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  1. stefan.kurz

    Thread Send Phone to lg for repair

    Tomorrow i will sent my Phone to lg service cause double tap to wake doesn't work well. It's a known bug. I have unlocked bl and custom rom nougat. I have to install v20g cause it's the latest German Firmware. Here is my Plan: 1. Backup all my data to pc and cloud 2. Remove sd card and sim. 3...
  2. stefan.kurz

    Thread Possible to receive unlock.bin from lg again?

    Hi, i build the os on my pc again. I list my unlock.bin a the prozedure caus i safed it on c: and forget...so is it possible to receive the unlock.bin once more?
  3. stefan.kurz

    Thread Change the color

    Hi, how can i Change the Color on the top (green) to the blue which is used for the Notifications without using a different theme?
  4. stefan.kurz

    Thread Lockscreen Icons with "Text"

    I should post it here, so thats my Problem:
  5. stefan.kurz

    Thread Lockscreen Icons with "Text"

    Hi, I have same small weired Problem. A few days ago, I tested v29 beta. Before that, I made a twrp backup which i restored meanwhile. Since I have "Text" under the icons. I don´t want that but doesn´t find a way to delete. I put a picture to show. How can I delete the text? I just want the icons.