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  1. swieder711

    Thread Battery replacement for Tab 4 8 plus?

    I recently changed the battery on my 3+ year old Pixel 3 XL and saw a significant improvement in battery life. My Tab 4 8 plus is showing similar signs of an aged battery. I see a two options for a replacement battery and one video on opening the back with a heat gun and guitar pick. For the...
  2. swieder711

    Thread Sync Google contacts without root?

    Is it possible to sync my Google contacts on my 2020 Fire 8 HD tablet? I have Gmail working which will fill in a contact. However, the Google contacts application won't sync. From what I read, it seems doable if I was rooted. Any suggestions?
  3. swieder711

    Thread Recent screen layout change?

    I just got my HD 8 Plus with 3/64 GB (2020). Used the Toolbox to install all the Playstore apps and remove most of the Amazon bloat. One tweak that I would like is to change the layout of the Recent Screen to a horizontal scroll. I did a few searches, but didnt find anything. I am using Nova...
  4. swieder711

    Thread Upgraded to May release with root

    Easy upgrade to the May release. Started with flashing the April default boot.img to remove root. Flash-all no wipe. Rebooted. Patched the May boot.img with Magisk and flashed it. All is good. No glitches. No problem.
  5. swieder711

    Thread Battery replaced

    I just replaced the battery on my 3 year old Pixel 3 XL. The battery life seems to be much better. Here is the battery kit that I bought, https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B088LVJCRM/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 And this new rear adhesive...
  6. swieder711

    Thread Galaxy Tab Active3

    I am looking for a new WiFi-only 8" tablet. The Galaxy Tab Active3 looks like the best performer with its Exynos 9810 processor and 128GB of memory. I also like its SD-card storage and 3.5mm jack. Price isn't too bad at $509. Here are the issues that I am running into. These tablets are not...
  7. swieder711

    Thread Android 11 upgrade?

    I see that the September update for the Pixel 3 XL moves us to Android 11. I have been doing monthly upgrades of Android 10, but moving to 11 is going require a lot of work. I think Magisk canary supports 11. I dont see any support yet for EdXposed and Gravitybox. Since we just got TWRP, I...
  8. swieder711

    Thread Anyone tried August patch?

    I am surprised by the lack of discussion about the August patch. Has anyone tried it? Is it easily rooted withMagisk? After the problems that I had with the July patch, I am hesitant about moving the August.
  9. swieder711

    Thread How to Wipe System partition without TWRP?

    I recently installed the July update (without and then with -w) and ran into all sort of problems with Magisk/EdXposed/GravityBox. Thankfully they are running now. Along the way I found some remnants from TWRP log, dated 2019 in the /sbin/.magisk/mirror/persist folder! I didnt realize that...
  10. swieder711

    Thread Sauce (source) for July is ready

    The July factory image file for the Pixel 3XL is ready at https://dl.google.com/dl/android/aosp/crosshatch-qq3a.200705.002-factory-4f657fc7.zip
  11. swieder711

    Thread Anyone on June patch with Root and EdXposed/GB?

    Has anyone installed the June update and gotten ROOT and EdXposed/Gravitybook working? thanks, Scott
  12. swieder711

    Thread Google Play Services keeps stopping

    Woke up to my phone displaying "Google Play Services keeps stopping" I read a few posts and tried what was recommended. Tried to clear cache, freeze/unfreeze app, reboot, etc. No change. Some one suggest a Factory reset. Seems like a quick fix. I am now reflashing the Mar release with -w...
  13. swieder711

    Thread "Clear All" is back for Recents

    Just noticed that the "Clear all" button is back on the Recents screen. When using Nova Launcher and 3 button navigation it was previously lost. Just updated to the January release, so maybe that fixed it. Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  14. swieder711

    Thread January 2020 updates are out

    January 2020 updates are out https://support.google.com/pixelphone/thread/24852169?hl=en Notable fixes in the attachment.
  15. swieder711

    Thread GravityBox on 10/Dec release

    I posted this question on the GravityBox Beta-05 thread a few days ago, but have not gotten an answer. Has anyone tried to run GravityBox Beta-05 (along with Edxposed, Riru) on the December release? thanks,
  16. swieder711

    Thread Quick unlock causes reboot

    When my Pixel 3 XL is booting up, if I unlock it quickly than it reboots again. Since I am running magisk, Edxposed and Gravitybox, there seems to be some race condition causing the crash. If I wait 30 seconds for the device to settle before unlocking then everything seems fine. I haven't had...
  17. swieder711

    Thread No wireless car chargers = SHAME

    It is hard to understand why there are no Google-approved wireless car chargers available 9 months after this phone was released. As was said in Game of Thrones "SHAME"
  18. swieder711

    Thread Caller getting an echo

    Yesterday, while using an earbud with mic, the person on the other end of the phone was getting an echo due to me. The echo went away when I stopped using the ear bud. Any suggestions on how I could continue using the earbuds with mic but remove the echo? I am rooted with a custom kernel.
  19. swieder711

    Thread Magisk manager 7.0 and Magisk 18.1

    Has anyone tried the new Magisk manager 7.0 and Magisk 18.1 on a pixel 3 xl?
  20. swieder711

    Thread Bluetooth problems after Jan update?

    A number of people on the Reddit googlepixel forum are reporting new bluetooth problems, like dropped connections and unable to connect, after upgrading to the January update. I was planning to update my Pixel 3 XL tomorrow, but this issue is making me pause. Are any xda members seeing new...
  21. swieder711

    Thread Some default apps being reset

    Twice in the last week, the default apps for messaging and the keyboard were reset to Google apps. I had to manually change them back to Textra and SwiftKey. Has anyone else seen this?
  22. swieder711

    Thread Ozop folder?

    I saw a folder on my local storage "Ozop" I have no idea where this came from. A search revealed some ROMs called "Ozop" I deleted the folder and the one Ozop_restore.zip file in it. Has anyone else seen this folder on their Pixel storage?
  23. swieder711

    Thread Choetech Car wireless charger

    I received a Choetech charger in exchange for posting this review. The charger sells on Amazon for $34.99. I have used it for a few days and came to the following conclusion. Pros Universal ball socket that connected to my existing Pro-clips base Comes with a vent mount USB-C port for the...
  24. swieder711

    Thread Crash, than "pixel is starting"

    Was in my car today running maps and and audio book when my Pixel 3 XL crashed/rebooted into Fastboot. After hitting the start option the screen display the message "pixel is starting" The message never went away. I held the power button and the phone rebooted normally. I am running the...
  25. swieder711

    Thread Accurate Brightness widget for Pie?

    I have tried a bunch of brightness widgets on Pie. None of them accurately report the brightness levels. If I press 10% on the widget the Quick Setting slider shows 50%. I believe this is due to the new slider being logarithmic. Has anyone found an accurate Brightness widget that works with Pie?
  26. swieder711

    Thread Accurate Brightnes widget

    I have tried a bunch of brightness widgets. None of them accurately report the brightness levels. If I press 10% on the widget the Quicksetting slider shows 50%. Has anyone found an accurate Brightnes widget?
  27. swieder711

    Thread Recommended USB-C earbuds from OnePlus

    (cross posted to 3XL accessory thread) I just got my OnePlus USB-C earbuds, Model BE02T. They work great. The microphone pickup is strong and the audio playback is smooth. The buds were $20 + shipping and took about a week to get them. I recommend these earbuds to other Pixel owners that want...
  28. swieder711

    Thread Titanium backup aborts scheduled backups

    When I try to run a scheduled backup with TiBu I get the message "action aborted due to power conditions" My Pixel in on the Pixel stand and fully charged when this happened. I turned off battery optimization for TiBu and TiBu Pro. Can you suggest what I need to change so that scheduled TiBu...
  29. swieder711

    Thread Kill App option for Nav bar?

    I have seen a few discussions about the topic of getting the Kill App option for the Nav bar. Holding the back button would be the ideal implementation for me. I find it much quicker than going to recent apps and flicking away the app that I want to kill. I have not found an answer on how I...
  30. swieder711

    Thread Prep for December patch

    I have made a lot of changes to the November build such as TWRP, root with magisk, custom kernel and Tulsa mods to the systemUI and framework. I am thinking that I will need to reset to factory default in order to get the December update. I have not done a factory reset yet. Sounds like I use...
  31. swieder711

    Thread Good USB-C headset with Mic beside Google

    The USB-C Google ear buds work nicely for listening to audio and using the Mic. However, I dont like the design of the ear pieces and would prefer a more tradition rubber bud. I have tried two different 3rd party USB-C headsets with Mics . Both were unacceptable because they produce too much...
  32. swieder711

    Thread Goodbye XT1575

    I just retired my XT1575 after 2+ years of solid service. I sold my trusty device on eBay for $159 which included 64GB native, 64GB SD card and a bunch of charges, cables, etc. I enjoyed the XT1575 phone a lot. I have moved on to the Pixel 3 XL with 128 GB which I bought on Black Friday for...
  33. swieder711

    Thread Change info on lock screen?

    Is there a way to change the info on the lock screen? Currently my screen shows the following Time Date Weather Next alarm time Scrolling message, if found... I would like to remove the next alarm time, but can't find a setting for that. Any suggestions?
  34. swieder711

    Thread Got my 3 XL today

    Ordered my 3 XL with 128Gb in black on black Friday. Got it today. Took the Nov patch. Unlocked the bootloader, installed TWRP and Magisk, restored lots of my apps via TiBu and installed a custom kernel. Everything seems to be running great. I do miss xposed and gravitybox, but doubt we will...
  35. swieder711

    Thread AC charger with USB-A

    While waiting for my black Friday 3XL with 128Gb to arrive, I have been researching other accessories. The AC charger from Google looks like it only has a USB - C port...
  36. swieder711

    Thread Custom kernels improve memory management?

    Do any of the custom kernels being posted on xda improve the memory management?
  37. swieder711

    Thread How come no one is talking about TWRP?

    How come no one is talking about TWRP? Is it inappropriate to ask if this is being worked on? Great to see root via Magisk. Are there concerns that the Titan chip could keep us from getting TWRP support? I am waiting for TWRP before buying a Pixel 3.
  38. swieder711

    Thread Before buying - waiting for root, TWRP and factory image. Will I wait forever?

    I like the form factor and specs on the MediaPad M5 with WiFi and 64GB as a replacement for the Nexus 7 (2013). However, I want root, TWRP and a factory image before I buy it. Does the XDA community think that we will ever see these or am I waiting in vain?
  39. swieder711

    Thread How is sound with the dongle?

    Can any owner comment on how is the sound thru the Dongle.? I want to use my Bose noise cancelling headset which has a 3.5 mm jack. Do the Dongles have a Digital to Audio Converter, like those for the Pixel 2? It would also be nice to be able to listen to wired audio and charge the tablet at...
  40. swieder711

    Thread US998 V30 on Verizon?

    Can anyone report on their experience with using the US998 V30 on Verizon? Does it work with 3G/CDMA? I have a Verizon 4G Network Extender at home. Anyone using one of those with the US998 V30? thanks,
  41. swieder711

    Thread Pre-purchase LG V30+ or V30 US998U questions - Vz support and Xposed framework

    I am thinking about buying the LG V30+ or V30 Unlocked US998U phone. It looks very nice with support for an SD-card, 3.5mm jack and Oreo. It is also great to see TWRP and Root support already in place. I do have a few questions before buying it. 1. How well will the US998U phone work on...
  42. swieder711

    Thread Pixel XL Bluetooth reliability - opinions before purchase?

    I am thinking about buying a new Pixel XL 128GB off of eBay ($550). My current phone is the Moto X Pure which is having lots of bluetooth problems like disconnects from Plantronics headset and my car. I am also stuck on Android 7.0 with no updates in development. I thought about the Pixel 2...
  43. swieder711

    Thread Headset + mic with USB and DAC

    Has anyone found a simple set of wired ear buds with a mic that works with the Pixel 2? Earbuds would need to have a DAC built in. Price range for me is $20 to $30. Edit: found these, https://www.amazon.com/Headphones-Sunwe-Sweatproof-Cancelling-Earphones/dp/B079D57TK9/ref=cm_wl_huc_item...
  44. swieder711

    Thread TWRP and Root?

    What are the chances that this device will get TWRP and Root?
  45. swieder711

    Thread How Dev friendly is Huawei?

    I like the new Huawei Mediapad M5 8.4" with WiFi as a replacement to my Nexus 7 2013. How Developer friendly are Huawei products? Do you think that there will there be TWRP and root support on the Mediapad?
  46. swieder711

    Thread Upgrade Nougat from .22 to. 23

    I see a bunch of people on Reddit are getting notified of an upgrade to Nougat .23 https://www.reddit.com/r/MotoX/comments/7eavkc/update_from_nougat_251122_to_251123_for_moto_x/ I am currently on. 22 with TWRP and Root. Will there be a way to easily upgrade to .23 Sent from my Nexus 7...
  47. swieder711

    Thread Bluetooth connection dropping with Nougat

    I was having problems with Bluetooth dropping while on Marshmellow. After upgrading to Nougat my Bluetooth worked great for a few weeks. In the last week, I am having problems again with dropped Bluetooth connections. The problem is only with my Plantronics headset. I tried the headset with...
  48. swieder711

    Thread Latest Google Dialer running on stock Nougat

    Here is what I did to get the latest Google dialer to run on my Stock Nougat ROM. Install the dialer framework via TWRP (attached) Freeze the stock phone app Install the Google phone app (attached), make it the default and give it permissions Reboot I am now using the latest Google Dialer...
  49. swieder711

    Thread 7.0 Stock modems vs. MM?

    I am still on 6.0 TruePureMM and am considering updating to Stock 7.0. For those already on 7.0, how do the modems for Cellular and Bluetooth compare with MM? Are you seeing a noticeable improvement? I am having some BT problems on 6.0 that I would like to clear up. From my readings, it...
  50. swieder711

    Thread Custom ROMs for Tab 8 Plus?

    Im thinking about getting a Tab 8 plus 4/64 to replace my Nexus 7 2013. I don't see much development support for the Tab 8 Plus. Great to see TWRP and root. Do you think there will be an XDA community for this device? There are so few upgrade choices from the Nexus 7. Sent from my Nexus 7...