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    Thread Change battery end of charge voltage

    Hey guys, my battery is showing 4.35v when it is fully charged. Can I limit it to something like 4.2v?
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    Thread Change HDMI resolution

    Is there a way I can change HDMI resolution on SHIELD Portable? I have a 1366x768 LED monitor wich gets wrong aspect ratio in 1280x720. Can I change HDMI resolution to 1366x768? Thanks in advance.
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    Thread [Q] Fastboot not applying changes

    Please, I have a XT1033 in which I can't install anything. If I try to flash the stock rom or a custom recovery, nothing happens. When I flash the stock rom, it gives ok for most of the files (except for gpt and motoboot, preflash validation failed), but when I reboot to the system, NOTHING...
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    Thread [Q] Xperia Z ROMs

    Can we use Xperia Z roms on Xperia ZL/ZQ, as they have almost the same hardware?
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    Thread IMEI and baseband missing

    My Xperia ZQ (C6503) was working until today, when I lost my baseband. I already tried flashing 4.2 and 4.3 stock, wiping data, restoring TA backup but nothing helped. Can someone help me please? Sent from my Nexus 7 using XDA Premium 4 mobile app
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    Thread AROMA with broken touch and volume down

    Does someone know how to use AROMA installer with a broken touch screen and volume down button?
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    Thread [Q] HDMI on 3.1.10 kernel?

    Any rom with 3.1.10 kernel and HDMI support?
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    Thread [Q] Recovery mode with broken volume button

    I was at AtrICS 2.0 and tried to flash 4.5.2A 2.3.4 via rsd lite, but I think it did not wiped data and I have a broken volume down button, so I can`t get into recovery or fastboot mode, so I am in a bootloop and can only get into RSD mode, wich is volume up. Am I completely stuck?