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    Thread Any hope for the WiFi?

    I recently purchased this device. And Wifi has been, not just abysmal but downright non existent. It was okay in 6.0 but when i upgraded it became worse now with 7.1 Beta it is unusable. I don't even care about having 7.1 Beta or Wifi speed anymore, what version or ROM will give me workable wifi...
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    Thread [Marshmallow][6.0][Q] Smartlock completely broken after M update

    Hi all, I updated to android-M (completely wipe then installed stock rom). Since then, all the ways of smartlock do not work at all. I checked location access all the apps have it, including system apps (in app permissions). Please help. Has anyone sucesfully gotten Smartlock to work with android-M?
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    Thread [Q] [Urgent] USB DAC support

    First off, the reason this is urgent, is that I only have a few days to return the device to get a full refund (really poor return policies where I live). Now to the issue: Does anyone know of any ROM or way to get my USB DAC to work? If it doesn't I have to return this phone because it is a...
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    Thread [Q] 5.1.1 Stock rooted

    Hi, I just bought the nexus 6. I would like to get a hold of stock rooted 5.1.1 so i can install it. No such seems to exist? Not really sure why, did interest in Nexus6 die down in the last month or two? I was sure there'd at least be 3 different threads about 5.1.1 rooted or similar, but i...
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    Thread [Q] REQUEST USB DAC support with lollipop

    Is it possible for anyone at all to build a rom or kernel with usb DAC support?
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    Thread [5.0]Official CM12 Nightly USB audio issue

    Am having issues with audio usb, is there anyone else using Cm12 with USB audio (specifically USB DACs)? The problem is twofold: Poor audio quality. Not even sure how this is happening, since i am using FLACs and a DAC - but audio quality is MUCH poorer/more staticy than same file/DAC combo on...
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    Thread [Q] [CM12] USB Audio upconversion and skipping

    I know CM12 is still in alpha/dev status and so on, but I have not seen any commits or anything talking about this specific issue and I am afraid it will never get fixed. When using DAC with CM12 since 2 weeks back: ALL audio is outputted to USB at 24bit regardless of the original source file...
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    Thread [Q] [5.0] App initiated call pick up not working

    Any "pick up call" that used to be initiated via apps (Tasker, Android wear) no longer works in L, can someone who knows better about these things figure out why this is the case? Has the API changed the way you initiate call pick ups or something?
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    Thread "Muted by android wear" no longer working in L

    Here is how it is supposed to work (see attached), but it UNDOES this mute EVERY morning and i ALWAYS get into trouble at some or other morning meetingbecause my phone SHOULD NOT be making noise but it does. http://i.imgur.com/Vh0jQLW.jpg
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    Thread [Q] LTE and Battery

    So...I've been using the (Chinese) OPO with Airtel in india for a little bit now, and I've gotta say when I enabled 4G my battery life reduced by as much as 40% (usually around 30-40% keeping in mind SoT). Now there are a few things to note here: Airtel has HORRIBLE 3G in areas outside the main...
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    Thread [Q][5.0][Lollipop] Lollipop = cannot pick up calls

    I have lollipop on my phone, and since I installed it am unable to actually pick UP a call. Usually when a call comes in the watch shows the number/picture and a little red sign peeking in from the left and a little green thing peeking in from the right. But with 5.0 the green thing is missing...
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    Thread [Q][HELP]BRICKED: Stuck in ADB Sideload mode

    Hi I was trying to sideload the update, got to the adb sideload part and all of a sudden my computer fails to recognise any USB device connected to it at all. Since there are no physical buttons - I'm stuck in this mode..basically a soft brick. Can someone help me get out of here?
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    Thread [Solved] [HELP] USB DAC Audio stock 38R

    When I got this device I had installed PA, and so far I had been using that with no issues. Since I heard about 38R's default extra audio stuff I decided to install it. Now, USB audio no longer works. Google music player says "cannot play audio" (flac file) and poweramp (the other player I use)...
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    Thread [REQUEST] Phone alarm app that has wear support.

    Hi guys, I'm looking for an alarm app (either new or existing) that has wear support...maybe someone who is better versed can add wear support to KK alarm clock and put it up? Related is this bug report that has been marked 'WillNotFix": In a perfect world the app would also be able to be...
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    Thread [REQ] In call notification

    I would like to have the usual "in call notification" turned into a card (since it's persistent it DOESN'T become a card). At least 'end call' (I would use this a lot for calls on speaker phone or bluetooth) and possibly number to dial, not sure how the numbers would look, but I would really...
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    Thread Fraud Warning: MObilefun

    Not sure where to put this, so I'm putting it here. I attempted to buy G-Watch from in.mobilefun.com (mobilefun.co.uk's india website). A day later they informed me that due to shipping issue they are unable to make the item available in India at all, they have since removed it from their indian...
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    Thread [IN] Shipment Waiting Thread

    Well, UK and US do, so why not us. First off, I hate not being in US/Canada/UK with their fancy "1-day delivery" option. I tried ordering from "mobilefun" India (they have a 2-day shipping option), but they just re-credited my money with a TOTALLY NOT vague: "We could not go through with your...
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    Thread [REQ] Mute/Unmute phone from watch

    Very simple request, something to process the following command on wear device (and other similar ones): "Ok, google, mute phone" "Ok, google, unmute phone"
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    Thread [Q] Android Wear Offline Use

    I'm getting an LG G Watch (btw, that's a seriously terrible name, its not too google-able) in a few days. Unfortunately my first major use for this watch will be whilst travelling out of country. So, here is my question: What can Android Wear do offline? It will always be connected to my phone...
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    Thread [Q] Stopping an Alarm

    I don't have the G-Watch yet, but I wanted to ask this question because it has been one of my annoyances with others like Sony SW2. Can you stop an alarm from the watch? Now note: my SW2 receives ALL notifications and they are ALL dismisssable from the watch, but an alarm does not actually...
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    Thread [Issue] Please help, Nexus 5 not showing up at all in windows.

    By this I mean, that it does not show up AT ALL, not even as a generic device with a yellow exclamation mark (which usually happens when there is a driver issue). I can't installed the driver obviously because device manager has no entry that matches my device. I tried all kinds of cables, and...
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    Thread [Q][null rom]double tap for google voice (no gear manager)

    Hi, I have the full null rom on my gear. Do not have it paired with a proper samsung phone (so no gear manager that I know of). I have not installed the "home button remap", power button on the gear basically acts like a home button right now. Double-tapping the powerbutton/homebutton does...
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    Thread Block speaker sound out.

    Not sure if this deserves a separate thread, but just noticed that if i completely block the actual speaker (one on the side) with my finger the sound ends or (or seems to end up) coming out from the earpiece instead. If this is intentional, that is SO cool, can anyone verify?
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    Thread [Solved] Google Calendar May29 update features missing

    Hi, I just got the update for google calender (the one with the new color chooser and date/time picker etc) and updated it, but everything is the same, no difference at all, date picker is still the same, doesn't look anything like the new screenshots. I am using ParanoidAndroid rom btw. I even...
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    Thread [Q] 4.2 and shared storage

    I'm not entirely sure exactly how google envisioned us using this multiuser feature. On the one hand, it seems perfect for sharing tablets among family members, otoh, the lack of a "shared storage" seems odd. Simple use case is something like: both people using the tablet listen to the same...
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    Thread [Q] 4.2 multiuser+app data in sdcard (i.e.Games)

    So far my understanding is that if user 1 downloads/installs an app, and then user 2 goes "hmm you know what I want that app too" - it doesn't re download it just gives user 2 access to the already installed app. Which is cool, cuz apps are in /data/app. But some apps, mostly games and so on...
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    Thread [Q] Reverse Full-Tablet Mod.

    What would I need to do to do the opposite of a "full tablet mod"? Basically i would like to keep the "nexus 7 ui" regardless of DPI (since it auto switches to tablet mode at 160).
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    Thread One more `apple smart cover' type

    Case: http://www.amazon.com/GMYLE-Leather-Magnetic-Folding-function/dp/B0090WU4G4 Couldn't find this specific one anywhere, but it LOOKS similar to ones posted all over http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1840085. I just bought it, probably be here in a week or so, will turn this...
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    Thread [Q] Video [email protected] io: how?

    As most of you know the one thing that this tablet doesn't seem to immediately have is a way to connect it to external displays. My question is, if you watch the google io presentation, this is exactly whats gets done for instance here you can clearly see what seems to be the nexus 7s display...
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    Thread [SOLVED] *backup* android system wakelock

    Using AOKP b29, faux123's kernel. I have unchecked "backup" (to google servers) under settings, i have frozen every app that has "backup" in its name (1 of them the google's backup transport service the other 2 are rom related). But no matter what I do, my phone NEVER goes into deep sleep, and...
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    Thread [Q] T959D question

    Hi, i made the horrific and possibly worst decision in the world and bought a Samsung galaxy s...that being done, I would like to know if i can rectify my decision and possibly install something decent on this phone. I am ok with any rom at all, vanilla/not vanilla i couldn't care less, the...
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    Thread [Q] SenseUI + Density Changes

    I actually really like senseui, basically the contacts: there are no apps that come close imo. The problem is, for a while now I;ve been using CM and i got used to lcd.density=200. The problem: I tried a couple of senseUI roms with the same setting, whilst a lot do in fact work fine with 200...
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    Thread [Q] HD rom clarity

    Hi, I have tried both HD roms and normal roms of the sense kind and the no sense kind. I have noticed that SenseHD roms like supervillainHD or RCMixHD have better clarity. I am usually pretty poor at noticing these things so its hard for me to explain, but its like watching 480p vs 720p on a...
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    Thread [Q] English Locale with Metric usage.

    Hi, I would like to know how to change the locale definitions in a ROM. I can tell for a fact that the issue is an existing one regardless of Roms or at least a lot of roms seem to have it. So far, i have tried most ROM's out there, and they all seem to have all English Locales to be either a...
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    Thread flipz lock fix and vibrate

    Hi i have superhero ROM on Telus Hero, i downloaded flipz's vanilla lockscreen fix for villain rom's and it worked great on both villain 5.5 AND superhero. However, I keep getting haptic feedback (slight vibrate) whenever i unlock the screen, its a bit annoying, i dont mind diving into the...