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    Thread Question (Solved) Is individual call history possible with the google dialer? (Poco F3 Global)

    Is there a way to enable a call history for separate numbers/contacts with the Google dialer? I miss this option from the Xiaomi dialer even more than call recording. Having to wade through months of logs in call history seems unnecessary. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? I have very basic...
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    Thread Question Remote option gone from File Manager?

    Since the recent update to MIUI 12.5.1, Xiaomi File Manager has removed the “Remote” option. I used it all the time for transferring files to/from an SMB share. I know there are other options, but I don’t want to use ShareMe (BT or WiFi) or use Google Drive which obviously slower. I have...
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    Thread Accessories For anyone struggling to get a good screen protector for their Poco F3

    I prefer tempered glass protectors. The factory fitted one is fine but had started to lift very slightly at one corner and just doesn’t quite feel as nice as glass. I think glass gives more protection too. I luckily found a glass protector that fits well (link below). Unlike the other 4 others...
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    Thread Disable Nature Sounds?

    After updating to MIUI 10 there is now an unfortunate bubble/squelch audio notification when silent or do not disturb mode ends. Is there any way to disable this unhelpful alarm?
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    Thread Best version for the UK?

    Can anyone confirm what would be the best model for someone in the UK? I need to return an H820 due to multiple issues. Lots of minor problems had a fix or workaround, but the deal breakers were the blocked updates (thanks AT&T) and no 3g connection for some reason. It’s listed as supporting...