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    Thread [VIDEO] Android 6.0.1 CM13 on Lumia 525

    UNlHMMWZm6U More info coming soon! :angel: po40aY8jHT0 wdaKGIemKwg JUUOpdUMQDw It will work only on Lumia 520 and 525. Other devices will be NOT supported yet. If you like this project don't forget to donate! MOD Message: Please stop asking questions about when this will be available for...
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    Thread CyanogenMod 13

    We are really close to official support. Our device mostly works fine now if you do a build form the official sources. Only bugs are the known ones. We are working on fixes for these, but they are hard, because we don't have the rare variants to do the needed tests. Please don't forget we...