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  1. huedrant

    Thread LineageOS for P10 Plus?

    Hi, I have a VKY-L29 and it's not recieved any software updates since 2019 (the may 2020 update didn't apply for the DualSIM model obviously). I've been diggin' around to find if there is a lineageOS ROM for the P10 series, but obviously there is no upgrade path yet. Does anybody know why and...
  2. huedrant

    Post [A510] Can't mount /data on any recovery

    ok, via fastboot -w -v i could reformat the data partition somehow. I still got an E:unknown volume for path [/sd-ext] error, but it continued and works for now.
  3. huedrant

    Thread [A510] Can't mount /data on any recovery

    Hi, I wanted to reset my 510 to a fresh 4.4.4 install. So I decided to "restore to factory settings" within the android system settings menu. kitkat CM12 4.4.4 by shreps was working fine before, I just wanted to get rid of the data in order to give the tablet away. now I'm stuck with a soft...
  4. huedrant

    Post [A510/A511] [WIP] Stock ROM dumps - Get back to factory state

    Well, I read some posts here, but I couldnt find the files needed. What do I need to do and where can I find the stock ROMs in order to flash the a510 back to stock? currently I have CWM 6.0.5 by shreps on the device. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. huedrant

    Post [ROM][5.1.1] CyanogenMod 12.1 for Acer A510[UNOFFICIAL]

    just for the basics: I have a 4.4.4 ROM by shreps (thanks dude! ;) )running on my A510. I want to upgrade to lollipop now, but I can't remember how to flash on Acer. So would someone share some basic knowledge? - How to check the correct recovery - How to enter the recovery - Where to put which...
  6. huedrant

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][Lollipop 5.0][A510] PAC-ROM LP Beta-1

    Hi I'm on cm11 by shrep now. Thanks shrep BTW [emoji6] I encountered some lags here and there, so now I wonder whether pacman would be a bit more optimized for the 510. If I decide to move to pacman, - how do I upgrade? - can I keep my settings and apps somehow? Cheers
  7. huedrant

    Post [NEW ROOTING METHOD] Trekstor Surftab Ventos 8, 9.7 and Breeze 7

    Is there a difference between the ventos 7 and the ventos 7 breeze? And are there any KitKat ROMs available?
  8. huedrant

    Post i9003 restat solution 100%

    :D Thanks a lot for your explanation! I will have to try that, too. As far as I remember, my phone didn't display anything after scratching the internal chip away. Is it important to have a formatted SD inserted before starting so that the display shows something? Anyways, sorry that I cant...
  9. huedrant

    Post i9003 restat solution 100%

    Hi, how exactly did you use adb? Entering download mode and then in console typing something like adb fastboot ? What commands did you use?
  10. huedrant

    Post **What phone should I buy next?** -- Not sure what device to buy? Ask here!

    Not exactly. I just like the idea of turning something old into something new by just updating to modern software. I think that this is a great approach to reducing electronic waste and have a more sustainable and sufficient living. I think that there are so many devices out there that get...
  11. huedrant

    Post **What phone should I buy next?** -- Not sure what device to buy? Ask here!

    That seems rather new. I explicitly look for an old one that has no official support anymore but can be updated with unofficial KitKat.
  12. huedrant

    Post **What phone should I buy next?** -- Not sure what device to buy? Ask here!

    Suggestion for old flashable Devices Hi, I actually look for a rather old tablet that is able to be flashed with KitKat. I had very good experiences upgrading my aged Samsung Galaxy SL to KitKat with NamelessROM, and now I'd love to find a tablet that has a active Dev community which already...
  13. huedrant

    Post [ROM][4.4.4][Official] NamelessROM [NIGHTLIES]

    thanks for the link bro. but which one to choose? there`s 2 files with the same name, but different size..
  14. huedrant

    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][WIP] Cyanogenmod 11 (4.4.4 - kitkat) for fairphone FP1

    first, thanks again for your wonderful work! then, I'd also need these gaps to be filled so that this could be a productive version: - BT working - the timing / auto-shutdown / auto-start function from FP OS - Optimized Battery Life - maybe a FP branding (I really like the startup screen, fonts...
  15. huedrant

    Post [PROGRAM] Acer A510 AIO Toolbox

    yes, could someone please re-upload the tools? plus, did anyone try the toolbox successfully on linux/WINE?
  16. huedrant

    Post [ROM][4.4.4] CyanogenMod 11 for Acer A510/A511 (with UMTS/3G) [UNOFFICIAL]

    Hi! First off, merci beaucoup Shreps for your work! :good: Then, I still did not find an easy way to unlock the bootloader as mentioned in the first post. Any advice or nice Link for this?
  17. huedrant

    Post [Q] Tap triggers swipe (aka sensitive screen)

    Hi, I have exactly the same issue. In AOSP Keabourd suggestions, often not the correct suggestion is chosen and I often dont get the suggested word I took from the initial list (not the drop-up-list with further suggestions), just as you described. When I try to press somewhere slightly below...
  18. huedrant

    Post Android on the kindle touch wi-fi

    Hi! Has there been any progress on this? I'd like to see the kindle do some useful stuff. I guess the touch WIFI will only be capable to run GB, if ever?
  19. huedrant

    Post Fairphone - Technical details, links and Q&A interaction with Fairphone [26 Jul 2014]

    Hi, just to add to the discussion, as to me as a non-developer, it looked promising: did you ever have a look at this thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2636257 ? By the way, to me as a batch 2-buyer, this topic around mtk and not having a community-supportable device in...
  20. huedrant

    Post EHNDROIX V problem for the I9003

    Hi, I use that one, too. I suspect as well, that what you describe is not a bug, but a feature ;) - for me, the LEDs glow when there's a notification. In terms of battery consupmtion, it's much better than stock GB ROM: I had more than 24h battery lifetime for the first time on this phone. I...
  21. huedrant

    Post i9003 restat solution 100%

    great, that helps, thanks! I'll try to scratch it with my screwdriver until it looks like this, or use a dremel. will post my results afterwards. :cowboy: what is the fstab file used for? if the phone boots up correctly, why is another fstab needed? and do I need to save EFS beforehand? how do...
  22. huedrant

    Thread [Q] Ehndroix V Bugs on 9003

    Hi, unfortunately, I can't post to the original EHNDROIX V dev thread yet. I really love this piece of work and it helped me a lot to keep my 9003 smooth and running. Thanks a lot to the Devs! Here's my problem with the ROM: Audio just doesn't work completely. Most MP3 can be played, but...
  23. huedrant

    Post i9003 restat solution 100%

    I'd like to know this, too. This is the part of the tutorial that is not covered sufficiently. If you destroyed it, how did you do it and how did you know you were done?
  24. huedrant

    Post battery drain

    I experienced battery drain too on GB ROM. I guess that newer apps are using android functions that are not coded very efficiently on GB. I was surprised that battery life got much better after flashin to 4.4 kitkat. If you want to give it a try, I definitely recommend trying out flashing your...
  25. huedrant

    Post Battery Life ROM 4.4.2

    Yes, I have ehndroix V 4.4.2 running, and the battery life is amazing! I was wondering at beginning, too, but obviously the code in kitkat is much more efficient. :good:
  26. huedrant

    Thread Sailfish OS for iPhone 2G / 3G / 3GS

    Hi, I was excited to hear about an Phone OS that target specifically at older devices. As I still consider the old iPhones great hardware and would love to see the iDroid efforts that have been made to merge into this new OS. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46NJB5AtUqw I'm still excited about...
  27. huedrant

    Post need xxkpe urgent.. please. all link are dead

    paceEAP actual thanx, this helped a lot.. maybe someone could update the STOCK ROM list? I searched for hours for this information..
  28. huedrant

    Thread [Q][HELP]Bootloop on Froyo

    Hi I just made an Error when recovering a softbricked i9003 Got the phone from eBay, ROM-Version was unknown. Made a flash to DDLF2, could boot, but had no Network. It was very instable and ended up in a Bootloop. Then this happened: - Flash to Froyo XXKB3 -> worked flawlessly, including...
  29. huedrant

    Post General Guide for i9003 Noobies (CM10 Alpha 4 / CM10.1 to Stock XXKPE NO MORE)

    Hi, I got help from a friendly user before and read a bit about the different ROMs. Now I settled for SlimBean 4.3. When I Read the Install instructions, I'm completely confused: The Links provided, especially "Slim-4.3.build.1.6-WEEKLY-1193-GalaxySL-JLS36G-Alpha3.zip", don't contain any MD5...
  30. huedrant

    Post General Guide for i9003 Noobies (CM10 Alpha 4 / CM10.1 to Stock XXKPE NO MORE)

    Hi, does CM 10.1 Alpha work flawlessly or are there any downsides like battery drain, gps not working etc? Thanks for sharing your experience!
  31. huedrant

    Post General Guide for i9003 Noobies (CM10 Alpha 4 / CM10.1 to Stock XXKPE NO MORE)

    hi, thanks for this advice. do you have them running? are there any downsides compared to GB? where can I obtain them for the i9003? cheers!
  32. huedrant

    Post General Guide for i9003 Noobies (CM10 Alpha 4 / CM10.1 to Stock XXKPE NO MORE)

    Which ROM to choos for 4.X Hi, here I am, a noob, and having no idea what to do next. I found a lot of stuff regarding custom ROMs for i9003. But which should I choose? I'm completely confused by the sheer number of different ROMs. Maybe I start off with what i need: - 4.x+-Android - GPS...