][OOS 10.0.10 HD63CB] Unbrick tool to restore your device to OxygenOS by Some_Random_Username If you have the HD1905 (which is the international version) I'm a big fan of: [OP7T] TOOL ALL IN ONE...
  6. brisseau

    Post Any reason why devs aren't interested in ParanoidAndroid?

    I agree, it's a shame that Paranoid Android isn't able to get any developers or moderators to help port it over. PA is, next to stock Oxygen OS, my favorite ROM. It doesn't help that the 7T partition system makes it difficult to even get an "official" TWP installed (there is an unofficial...
  7. brisseau

    Post New to Oneplus

    Just wanted to say thanks for the info! I was able to unlock bootloader(not sure if i needed to but did) flash the tmobile branded from https://forum.xda-developers.com/one...store-t4004005 after doing that I looked in bootloader and it says device status locked so im all set.(nice to know that...
  8. brisseau

    Post New to Oneplus

    There are a few definite ways to find out: Model Number: the T-Mobile version is HD1907. I have the International version (HD1905) which has dual sim slots (the T-Mobile version only has 1 sim slot available) Is there a T-Mobile splash-screen Are there any T-Mobile (pre-installed) apps If you...
  9. brisseau

    Post New to Oneplus

    Welcome to the OnePlus 7T, it's a great phone! I suggest reading through this guide to flash from T-Mobile to Global: https://forum.xda-developers.com/oneplus-7t/how-to/guide-t-mobile-brand-conversion-to-t4019495 It will walk you through the entire process of flashing your phone and (if needed)...
  10. brisseau

    Post How to create fastboot rom for your device with offical rom | oneplus exclucive

    This is just me nit-picking but "exclusive" is spelled wrong.
  11. brisseau

    Post Should I get the OnePlus 7T T-Mobile or 7 Pro for best root experience / custom ROMs?

    There's probably more development in the 7Pro forums but, aside from a few minor (personal) tweaks, there's not much reason to flash custom ROM's (in my opinion). That being said, I myself am anxious to see Paranoid Android's ROM once it's ready for flashing! I've been on OnePlus since the...
  12. brisseau

    Post doubts about whether to continue using root or unroot and relock the bootloader

    I'm kinda in the same boat. While I don't use GPay that often (and I can currently use it through Magisk), occasionally it would be nice for it to work without issue. However, the main reason I root is so that I can manually edit my HOSTS file to block ads. Like fast69mopar mentioned, it's an...
  13. brisseau

    Post [Ultimate-Guide] ★ OnePlus 6T OOS-10 TWRP-Root-Magisk from OOS-9

    I followed this method but am still unable to use Titanium Backup to actually uninstall some of the system apps. Should I be on 9.0.17 before I start this process?
  14. brisseau

    Post Open Beta 2 T-Mobile

    I'm probably overlooking something obvious but I have no idea what it is. Here's the story; I have a T-Mobile OP6t converted to International. Flashed the update to OB31 (Open Beta 2). I have Magisk and Titanium Backup installed, both with root access allowed. However, I'm unable to get TB to...
  15. brisseau

    Post Selling Converted TMobile Variant - Help

    My suggestion is to talk to the buyer and see how they want it. If they want it flashed to T-Mobile software, go for it. If they want it left as International, you're solid. Either way, it had to be unlocked to flash the International ROM so you should still be able to sell it as unlocked no...
  16. brisseau

    Post ***Tmobile android 10 update

    Forgive my ignorance on this. I have a T-Mobile branded OP6t that's been rooted, unlocked and flashed with the International ROM. Aside from the (T-Moibile) software and the single SIM tray, what are the hardware/software differences that keep the MSM Tool from successfully transforming the...
  17. brisseau

    Post Upgrade to OnePlus 7T?

    If you're looking to upgrade just because of the fingerprint sensor, I don't think it's worth it. Now, granted you'll gain additional features (90Hz refresh, Android 10, etc.) but all in all, I don't think it's worth it unless you can sell your 6t for a good amount of money. Do you use a screen...
  18. brisseau

    Post Can't update HOSTS file

    Don't know what changed but AFTER installing the adfree.apk and allowing that to update the HOSTS file, I was able to copy/paste my HOSTS file like normal. Crisis solved. Moderator, please close and thanks to everyone who suggested fixes.
  19. brisseau

    Post Can't update HOSTS file

    Yep. See attached. Note: I'm only using adfree until I can get the HOSTS file copied and pasted over
  20. brisseau

    Post Can't update HOSTS file

    Personally I don't care for Adaway (no particular reason), I'm just quirky and prefer to use an edited HOSTS file.
  21. brisseau

    Post Can't update HOSTS file

    I've always copied and pasted with Solid Explorer and that's what I'm trying to do this time but haven't had any luck. Any other suggestions?
  22. brisseau

    Post Can't update HOSTS file

    I have that option already enabled. No luck.
  23. brisseau

    Thread Can't update HOSTS file

    I'm sure I'm missing something but don't know what it is. I have a T-Mo OP6t, converted to International OOS Beta 8 TRWP installed Magisk installed Solid Explorer installed (paid version) I'm trying to edit/update my HOSTS file for ad blocking but I can't. I've tried to edit the properties of...
  24. brisseau

    Post T-Mobile 6T to International Conversion (WITHOUT unlocked bootloader/SIM unlock!)

    Per Snakes200 post #213: "This will not simunlock the device. That will need to be done before doing this."
  25. brisseau

    Post T-Mobile OS help

    By far, the best link to get you from T-Mobile software to the International ROM: https://forum.xda-developers.com/oneplus-6t/how-to/guide-flashing-t-mobile-oneplus-6t-to-t3865966 I've got the T-Mo version and (once I got my phone and bootloader unlocked) was able to convert to the...
  26. brisseau

    Post [ROM][STOCK] OOS International 9.0.6 Fastboot For Windows/Linux/Mac

    Worked flawlessly! Fantastic work. I got my unlock.bin file yesterday and am running International 9.0.6 today. A thousand thank you's.
  27. brisseau

    Post T-Mobile 6T Software Updates

    Wasn't the whole point of Project Treble to sidestep the carrier delay in updating the software? I was under the impression that when the manufacturer updated their software, then it would just update the phone in the secondary partition until the phone rebooted, not touching the...
  28. brisseau

    Post [ROM] [STOCK] [H901] V10_H901_V20L Update: [11/12/2016]

    [/COLOR]This is what it will look like when you open magiskmanager. Apk If you need the file just message me if you can't find it. Followed the steps and they worked great. Until I opened the magiskmanager app. The "root toggle" option won't stay off. It automatically pops back on. Any...
  29. brisseau

    Post [ROM] [STOCK] [H901] V10_H901_V20L Update: [11/12/2016]

    The issue I'm having is that (even after a fresh install) I can't get rid of Xposed in order to flash the required parts for Android Pay. I (think) I've tried all of the various uninstallers available (official/systemless) but I can't for the life of me get rid of Xposed to be able to work...
  30. brisseau

    Post [ROM] [STOCK] [H901] V10_H901_V20L Update: [11/12/2016]

    What build of Xposed framework have you installed previously? Official or unofficial? I'm doing a fresh install of [ROM] [STOCK] [H901] V10_H901_V20J_Stock_Custom_2e [08/15/2016] Installed, logged into the phone and then started trying to remove Xposed and SuperSU, so technically, I don't have...
  31. brisseau

    Post [ROM] [STOCK] [H901] V10_H901_V20L Update: [11/12/2016]

    OK, so I must be retarded or something. I've rooted, flashed ROM's and modded my phones since the HTC G1. I don't usually post anything because I try and read to find the answers for myself. But I can't for the life of me get the systemless root and Magisk "trick" to work for Android Pay. I...
  32. brisseau

    Post [GUIDE][Intermediate] CHANGE MUSIC BY WAVING: Previous & Next song!

    fanchai, I know you're not on that often but....I had this working perfectly on my LG-G4. However, I upgraded to a new phone and didn't have the profiles/tasks saved so I started over from square-one. I can't for the life of me get it working. I've re-traced my steps, followed along with the...
  33. brisseau

    Post T-Mobile, LG-G4, H-811, MM 20i, TT10 Custom Rom 07_09_16

    Is there any way to theme the quick notifications to look like stock AOSP? Like in your Slim6-h811-6.0.1.alpha.0.1-UNOFFICIAL, TT3 by TURBO, Custom Rom? I want the wi-fi calling but don't like the look of the pull-down notifications. Thanks for all of your great work with the G4, you're...
  34. brisseau

    Post [GUIDE][Intermediate] CHANGE MUSIC BY WAVING: Previous & Next song!

    That's pretty frikkin' cool! Tried it and it works like a champ. It's like having the Force... :) This is not the song I'm looking for! I have an OBDII device in my car connected to bluetooth. How do I use this feature only when I'm connected to the OBDII device?
  35. brisseau

    Post [ROM][H811][6.0.1]XenonHD for LG G4 (Weekly)

    Brady, Been using this for the past week and it's really, really good. Smooth. I get the occasional FC in the Settings menu but everything else is rock solid. I had an issue one day where the battery level didn't change for a few hours and then suddenly plummeted. I thought it was something...
  36. brisseau

    Post [ROM][H811][6.0.1]XenonHD for LG G4 (Weekly)

    Don't know what I did different this time but it's working! Flashed ROM, flashed GAPPS, wiped cache/dalvik and the damned thing booted up and is installing my apps! Love it. :good: I'll tinker around for a few days and let you know how it goes. Thanks for taking the time to try and help figure...
  37. brisseau

    Post [ROM][H811][6.0.1]XenonHD for LG G4 (Weekly)

    I'm not worried about the cmte or the layers. I like my ROM's stock as much as possible. I don't mind if the options are there just as long as they're not forced upon me...:) Just got done d/l the GAPPS package again. Give me a few minutes to wipe and flash and I'll let you know what happens.
  38. brisseau

    Post [ROM][H811][6.0.1]XenonHD for LG G4 (Weekly)

    No worries. I'll try again and see what happens. Thanks for all of the help. You may not feel like it helps but sometimes going over the basics is the most important part. When you asked about the "arm64" GAPPS, I had to think about it and then check the file on my phone just to verify! Luckily...
  39. brisseau

    Post [ROM][H811][6.0.1]XenonHD for LG G4 (Weekly)

    That is correct. First time: Installed ROM, rebooted and toyed around then went to flash GAPPS Second time: Installed ROM, GAPPS, rebooted and got bupkiss.
  40. brisseau

    Post [ROM][H811][6.0.1]XenonHD for LG G4 (Weekly)

    Genesys ROM 3.7.1 but (technically) that shouldn't matter since I'm doing a full wipe. Like I said, I can install just the ROM and boot into the ROM perfectly. Used for 30 minutes with no issues whatsoever before trying to install GAPPS. When that failed, I went back and started from the...
  41. brisseau

    Post [ROM][H811][6.0.1]XenonHD for LG G4 (Weekly)

    1) Reboot into recovery 2) Full wipe of everything (Dalvik/ART, system, data, internal storage, cache) but not External SD card (which is where my zip files are located). 3) Flash ROM (I'm already on 20i bootloader) 4a) Wipe cache and dalvik, install GAPPS and reboot or 4b) install...
  42. brisseau

    Post [ROM][H811][6.0.1]XenonHD for LG G4 (Weekly)

    Good question but yes. File name "open-gapps-arm64-6.0-mini-201602222.zip"
  43. brisseau

    Post [ROM][H811][6.0.1]XenonHD for LG G4 (Weekly)

    Bradym, I must be retarded or something. Most likely I am! I've flashed dozens of ROM's since I had my HTC G1 and on multiple devices since then. I'm already on 20i bootloader, I have the Xenon ROM, I have the GAPPS and everything installs beautifully. However, when I get to the initial boot and...
  44. brisseau

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][5.1.1/6.0.1][T-MOB H811/ INT H815]BlissPop by Team Bliss

    Yours is the only ROM that works and looks exactly like I want. It's slim, fast and stock without a ton of extra crap I don't want or need. My h811 has never run or looked better. I was using Genesis 3.7.1 (which is also a fantastic ROM) but I couldn't get over the appearance of the LG quick...
  45. brisseau

    Post Genisys Rom 4.9 & Genisys Theme 4.3 [TM H811] [V20R MM] [12.March.2017]

    Negative. Android Security Patch Level = 2016-01-01
  46. brisseau

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][5.1.1/6.0.1][T-MOB H811/ INT H815]BlissPop by Team Bliss

    I've been away from Blisspop for a few weeks. I'm running h811, what is the most recent (and stable) Bliss 6 rom?
  47. brisseau

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][5.1.1/6.0.1][T-MOB H811/ INT H815]BlissPop by Team Bliss

    Lost "OK Google" from any screen option Got a question. Running Nightly-20151227-0502 but have lost the "OK Google" from any screen option. Everything was working early last week but sometime in the middle of the week, I lost the "from any screen" option. I don't have a way to do the "voice...
  48. brisseau

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][5.1.1/6.0.1][T-MOB H811/ INT H815]BlissPop by Team Bliss

    seniorstew, I installed the Xposed framework and looked through the mods. I have Xblast installed as well as some others. However, I can't find anything that will let me make a gesture (when the screen is off) to skip tracks. Where do I need to be looking? Or is there a particular mod you prefer...