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  1. x-geo

    Thread Samsung live message on S20 FE

    Hello everyone Do any have a working apk of live message working in S20 FE? I tried the apkmirror version but wont install Thanks
  2. x-geo

    Thread can't go back to original csc

    hi everybody i have a problem with my S9+ G9650 with a Comcel SimCard, the original CSC was COM/COM/COM (comcel colombia), i flashed a non operator colombian firmware (COO) (COO/COO/COM) but, i need to return back to original CSC, i flashed firmware from Updato, sammobile and samfirm, but the...
  3. x-geo

    Thread Live Drawings from Note 8/9

    Hello everybody Here is the live message from Galaxy Note 8/9, only download, install, reboot and select in the extras menú from Samsung Keyboard Link from APKMirror Screenshots in attachments
  4. x-geo

    Thread Can't install fonts in S9+ G9650

    Hi everybody I have a S9+ G9650 (latín american) with COO csc and September patch.... and i can't install fonts... I have tried: Theme Galaxy: (font installs but doesn't appear after reboot ) Wingfonts: the font appears but doesn't apply saying isn't compatible (tried with Substratum and adb...
  5. x-geo

    Thread [APP] Modded GCam with HDR+ and More

    Hello everybody Has anyone tried the modded Gcam 5 port with HDR+? doesn't necessary to enable camera HAL3 and camera api2 (compatible by default) Download Here Suggested Settings (i'm using this settings) if you use another settings with better results, please post it and if anyone have...
  6. x-geo

    Thread [Facebook App] Force Changes of Facebook App

    Hello Everyone the facebook app in android is changing, for a friendly one, but, every time the app updates design, in my case, never changes, and stay for a very long time with the old style, my question is: there is a form to force the chanes in the app? my installed app looks like this...
  7. x-geo

    Thread Can i root/intall recovery/install roms (viper) without S-OFF

    Hello everybody I have an HTC 10 model:2PS6500 unlocked but Claro-Col branded with version 1.08.620.2 (old.. i think) the question is, the operator wont trow updates frequently... because of that, i want to install a custom rom.. and thats the question... can i root, install twrp and flash rom...
  8. x-geo

    Thread AOSP Browser for Stock Lollipop?

    Hello there!!! I am searching an AOSP Browser compatible with stock lollipop.... I tried diferent apk and flashable but all of it doesn't work and force-closes when i open it Thanks for your help
  9. x-geo

    Thread [ROM][C6906][.242]Official Stock Lollipop US Pre-Rooted [13-Apr]

    Because this model is forgotted (or not?) I made a .zip flashable with root and dualrecovery(?) for Z1 C6906 from sony ftf downloaded via XF https://mega.co.nz/#!h10SwTxJ!F-fH_zLsNa_S5RdYHFVhY1Ui3YBR0DfokQ9_IWdILuA the steps of install 1: be rooted with recovery (4.4.2 or 4.4.4) 2: download...
  10. x-geo

    Thread [Q] Slow wipe in custom recoverys

    Good day everybody My question is Every time i need to wipe partitions, the wipe is very slow aprox 4 or 5 minutes I am the only one with this problem?
  11. x-geo

    Thread Flashed 4.4.4 via sbf, can i downgrade to 4.4.2?

    hello i Flashed kk 4.4.4 via sbf, can i downgrade to 4.4.2? because I have to take it to guarantee
  12. x-geo

    Thread [Q] statusbar color

    hello everybody i have a question about tinted status bar feature in lg g3, there is a form to extend the feature in other apps and navbar? without xposed "Tinted Status Bar" (this doesn't work correctly in G3.. change the color about half a second and goes default color) and G3 Tweaksbox...
  13. x-geo

    Thread [Q] Make ringtones and notifications sound only in headset

    Hello I have an D855P (latin-american variant) with stock and now with cloudy, but i have a problem, i want ringtones and notifications sound only in headset, because i have the headset connected, they sound in both (headset and speakerphone) the question is..... is there a form to make...
  14. x-geo

    Thread safe to remove app list

    hi i just wanna make a very light rom form my daily use... i have the D805 bus this question is form any stock no operator rom, i did see for verizon, at&t and others G2 but.... what is the safe to remove app list for an 4.4.2 international rom?:confused::confused:
  15. x-geo

    Thread no signal

    hi everybody i has an E970... but the board burned out, i did buy a new board in ebay... and unlocked with a code, but my phone now not give signal and in lockscreen appears no service, imei is ok please help
  16. x-geo

    Thread [Q] reccomended Rom, kernel, mod or configuration for best battery life

    hello everybody the question is simple..... i have a E790 and i want a Rom, kernel, mod or configuration for best battery life... any suggestions?
  17. x-geo

    Thread I can't deodex a JB rom

    Hello everybody I am making a Rom with the last E790 version of official stock jellybean but when I deodex the Rom....the final Rom stays in the at&t logo... And dont pass.... Do you have a especific tutorial for deodex? I tried with android kitchen and universal deodexer..... Or a especific...
  18. x-geo

    Thread [Q] should i stay with locked bootloader or unlock the bootloader

    Hello everybody i have this dilemma with my Xperia S LT26i.. i have it with locked bootloader ando is going well... do yo think is bettes stay with locked bootloader? or unlock it... and... the other thing.. is how do you know if your bootloader has been unlocked and relocked again?