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    Thread problem with lockscreen notifications, screen not wake up

    Hello, I have a issue on the lockscreen, when receive new notifications the lockscreen don't wake up to show the new notifications. I have ambiant display enabled with the correct settings. Running latest oxygen oos. Any help appreciated to fix this issues. Regards ysco..
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    Thread please delete

    Please delete, posted in wrong thread. ***************** Moderator Announcement: THREAD CLOSED!
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    Thread How to change or add colored statusbar on lockscreen

    On the lockscreen I have a photo as wallpaper in black and white but because of the light color the statusbar items are almost not visible because the wallpaper overlays the picture in statusbar . I have searched for a exposed module to add the statusbar color back but can not find it. Is there...
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    Thread question about backup true twrp

    Stupid question, I normally use root essentials to make a system backup but I think with op6 it will not backup al the required files anymore I think. So I want to make the backup true twrp but can someone list the files to backup. As there are also vendor partition listed. So please let me...
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    Thread How to extract firmware + more from original beta 2 that is released

    Would like to know how to do this so that I do not have to flash the whole rom when playing with custom roms. Thanks Regards ysco..
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    Thread Serious problem ;(

    Hello all, Made probably a stupid mistake after flashing several roms i flashed the last one probably a oneplus 5 rom and not a 5t. Now i have the strange thing i go into recovery i can not choose anything cause it seems that touch screen is not working correctly anymore and can not hit the...
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    Thread twrp ask for a password, help appreciated

    Hello, I whas trying another rom on my 5t and wanted to flash another rom to try out but when I go to recovery then it asks for a password. Did try different things found by other people but still no luck. Can't flash stock rom again because twrp is encrypted. Is it possible to format...
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    Thread Missing boot logo

    Hello, I wanted to change my boot logo on my oneplus 5t that I on my oneplus 3 always flashed true twrp. I flashed my boot logo on the 5t and new bootlogo is not showing and the default one is gone. How can i get my default bootlogo back? I did download a default bootlogo from the 5 and flash...
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    Thread <SOLVED>Problem with bootloop ;(

    Hello all, I just wanted to update my kitkat firmware to latest lollipop firmware true Pc Companion but a did got a error that it could not perform the update. I thought unplug the cable to check if i had adb enabled on my tablet but i can not boot the tablet anymore it try to start and then it...