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    Thread Question Mi 11 Ultra charging slow while gaming or using

    Mi 11 Ultra is charging really slow when I play game or even do a normal surfing or using whatsapp It's really irritating. Any fix for this.? Is it a software or hardware limitations.?? PS: Phone charges really fast when it is locked nd kept aside. Using indian variant and 55W charger that...
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    Thread Custom Kernel for MiUI 7??

    hey guys, Is there any custom kernel that is available for MIUI 7.??
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    Thread Hello guys this is a thread for MOTO X camera and MOTO X active notifications :D

    No need to do anything just follow this video tutorial from the link which i have provided below and its done!!!!! U can get Kool ACTIVE DISPLAY NOTIFICATIONS and also MOTO X CAMERA with really AWESOME features..:D :D :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PA9TzTNWGTQ this is the youtube link :D...
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    Thread Hiding Capacitive Buttons

    Hey guys, I have disabled the capacitive buttons at the bottom of my CHD and am now using soft keys Has anyone thought of a way to hide the capacitive buttons at the bottom? Any sort of sticker or anything that would work?
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    Thread Suggestion pls!!!!!!

    need a stable ROM with good battery backup!!!
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    Thread App For Smooth GAMEPLAY :D:D

    Hey guys this thread is for those who face lagging issue while playing games like NFS, Ashpalt 8....etc etc... here comes the app called XTREME BOOSTER...for this u need ROOT access. This app helps in playing HD games without lag. And also selecting profile according to ur convenience.:D...
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    Thread Nexus softkeys Keys for CHD!!

    Hey guys u can get nexus keys on ur CHD just by doing a simple step... For this ur phone needs root access so it should b rooted. And then download ES file explorer or any root explorer through which u can access ROOT folder. After that go to build.prop and open build.prop and add this line...
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    Thread Proper Multiwindow using XHALO-Floating Windows for CHD

    Hey guys here we go with multiwindow on CHD :D:cowboy::cowboy: (many of them might b using this....so this thread is for those who r new:D:D) Xposed Installer XHalo-Floating Window 1) Download these files and open XPOSED INSTALLER and install and update framework. 2) Then install...
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    Thread How to ROOT CHD (Easy simple and the best way)

    HOW TO ROOT (ONE CLICK ROOT) 1) Download the files which i have uploaded 2) After downloading extract the file Mobistel cynus T1 drivers and install the driver from that folder...!! 3) download MOTOCHOPPER and extract it, and u ll b able to c RUN.BAT file 4) Enable USB debugging from the...