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    Thread G2 Tweaksbox paid full and no effect

    Hi. About 60 days ago I have paid the full version. Since last time I installed it have past about 30 days. Today I have installed it and dont recognize my full version. What can i do? Thx in advance.
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    Thread ZTE V975

    Hi all. I have a new ZTE V975 and i have it root and with gapps but i have a problem with Play Store compatibility. "Financial" apps aren´t compatible with the phone. I think that it is a location problem in build.prop The problem is that i dont know modify it.... can someone see this...
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    Thread [Q] Custom CWM and root for ZTE V967S

    Hi. I´m new in this forum...and need help. Somebody can tell me if there are some custom CWM to this phone? and how to root it? I have searched in the forum but i didn´t find anything. Bruno talk about make a custom CWM for it in his V987 thread but there is no. Thx.