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    Thread Stuck in bootloop

    Stock, up-to-date. Using my Facebook app, and phone seems to freeze. Black screen, with Google. I can access bootloader, but NOT recovery mode. My warranty expired like 5 days ago. Am I SOL?
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    Thread [Q] Droid "Sleep of Death"?

    Ok, haven't been too active here in the OG Droid section, but very active over in NookColor. What I found this morning is best described by the term used alot over there - "Sleep of Death" or SOD. Went to bed last night, with a 90% battery. 6hrs later, woke up, checked the phone, flashing...
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    Thread [Q] Problem with market on two devices on same Gmail account

    Ok, so I have had this problem since I bought this Nook back in March and added it to my same Gmail account as my OG Droid. My overall list of installed apps on the D1 started shrinking as I installed on Nook. Now when I go to look for updates in the market, the only apps I see are those I...
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    Thread [Q] Questions about HC v4 eMMC 2nd ed. - Flashable ZIP

    Ok, so I haven't posted enough to put a post in the main thread. SO I will ask my question here. On the HC build, the preview screens for running apps, is there any way to kill those windows/reduce number of windows? I have gone into autokiller and stopped processes and they are still there...