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    Thread Desktop Mode:Chrome missing

    Today, I plugged in my 20X to my monitor and noticed that my Chrome is no longer appearing in the Desktop apps. All other Google apps are still appeating:Google, Photo, Maps, Drive. Only Chrome is missing. Anyone encountered the same problem and any fix to this?
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    Thread Testing TOF sensor

    Need a little help here. Can someone help to test this app on Playstore: Night Vision/TOF viewer. Icon is a green eye. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lvonasek.tofviewer On my phone, it keeps flickering on/off at abt 1sec interval instead of a steady image. I've contacted...
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    Thread More apps for App Twin?

    The App Twin feature is fantastic, however limited to very few apps. Is there a way to increase the number of apps I can "clone"?
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    Thread [APP][CAMERA-MOD][7.1.X] Collection camera Modded [NEWS][12/08]

    Arnova8G2 starting this thread for Mi Max 2. Please feel free to edit the content.
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    Thread Copy and paste images from browser

    Is there an easy way to copy and paste photos particularly from Google Images (through stock browser) to other apps, e.g. messaging apps ? The only way I can think of is to use the SPen and outline the object, but typically resulting in an rugged edge outline
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    Thread Missing Internet app !

    Strangely, i lost my Internet app ! The icon is not even in my drawer. SecBrowser is in the /system/app, I can see it in TitaniumBackup, but I just don't see the icon ! BTW, I've no hidden apps. Any idea ?
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    Thread [LSC] Keep wifi on during sleep

    After upgrading to LSC, I noticed that "Keep wifi on during sleep" when set to NEVER, no longer work. Under battery, wifi is constantly ON. Any one has a fix for this ?
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    Thread "Move to SD Card" giving "Couldn't move app" error

    Strangely, I recalled I was able to move apps into SD but it stopped working now and keep getting the error "Couldn't move app". I'm on RR3 + Franco v5. Any idea why ? EDIT: Just realised my EXTERNAL SD card is full. Wonder why isn't it moving to Internal USB storage instead ? Is External SD...
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    Thread Need help: ICS LPY Dialers + supporting files

    Can someone help me extract from /system/app, the original dialer and supporting files from LPY? - Phone.apk - PhoneErrService.apk - Phonesky.apk Thank you !
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    Thread Can I run backup in LPY temp CWM ?

    I'm using the official LPY ROM with temp CWM to get Root. Since CWM is temporary, can I use it to run nandroid backup ? Will want to know before I start running it. Thanks !
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    Thread Ordering of apps in drawer keep messing up

    After some reboots, I noticed that my apps in the app drawer keep messing up. Not sure what's the caused, and get fedup of having to rearrange it often. Any idea?
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    Thread Changing order of moboot - WebOS priority

    Moboot is default to CM7, is there anyway to reorder it to use WebOS as default ?
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    Thread More space by removing unnecessary languages ?

    As I only need English, just wondering if other language packs in the ROM are taking up unnecessary spaces ? Can I just simply remove them and if so, where are they stored ? Thanks !
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    Thread Updating Manage Application possible ?

    I had deleted apps from /system/app and now my Manage Application shows up lots of broken link. How do I refresh it ?