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    Post [ROM] [5.1.x] [shamu] Team-Radium 1.4 [OFFICIAL] 18/09

    Installed the new version (full wipe) and after every reboot Music force closes.
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    Post [ROM] 04/10 ViperOneM9 6.2.0 ◦ Tweaks | HUB | Sidebar | OTA ○ 4.28.401.3

    That was my issue. I will reformat and test at a late time...Thanks!
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    Post [ROM] 04/10 ViperOneM9 6.2.0 ◦ Tweaks | HUB | Sidebar | OTA ○ 4.28.401.3

    Reboot on screen off... Greetings, I recently tried to install the rom after upgrading to 1.40 firmware. Even after upgrading I am still getting the reboot on screen turn off every time. Any ideas?
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    Thread Tmobile Question

    I only see the tan leather version on the TMO website. Do we know if they are going to stock the black leather one at a later date?
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    Thread Software Question

    Is it possible to flash a different version of the software on the T-Mobile M9. I unknowingly bought the Tmobile M9 and would like to install the unlocked / developer M9 software over it. I hate the Tmobile logo and noise at bootup.
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    Thread [Q] Moto X warranty question.

    I just got my replacement device, they sent me a whole new retail package with the charger and everything. Do I just send back the phone? or do I have to send back the entire retail package with all the goodies? Thanks!
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    Post T-Mobile receiving limited stock

    So close to cancelling and just getting the Moto X. With the 140 off coupon it is a big difference between 409 and 699...
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    Post T-Mobile receiving limited stock

    I have excellent credit, also I paid in full when I ordered. I ordered at 12:14am PST on 11/19. Not a peep from TMO.
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    Post T-Mobile receiving limited stock

    This man can see the future.
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    Post T-Mobile receiving limited stock

    Another order after mine that got charged today. Ordered at 12:14 AM PST 11/19 64G paid in full.
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    Post T-Mobile receiving limited stock

    Must be nice. I ordered at 11/19 at 00:14 PST, paid in full and haven't heard a peep. Card not charged yet either. I aint even mad tho.
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    Post T-Mobile receiving limited stock

    If you look lower it has the full price. Those lower prices must be his down payment and or something else.
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    Post Nexus 6 now available direct from Motorola!

    owned again. Tmobile is looking more and more like what I am going to have to do.
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    Post They are back!

    Screwed again. Probably just gonna buy from TMO next week.
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    Post Nexus 6 Pre orders on Play store - Now will be Available on Wednesday of every week

    They probably didnt set aside many for preorder since they gotta get tons out to the carriers.
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    Thread [Q] SM-P605 Power Cord.

    I imported a 605 to the US and the charger that came with it will not fit my outlets. I was using a third party charger with no issues till the Kit Kat update. Now I cant charge. Does anyone know a good adapter I can buy that will allow the official charger to work with my US power outlets?
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    Post How to Enable LTE T-mobile Model P605 from HongKong

    You cant. HSPA is as fast as you are going to get with the SM-P605 on T-Mobile. This model doesnt support the 1700mhz band which T-mobile LTE runs on.
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    Thread SM-P605 4.4.2 OTA OK Google

    Just got the KK update for my 605. I use NOVA launcher and since the update my "OK Google" search has been just going off at random. Anyone else heard of this or have had it happen to them? It is pretty annoying.
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    Post Let's see how many of us has the p605

    P-605 Checking in. Patiently waiting the 4.4 update and roms.
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    Thread [Q] Any way to opt out of 4.3

    I do not want to upgrade to the 4.3 OTA because it keeps dropping BT audio in my car. I keep getting prompted like every 5 minutes to upgrade to 4.3 but I dont want to. Is there a way to disable this popup / notification?
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    Thread [Q] Unable to downgrade.

    I updated my note 2 to the 4.3 OTA and I hate it. The bluetooth on that version does not work with my car stereo. I tried to flash out of the box ROM LJC via ODIN and it appeared to work but it will not boot past the Samsung Galaxy Note II screen. It is unable to get into recovery, I can get...
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    Post Google now + asian accents = fail ?

    I dont have any experience there, but my fiance is Colombian and Google Now does not pick up her voice well at all.