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  1. AndroidSamsungFreak

    Post GT-N7000 stuck on Samsung boot up after trying to do a factory reset! Help Required

    When u are on mac, u have to use heimdall which is MUCH more complicated and nothing for beginners. Use bootcamp to install windows and then download a firmware (e.g from updato) and boot into download mode.
  2. AndroidSamsungFreak

    Thread Is the brickbug error existing in 4.0.3

    Is the brickbug error existing in 4.0.3 ??? And can you make a debrick img??? I am now on lineageos and want to revert to stock. This is the firmware i will be using: "I9100XWLPD_I9100XXLPW_I9100OXXLP" it is stock 4.0.3
  3. AndroidSamsungFreak

    Post [i919x][CWM Advanced Edition] PhilZ Touch

    Please reupload for ALL Ddevices because goo.im is down and i wanna use this nice recovery
  4. AndroidSamsungFreak

    Post [klte][CWM Advanced Edition] PhilZ Touch

    Please reupload for ALL Ddevices because goo.im is down and i wanna use this nice recovery
  5. AndroidSamsungFreak

    Thread [REQUEST] S3 accuweather widget for s4 mini.

    Could someone port s3 wether widget to our galaxy s4 mini??
  6. AndroidSamsungFreak

    Post [Bounty] [05/20/2014]Reset KNOX counter to 0x0 (UPDATE: 3k +)

    When you root stock rom , the knox apps will remove the su and some more files binary which leads to a bootloop. If you want stock rom rooted , Remove knox with de-samsungnizer
  7. AndroidSamsungFreak

    Post Request: "S8 mini": S8 Port/Rom for S4 mini I9195

    Impossible you could NOT make a 1:1 port You could style official 4.4 though. These s5 or s5 mini "ports" are all fake because they styled them like s5 lollipop but they are stock kitkat roms with a LOT of junk in them. There isnt even a official lollipop rom. If there was , we could style it...
  8. AndroidSamsungFreak

    Post Get PARAM.bin File (Samsung)

    Thanks,but how do i extract this file? already tried with "tar xf " but gives me nothing
  9. AndroidSamsungFreak

    Post fail flashing stock firmware hidden.img.ext4 FAIL

    Yep , i discovered that too. "flush"
  10. AndroidSamsungFreak

    Post Port Touchwiz Lollipop Rom

    Impossible, since there is no device that runs TW lollipop that has s4 mini-like hardware
  11. AndroidSamsungFreak

    Post [ROM][GT-I9190/I9192/I9195][Unofficial Test Builds][8.1.0] LineageOS 15.1 for S4 Mini

    arco68 are u still making builds??? If yes, why isnt s4 mini supported anymore??
  12. AndroidSamsungFreak

    Post CM 11 Mirror Links or a Recommended CM11 Based ROM?

  13. AndroidSamsungFreak

    Post [Q] CM11 for G900F (klte)

    Here you go : https://web.archive.org/web/20150118070914/http://download.cyanogenmod.org:80/?device=klte
  14. AndroidSamsungFreak

    Thread [CYANOGENMOD 10,11] [I9195] [MIRROR] SNAPSHOTS&RCs

    Hello there, Since most people miss cyanogenmod :( and it is hard to find a working mirror i copied some serranoltexx roms from my hdd and uploaded them. (When they shut down the servers i grabbed as much as possible:)) DEVICES I9195 THIS ROM WAS NOT MADE BY ME THESE ARE JUST MIRRORS Your...
  15. AndroidSamsungFreak

    Post Galaxy S4 mini bricked

    What happens after the text ?? Does it vibrate or stay dead? Which model?? If its I9195 i can give you my debrick.img.
  16. AndroidSamsungFreak

    Post [index] Galaxy S4 mini i9195i

    Thank you :laugh::silly::silly::silly::silly::silly::silly::laugh::laugh: Cyanogenmod forever!
  17. AndroidSamsungFreak

    Post [Guide][Noobs]How to convert bootanimation.zip to bootsamsung.qmg ?

    can you extract qmg bootanimations?
  18. AndroidSamsungFreak

    Post [ROM][8.1.0][UNOFFICIAL] Resurrection Remix-OS 6.0.0 [OMS][S4Mini 3G/LTE][26-04-2018]

    Harvey_Spectar are u still making builds?? I hope so cuz s4 mini dropped LOS (lineageos) support
  19. AndroidSamsungFreak

    Post [STOCK] Boot animation.zip support

    Tested, works flawlessly
  20. AndroidSamsungFreak

    Post [STOCK] Boot animation.zip support

    does this work on I9195??
  21. AndroidSamsungFreak

    Post Endless Boot Loop - Booting from USB

    My Toshiba Sattelite C50d-a-13w can boot remix and android x86(_64) from 5.1 to 7.1 ...................
  22. AndroidSamsungFreak

    Post Noise ROM V4 g900xx s8/s9 mix

    is this like Dreamux???
  23. AndroidSamsungFreak

    Post [Q] CM11 for G900F (klte)

    Eyy bro i am also looking for a kirkat rom .......... Can someone help us??
  24. AndroidSamsungFreak

    Post [MOD] MultiROM-20200708-v33x - TWRP_3.4.0-0 [No Kexec Workaround]

    stock-based roms dont work ...... can you add support ??? SM-G900F EDIT: i mean touchwiz based roms...... tried a 5.1 touchwiz backup, says "extracttarfork ended with error 255" (and no the backup is not corrupted) and on other touchwiz based roms like dreamux it says "symlink:some symlinks...
  25. AndroidSamsungFreak

    Post Invalid zip file format when flashing

    The zip you downloaded is a factory IMAGE. Means you have to flash it via fastboot
  26. AndroidSamsungFreak

    Post [STABLE][PORT] DreamUX ROM A7 (2017) V2 (S8 Style) for Galaxy S5

    network error already flashed fix but doesnt work (it says no sim card and then for a second sim card symbol and this repeats over and over again)-----its SM-G900F
  27. AndroidSamsungFreak

    Post [STABLE][PORT] DreamUX ROM A7 (2017) V2 (S8 Style) for Galaxy S5

    good rom ---------- Post added at 09:37 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:36 AM ---------- SM-G900F blue light filter doesnt work.
  28. AndroidSamsungFreak

    Post [STABLE][PORT] DreamUX ROM A7 (2017) V2 (S8 Style) for Galaxy S5

    sm-g900f nfc service stopped oops work now installed fix thank you anyway
  29. AndroidSamsungFreak

    Post [ROM][6.0.x] AOSP - CAF [LA.BR.1.2.7_rb1.25]

    boot veification error plz help me out i really want this rom :eek: :( thanks for ur help :)
  30. AndroidSamsungFreak

    Post [TOOL] KDZ and TOT Extractor

    joo yes :( :) :eek:
  31. AndroidSamsungFreak

    Post [Q] LG G3 ROM port

    is there any s5 port for lg g3?????????????
  32. AndroidSamsungFreak

    Post SIM Unlock I9195 Samsung galaxy S4 Mini

    can somebody help me??? i buyed a s4 mini lte but its locked to A1 is there any free solution for us.?? bad news :( :eek: ---------- Post added at 07:27 AM ---------- Previous post was at 07:21 AM ---------- ok followed the instrucuns but no sim card detected:eek: :(
  33. AndroidSamsungFreak

    Post [SOLVED] Downgrade S4 mini (GT-I9195) v4.4.2 --> v4.2.2?

    no this has the same bootloader from kitkat you will be able to flash this without problems! ---------- Post added at 02:58 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:55 PM ---------- no ONLY the ZTO 4.2.2 hast the v2 bootloader. other 4.2.2 will fail install and maybe trigger knox :( bad news...
  34. AndroidSamsungFreak

    Post [HARD BRICK ?] - I919x - Make your debrick.img and have it on extSdCard by security

    does the debrick.img from jelly bean work when you NOW have lineageos 14???plz help!!! :( :eek: sry for my abd english hope u can help me: :)
  35. AndroidSamsungFreak

    Post S6 Lollipop Port V6.1

    :confused: :eek: :( why this name is touchwiz LOLLIPOP this isn´t lolliop this is KITKAT
  36. AndroidSamsungFreak

    Post ⭐Noble Rom v2.1⭐|Fully Note 7 Themed|

    where´s the download link for s3 neo I9301I plese give it to me :( :eek:
  37. AndroidSamsungFreak


    checking for sim card...... 2 hours why this is happening??? :) :eek: