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  1. Svartsyn333

    Thread D2L with Apex Launcher + Greenify

    I saw that there was a thread for double-tap to lock with Nova Launcher, but as I use Apex Launcher Pro I played around a bit to find something similar. And I succeeded. :) Here is how you can get this feature back: - go into Apex settings - choose "Behavior setting" - look up "Desktop...
  2. Svartsyn333

    Thread P601 Rom on P605?

    Hello everyone, I wondered if it would be possible to install the Kitkat update of the 3G version of the Note 10.1 2014 on my LTE device as they both have the same specs. I don't have an LTE data plan so I wouldn't mind to downgrade to a Rom that couldn't access LTE network. Sent from my ...
  3. Svartsyn333

    Thread XDA Premium App - I want my money back!

    It took a long time with requests to make the app better, asking for updates and new functions and so on before I finally asked JB media to send me my money back today. I bought the Premium App in January last year because I wanted to donate my most preferred android development site. Sad to...