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    Thread CUST Unbrand

    Hi, I would like know if anyone are succesfull change the CUST lock of the mate7? Just receive a new mate 7 (other just bug) and lock with a CUST C101 bytel fr. I don't want install other rom because if the cust is not included i get cust fail error and features disable. I have too a p7 and...
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    Thread MT7-L09 No Boot (Solved) / Can't downgrade B127 (Unsolved)

    Hi, My MT7-L09 don't boot and when i try to install B120SP4 / B121SP5 or B127 i failed with message "There is no update.app :crying: Anyone can send a cwm backup for MT7-L09 because i can't use my Mate 7 thanx a lot
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    Thread Wifi Bug found!

    Hi all, I can easy remake the bug of wifi sleep! my ip is auto : and work perfect! why? tape in terminal emulator: iproute: << 23MAX if i put a ip fixe the wifi bug in sleep is here!!! please make a ip fixe in Maximum 23 please ...
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    Thread [Fix]WifiFix with last radio leak

    Hi, You need to download and flash in recovery this file: http://www.multiupload.com/D4UDEHGCO7 It's a mixed NetworkLocation.apk of nexus and Djdroid. The NetworkLocation of nexus with the last radio bug the wifiservice lockd, the wifi never sleep ... I have push the NetworkLocation of...
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    Thread [FixTest] NoEcho & White Noise For Froyo Rom

    Hi all I force disable in lib and phone.apk the support for second mic You can flash this upadte in recovery and test http://www.multiupload.com/2E001QTN26 PS: Please make a nandroid backup before flash
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    Thread [ROM 2.2.1] AOSPDesire_1.6.3[720p|FM|](18/10)

    Hy all, This Rom is AOSP Base no theme (but members can create themes and create an update.zip :) ) direct compil on android github Informations: -Camcorder 720p (camera apk from cyanogen) -All other apps stock aosp -FM -Linux Swap Support -MinFree Configuration Installation: Reboot in...