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  1. lokeshsaini94

    Thread (Icons,Widgets,Wallpapers) ▆ ▇ ▉ lokeshsaini94's ADDA ▉ ▇ ▆

    (Icons,Widgets,Wallpapers) ▆ ▇ ▉ lokeshsaini94's ADDA ▉ ▇ ▆ You can also request icons if you want any icons of any particular style... Flattering icons Flaticious icons Flat shadow icons Burning hell icons Grassy icons 3D Kandicons 3d chrome icons...
  2. lokeshsaini94

    Thread [help]Galaxy nexus display broken! need new display![INDIA]

    Today while saving lives of two little fledglings(baby pigeons) i dropped my phone and broke my phone's display.:crying: Touch is working, display is working, everything is working. just display has 3 cracks.:eek: I am from Haryana, INDIA. I now want to buy a new display to fix my phone. I...
  3. lokeshsaini94

    Thread [Icons][APEX][NOVA][ADW][HOLO][MORE] 3D Box Icons v1.1

    Yet another creation of GFX Bandits Please request icons here and help me add more icons to this awesome icon pack. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1-qO2Xvk5QIORWQCjaPyUYTR-I3E_F0lqK9_CyP2gI1w/viewform https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=lokeshsaini.threed.box
  4. lokeshsaini94

    Thread [Icons][APEX][NOVA][ADW][HOLO][MORE] Holoish White icon pack v1.1

    Yet another creation of GFX Bandits Thanks to:- Inspired from Modified Holo ICS @ screenlicious iamareebjamal for his icon pack guide 180 icons only now... will add more soon... https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=lokeshsaini.holoish.white Green version and Red version of same...
  5. lokeshsaini94

    Thread [GUIDE] Make your own awesome signature pic [Team GFX Bandits]

    About thread:- Things needed to get started:- Steps for making an awesome signature pic:- Open photoshop and make a new layer with resolution not more than 700*300px and white background. Open the template you want to use in your sig and drag & drop it in photoshop and press ENTER...
  6. lokeshsaini94

    Thread [Icons][APEX][NOVA][ADW][HOLO][MORE] Glossy Atom

    GLOSSY ATOM Yet another creation of GFX Bandits https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=lokeshsaini.glossy.atom
  7. lokeshsaini94

    Thread [Icons] Badge Cut out

    Hey Guys... here is my first icon pack... It is very simple in design... There are only 55 icons now but i will keep updating...
  8. lokeshsaini94

    Thread Question related to flashing room on a S7500L

    If someone takes any ROM made for s7500 like gaple or other gb roms and replace its kernel with the one from s7500L.. And flash it... Does that work??? is something else is to be replaced too... Or ROM has to be made from base of s7500L ROM?
  9. lokeshsaini94

    Thread [Q] Donations India Paypal

    Hey... I wanted to make an account to receive donation on xda... so i signed up on Paypal... But due to some Indian Government policies... Indians are not allowed to receive donations... I have seen many Indian Members on xda with donation link... So i wanted to know how they do it? How they...
  10. lokeshsaini94

    Thread [off topic] Who think next android can be ever named KAJU KATLI or any Indian sweet

    Sorry i think i posted this at wrong place so can any mod please move it to right place... thank you... Hey guys today i saw this post on internet and I think google should do it... Maybe it will be key lime pie or whatever but next can be laddu or something... We Indians love sweets and...
  11. lokeshsaini94

    Thread [Graphics] ATOM Design Factory [signatures/banners]

    Inspired from Yorzua's Design Factory Working around in Android, you will need to work on programming and graphics. Here is a place for everyone who desire a little help on the design. TEMPLATE: FIND PREMADE SIGNATURES/BANNERS HERE: SHOWROOM 1
  12. lokeshsaini94

    Thread Need some info about nexus

    Okay so i have ordered my samsung google galaxy nexus and will get it by next week... so i am currently using galaxy ace plus... I am reading lots of threads on galaxy nexus... And i know how to root, unlock bootloader etc... now i have few questions of which i found no answers any where.... 1...
  13. lokeshsaini94


  14. lokeshsaini94

    Thread [AROMA] [V3.0] █ ATOMODS █ [Galaxy Ace Plus GT-S7500][Mods/Tweaks/Apps/CWM/Kernel]

    [AROMA] [V3.0] █ ATOMODS █ [Galaxy Ace Plus GT-S7500][Mods/Tweaks/Apps/CWM/Kernel] This is ATOMODS for samsung galaxy ace plus... ABOUT: CREDITS: [/b] RECOMMENDED STUFF: FEATURES: OF VERSION 2.4 NOTE: To know specifications of scripts, tweaks used in ATOMODS visit their OP...
  15. lokeshsaini94

    Thread Share your mood with a song...

    Ok so this is my first post in off topic section... As the title says post name of a song which can express your current mood/feelings... Note: please read following rules first... 1. Post only song name, artist or album... No links to download song or others external links... 2. Don't...
  16. lokeshsaini94

    Thread Delete

  17. lokeshsaini94

    Thread [project] [rom] First jelly bean custom rom for Samsung galaxy ace plus GT-S7500

    This is project started to discuss about first jelly bean rom for Samsung galaxy ace plus gt-s7500.. As it is confirmed that galaxy ace plus will be getting jelly bean 4.1 upgrade... This project will be started as soon as jelly bean upgrade is officially released for galaxy ace plus... I...
  18. lokeshsaini94

    Thread [GUIDE] [MODS] Collection of mods for all gingerbread[2.3] phones...

    CREDITS:- Master&Slave™ FOR MAKING ME UNDERSTAND ABOUT FEW STATUS BAR TWEAKS. b16h22 FOR Settings Shortcut in StatusBar. petrukgrinder for jelly bean style time, date in status bar toxic77 for ICS Sliders and ICS Progress bar evanlocked for Recent app Shortcut in StatusBar WHAT YOU NEED:- 1...
  19. lokeshsaini94

    Thread How to preconfig settings in a custom rom?

    Hey guys i am making a rom so i want that after flashing my rom i get apps and widgets on my homescreen as i want... i want to preconfig settings as i want so that those apps and widgets are there already....:D Sent from my GT-S7500 using xda premium
  20. lokeshsaini94

    Thread [ROM] ATOMBLAST ROM [v3.0] | Galaxy ace plus [GT-S7500] [updated]

  21. lokeshsaini94

    Thread [rom] [S7500L] ATOMIC ROM GALAXY ACE PLUS[moded and themed]

    rom removed...
  22. lokeshsaini94

    Thread [NEW] 13 stock mms.apk with changed cool smiles for galaxy ace plus

    hey guys i changed those scary green android smilies with these cool ones.... SCREENSHOT AND APK FILE IN ATTACHMENTS. these are stock mms.apk from Samsung galaxy ace plus... these might work on other samsung android devices... you can give it a try but make a backup first... INSTRUCTIONS...
  23. lokeshsaini94

    Thread ___DELETE___

  24. lokeshsaini94


    Special Thanks to - Who is this tutorial for? Tools Required : (Update them manually and report me dead links please) Step one: Installing the JAVA JDK, Cygwin and Setting up the Kitchen. *Before you do anything install the java jdk* INSTRUCTIONS Download and extract the...
  25. lokeshsaini94

    Thread delete

  26. lokeshsaini94

    Thread [Q] usb otg on galaxy ace plus??

    hey guys today i saw a micro usb male to usb female cable for galaxy phones... so i was thinking if i can use it on my galaxy ace plus... plz tell me if galaxy ace plus supports usb otg or can i get it working with some mod or app... here are links... ebay links where i saw cables - here, here...
  27. lokeshsaini94

    Thread [v6 new] [MIUI] [rom] ATOMIC ROM GALAXY ACE PLUS [GT-S7500]

    Rom removed... next atomic rom will be when we get official jb on our device... yes atomic rom will be first jelly bean rom by me... :thumbup:
  28. lokeshsaini94

    Thread ---DELETE---

  29. lokeshsaini94

    Thread ---DELETE---

  30. lokeshsaini94

    Thread [Q] how to reset ace plus to as brand new...(solved)

    hey guys..... i just figured about custom kernel count down.... i have around 6 in my countdown..... and facing some minor problems... so i want to reset my phone's whole memory(internal,external,system everything) back to brand new... plz help..... i also wiped all data, system and every other...
  31. lokeshsaini94

    Thread [Q] something happened to my galaxy ace plus *help plz*

    hey hii guyzzz..... i bought my samsung galaxy ace plus 6 days ago... i rooted it and also installed cwm(clockwork mod) from "http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1618324".. today i opened system update then it showed that an update of around 8 mb(maybe more i don't remember)so i...