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    Thread Xiaomi officially disables faulty update 12.0.8 and beyond

    I saw this morning and it seems they finally recognized the firmware bug for poco m3 really funny. Most likely all poco updates are disabled now. Can we see a future patch fix ? Nope. Probably not. Gl to those who bought this ****ty phone. Hopefully this is not your everyday phone.
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    Thread 4pda.ru captcha registration

    this is not a question but an answer on registering for 4pda.ru on the russian captcha it tells us to ADD THE TWO SET OF NUMBERS. THATS THE ANSWER TO THE CAPTCHA ITSELF. GOD I HATE MY STUPIDITY.
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    Thread [Q] xprivacy error with white pepper v2 jellybean

    Xprivacy closes it can restrict an app but not open the xprivacy app itself here is the name of the rom [ROM] [Sola] [Aroma]◄● White Pepper ●► Eye Candy + Blaze [v2.0][Jb 4.1] the logcat is attached somebody please help me.
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    Thread [Q] [ROM][4.0.4][All BLs] SXDXPepperZ1 ROM v3.1 *Final* (Almost Z1 Style) [12/18]

    Ok.. First of all I'm posting it here because I can't comment or pm the developer of this rom. I've been using this rom for about 2 and a half months and I've been experiencing some strange memory leaks. Used up all 300 mb of ram while the start ups are exactly minimal. Is it the problem of this...
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    Thread [Q] Ravensword Shadowlands on Project Gx 4.1 (Xperia Sola)

    hello there guys..........im running on project gx 4.1 rom on my xperia sola., i was able to play ravensword shadowlands until the part where there is a cinematics after defeating the troll in the tutorial level.. after the cinematics it force closes. is the game even compatible with xperia sola...