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    Post Help getting OTG to work on Fire TV Stick 4k, please!

    Plug in a USB mouse and start an app wich shows the mouse cursor, if it doesnt work then the OTG cable is not supported with the fire tv. Good luck :cool:
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    Post FireTV Stick 4K - Write permission on external storage

    Thx for the reply, but I didnt manage to fix my problem with the suggested steps. Installed "Advanced Download Manager" to work around the problem.... ;)
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    Post Anyone have the YouTube for fire TV apk that was released today?

    Or just install TotalCommander from the amazon store, and copy the apk from "Installed aplications" folder to an USB Drive ;)
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    Thread FireTV Stick 4K - Write permission on external storage

    Hi guys, really like the forum and the posts, big fan for many years so here comes my first post because I couldnt find any solution :) FireTV Stick 2.gen can write on external storage, 3rd party apps dont need extra permission, but the FireTV Stick 4K does not give write permission. I tried...