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    Post Is your Pixel 5 able to access 4G Network?

    Thank you for the response. Initially I thought the same. However, the speed I get when it shows LTE, is much much slower than I was getting when my P4XL was on 4G. Which is why I am curious. I guess, if Google showing 4G as LTE for simplicity, then it means that this phone's reception is worse...
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    Thread Is your Pixel 5 able to access 4G Network?

    It seems my Pixel 5 (unlocked) is stuck between LTE and 5G. Well, LTE most of the time and occasionally 5G when around town. If I understand correctly, P5 is backward compatible with 4G, but it never picks up 4G signal even when I am at my home where my P4XL would always have 4 bars for 4G...
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    Post VZW System Apps

    Thanks for the reply. Although, there's only one problem, I actually do not have any apps, they only popup in rooted apps. I think the reason behind is when I upgraded to 8.1, I had the sim in during the download, but then I took the sim out and restarted the phone then installed the update...
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    Thread VZW System Apps

    Not familiar with the following apps, are those ok to remove/freeze? Already froze My Verizon without any problem. Android 8.1 rooted, using Titanium Backup. Any info will be appreciated. Thanks!
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    Post (Trade-in) Delivery Attempt Limbo

    Mine's finally shows delivered yesterday. However, so far, no received notification from google. No change in Trade-in section of Google Store either.
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    Thread (Trade-in) Delivery Attempt Limbo

    Shipped my Pixel XL back on time with 8 days in hand. It took 4 days to reach the local USPS. Now its in a Delivery Attempt limbo for the past couple days. Leaving me with only 3 days in hand to meet the 30 day mark. Looks like the company responsible for trade-in verification, Apto Solution is...
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    Post Can I trade-in rooted phone?

    Thanks everyone! Forgot that resetting unroots it. Also, reached out to google, this is what I got-
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    Thread Can I trade-in rooted phone?

    Just got my trade-in kit in the mail today. It does not have any in-depth information, neither does any of the emails I received in regards to trade-ins. Just curious, can I turn in my unlocked+rooted XL? Or do I have to unroot/lock it prior to sending it in? I successfully traded in a rooted...
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    Post Pixel 2 Pre-Order is Live

    Mine's too, still not sure whether I should send my rooted phone or not.
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    Post Pixel 2 Pre-Order is Live

    It will come with the My Verizon spyware. Read it yesterday somewhere, can't remember where. Or maybe I read you can order it through My Verizon app. Ugh...sleepyhead. I am on VZW too, but prefer mine's clean so both last year and this year picked up unlocked version.
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    Post Pixel 2 Pre-Order is Live

    Ordered mine around 4pm-ish. Black 2 XL 64 Estimated delivery Oct 26-27. Signed up for the trade in. So, can I send in my rooted+bootloader unlocked Pixel or nah? :confused:
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    Post Will it be safe to buy the Verizon variant over the google store?

    Dude, I bought mine from Google store and vzw still pushed 63X on mine :crying: Good thing I unlocked it before taking in the update.
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    Post Return unlocked Verizon Pixel XL to BB and wait for Google to get in stock or keep?

    Well, I bought mine from google store in hope for it to stay untouched from the corporate greedy hands of vzw, but unfortunately the first update I installed was vzw-exclusive update pushed to my google bought XL :eek: On the other hand, fortunately, I already unlocked it before taking in the...
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    Post Post your Home Screen setup

    Current setup. Got Nova Launcher. Weather Underground is the weather widget. Cannibal Corpse in the wallpaper.
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    Post [ROOT] SuperSU

    Congrats! Welcome and thank you too!
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    Post [ROOT] SuperSU

    After I extracted it, I copied the "boot-to-root.img" to the SDK folder where adb/fastboot commands are located. I then started a command prompt inside that folder. First, to try, I checked it with "adb devices" and once it came back with positive results, I executed the "fastboot boot ...."...
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    Post [ROOT] SuperSU

    Here it is where I got it from- https://plus.google.com/+Chainfire/posts/24xhJN724HG Good luck!
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    Post Stuck at bouncing dots [SOLVED and ROOTED]

    THE FIX After about 6 hours of bouncing dots and trying out various things, dowlf finally saved my life. To recover the phone, I followed- 1) Boot to bootloader 2) Select 'Recovery' then once in recovery hold power and vol-up buttons for 5 sec then let go of the vol-up (but keep pressing...
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    Post [ROOT] SuperSU

    Wah! Thanks for saving my life and my phone bruh! It worked. I was missing a step. I applied the 63x ota since I just took 63x this morning and it went back to normal. Additionally, being the stubborn I am. I decided to retry rooting right after I fixed it. But, this time I did some further...
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    Post [ROOT] SuperSU

    Still stuck on bouncing dots. It has been over 6 hours and now I am incredibly frustrated. Following everything and have tried out almost everything. As of yet has not even been able to get the phone to work again. I have both the minimal adb fastboot 1.4.1 and also android sdk. Getting same...
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    Post [ROOT] SuperSU

    That is such h*******t! What's the point of buying phones directly from google is VZW going to takeover it anyway? Anyways, lets recap so I do not misunderstand anything. Before the loop, I had X on mine, upgraded from L. If I understand you correctly, for the phone to work I can either flash...
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    Post [ROOT] SuperSU

    So, correct me if I am wrong. I would have to sideload X first for it to work and then flash L to downgrade? Still not sure why I received X OTA when I bought my phone from Google directly.
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    Post [ROOT] SuperSU

    Ok I did try that previously, but I did not hold on to it for long enough. This time it worked, so thanks! I am able to have adb recognize the phone now. Currently downloading 63x image as I only have 63L downloaded before. Will update as I go along. Will try sideloading 63X. Or would be ok to...
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    Post [ROOT] SuperSU

    Can't. Adb doesnt recognize the phone anymore. In fact when connected to computer, there's no notification or popup anymore either. It wont shut down or do anything, using combination of any and all keys. Built in battery, so cant take the battery out either. So let it just sit and die bouncing?
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    Post [ROOT] SuperSU

    Mine's too hung up on the bouncing dots and adb does not recognize the device anymore :(
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    Thread Stuck at bouncing dots [SOLVED and ROOTED]

    ORIGINAL PROBLEM: Pixel XL 128gb VS, received this morning with 63L. 1) Enabled debugging and OEM unlock. 2) Took the update as everyone said 63V is ok. But it turned out to be 63X(?) (I am on VZW network but phone purchased directly from google). 3) Used adb to get into bootloader mode and...
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    Post Pre-orders & Shipping Dates

    Finally, after waiting an ENTIER ETERNITY, during which I grew old and my hair turned gray, my kids had kids and their kids had kids, I received my Pixel Xl 128gb Very Silver! Order date: Oct 4, 2016 5:39:22 PM PDT Estimated delivery date: Nov 23, 2016 – Nov 25, 2016 $ Charge Date: Nov 04, 2016...
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    Post Pre-orders & Shipping Dates

    Omg ommg omg oomg Pixel XL 128 GB Very Silver Order date: Oct 4, 2016 5:39:22 PM PDT Estimated delivery date: Nov 23, 2016 – Nov 25, 2016 Payment Method: Google Financing, no charges yet Current Status: Pending :fingers-crossed:
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    Post Pre-orders & Shipping Dates

    Looks like they estimated wrong. Demand seems to be higher for 128gb models vs 32gb ones. But they have more 32gb on stock than 128gbs. Glad yours arrived! Enjoy it.
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    Post Pre-orders & Shipping Dates

    Sigh Pixel XL 128 GB Very Silver Order date: Oct 4, 2016 5:39:22 PM PDT Estimated delivery date: Nov 23, 2016 – Nov 25, 2016 Payment Method: Google Financing Current Status: Preordered STILL WAITING :(
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    Post 25A downgrade. :) (video) (update 5-7-2016)

    Thanks for all the responses. Sorry I was not get back to you earlier. I tried but hit a brick wall with LG UP, it stopped recognizing my phone, in any way. I even removed all software/drivers and reinstall latest versions of everything, but still no go. Tried switching to various different...
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    Post 25A downgrade. :) (video) (update 5-7-2016)

    Hello LaserWolf, thank you for the video and clarification. I got a question, actually a couple. Before I go on to that, I am going to explain my background a little bit. Initially I was on rooted 13a without trouble and last month my phone got into the hardware failure/bootloop issue so I had...