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  1. kushalsv

    Thread [XU] Huge Problems Xperia U

    Ok guys, I'm in deep sh*t -- let me start off. I have an Xperia U rooted and locked BL, ever since JB was ported I wanted to try it, so I unlocked my BL by this method using flashtool -- 1. Install Flashboot and Fastboot drivers of Flashtool (setup file will be on C:\Flashtool\drivers or...
  2. kushalsv

    Thread [Q][XU] BootLoader Unlock

    Hey Guys, I heard it is possible to unlock the BL via the Flashtool itself instead of the tedious cmd line executions and stuff, Is it really possible to unlock the BL with the flashtool itself? If yes, Can I you guys give me the instructions? I already have rooted, just need to unlock the BL.
  3. kushalsv

    Thread [Q][XU] Back button --> Kill App

    In CM9, The back button can be used to kill apps on long press, Is it possible by some dev to incorporate to stock? Pls, I dont think swiping away apps while long pressing home is the same thing, It would be really cool if this was possible, long press back button, kill app.
  4. kushalsv

    Thread [ALL DEVICES]Tomb Raider 2013 Wallpapers

    Lots of wallpapers from the game! Enjoy! Download Link here -- https://www.box.com/s/3o9jujyibfjtsfi2t9hh
  5. kushalsv

    Thread [Q][XU]LockScreen Bug?

    Hi guys! I'm on a stock ROM on my Xperia U, running 6.1.1.B.1.10 firmware. My question is related to my lockscreen, I used to use the stock lockscreen by Sony and I couldnt change my lockscreen wallpaper. As you all know we get only 2 options to choose images from -- the default Album app and...
  6. kushalsv

    Thread [U] Rooting through Flastool

    Guys, I tried rooting my XU thru flashtool, but so far I havent had success. OK, here's what I do, correct me if I'm wrong. - First of all turn on debugging mode in phone and also tick non-market apps. - flashtool recognises my phone after connecting. Select the Padlock icon and choose...
  7. kushalsv

    Thread [U] Root/Unlock Xperia U Qs

    Hi! I have an Xperia U ICS flashed using flashtool. Unrooted and Locked. I do want to root/unlock, I just had a few questions first. - Can I root my phone WITHOUT unlocking the bootloader?.. as I heard that unlocking ones bootloader is risky and can damage the phone. I really have no idea as...
  8. kushalsv

    Thread [U] Rooting Xperia U, Help!

    I have an Xperia U, Flashed with ICS since my SI no. hasn't come out yet. And my phone eats a ridiculous amount of RAM, I just wanted to know if it is normal or...? Help appreciated. Thanks I'm attaching a few SS to help.
  9. kushalsv

    Thread [Q][Noob] Xperia U ICS help

    Hi guys, As you all know ICS is being released, Apparently my SI no. hasn't got the update yet, I really am losing my patience and want to manually update to ICS using the French ST25i firmware. Now, coming to my question. I want to manually Update my XU ST25i GB to ICS. I want to know how it...