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    Thread [Q] Which phone you prefer

    Guys good evening, I bought before a year a LG p760 that till now (that i blocked and cannot open it) i didnt put cyanogen mod I request from you to tell me which phone to buy that i could put for SURE cyanogenmod without a problem (like my old ZTE blade) I just dont need to be over 200 euros...
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    Thread p760 stock rom needed

    Hi guys again, i would like from someone to upload for me the V20B_00 europe europe open stock rom because i cannot find it anywhere. Another guy sent me one but when i saw in software information says only p76020b not p76020b eu-xx
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    Thread suggestion unlock bootloader

    Hi again guys, I have a p760 with v20b_00 eu open rom and im trying a lot of time to unlock bootloader i did everything if you will see here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2221102&page=20 and bootloader is still locked Any tips? any other guys which will sure unlock my BL...
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    Thread Request Complete noob rooting guide for LG P760

    Good evening again, After searching a lot of hours in xda foroum, i found myself confiused about all those threads.... So, i request form someone to make a complete guide "How to root LG L9 optimus p760 v20c_00 and unlock bootloader I know that there are some threads for that but its such a...
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    Thread [Q] LG optimus L9 p760 v20B TIM (italy) brand

    I need your advice I bought last week an LG optimus l9 p760 from Italy with brand TIM. It has not greek language isnide so sarched how to put it because lg told me to send it to Greece and that its not possible (and need money) for me now. The only solution is yours. I followed every every...
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    Thread LG optimus L9 p760 v20B (italian TIM)

    I am from Greece. i am sailor so i bought from Italy a LG optimus L9 P760 v20B (with "TIM" software as i can image from those TIM aps inside). It doesn't have greek language so after a fail contaction with LG, i tried to search in xda to find a solution. The only solution is the OFFLINE METHOD...