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    Thread Dropped my OP3T.

    As the title says. Now my screen has a big blue/purple patch on it .like the liquid is leaking. So I wanted to know where can I buy the original Touchscreen and Display in India Online. I have Already searched on Google got some results but most of them are LCD(not OLED). Any help will be really...
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    Thread Help needed I'm confused.!

    I'm on stock OOS 4.1.6 oneplus 3t. I'm a total noob need some help on links of twrp and how to revert back to stock if I flash Rom. And does the RR rom works. If I flash it over latest stock OOS. ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED. sorry for the bad grammar.
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    Thread help!!!!!!!!!!! Pleaseeeee

    i flashed this img file (V3) on my xperia t2 ultra dual stock 182 lollipop after flashing and turning on the phone im only able to go in recovery phone is not starting help please.:crying::crying::crying: this file >>http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=65007410&postcount=81 my...
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    Thread Need a proper an easy root for my t2 dual.

    My status. running on 19.4.A.0.182 non rooted & no recovery. need an proper root and recovery guide and its links.thanks in advance.:)
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    Thread request.

    Please anyone give me lollipop kernel ftf for dual version please fast I need it now.
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    Thread [Q] please help

    Hi all please tell me how to reduce the size of icon on lollipop (rooted)