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  1. xela19115

    Thread Dual Recording on Samsung S20 SM-G981U1 w/May 1 update

    I received May update on my Samsung S20 SM-G981U1 (build G981U1UES2DUD4) and saw online (yeah, I know...) that the Dual Recording option has been added as well but I don't see it on my camera. Anyone else has it on their S20?
  2. xela19115

    Thread Unable to connect to Samsung upgrade/update servers

    Trying to download One UI 3.1 update and getting a timeout/ unable to connect error. Samsung S20 5G unlocked.
  3. xela19115

    Thread OEM Unlocking option is missing from Beta 3 on SM-G981U1

    Apologies in advance if this the incorrect place to post this. I bought an unlocked US S20 5G (SM-G981ULBAXAA) from Amazon a few weeks ago and immediately upgraded to the Beta as soon as I got it. I distinctly remember that OEM Unlocking option was available under Android 10/OneUI 2.5 but it...
  4. xela19115

    Thread 5G <==> LTE flip-flop

    Phone: S20 5G Snapdragon (SM-G981U1) Software: US OneUI 3.0 Beta 2 (Build RP1A.200720.012.G981U1EU1ZTJG). Carrier: Mint Mobile (T-Mobile US MVNO). Here is what I noticed. When I am driving, I use Android Auto and when I used Beta 1, for the most part I saw a 5G icon (where 5G is...
  5. xela19115

    Thread *#*#4636#*#* does not work

    I have a ULM unlocked (non Amazon or Google Fi) version and using Google Phone dialer beta app as my dialer app. In the latest few betas I am not able to do get *#*#4636#*#* working. My Phone app is version is 52.0.322645706-publucbeta. Can someone check if this working for them? Sent from...
  6. xela19115

    Thread Launcher problem on Sony BRAVIA XBR55X850C

    Recently, I ran into a problem with my 2015 Sony BRAVIA XBR55X850C. It's still running Android 7 and an old Leanback Launcher. If I try to re-arrange app tiles or delete/uninstall apps on the screen, I am unable to "coomplete" the operation because there is no DONE button visible to press on...
  7. xela19115

    Thread LG LMV35ULM Software Update Available Via LG Bridge

    https://imgur.com/a/t55ZohU LG LM-V350ULM code is available, version V350ULM10i with February 1, 2019 security updates.
  8. xela19115

    Thread LG V35 case.

    Folks, After searching for a good and decent LG V35 TPU case I found this case: Araree Air Fit Vivid Slim Flexible Soft Skin Rubber Cover For LG V35 Case. Granted it's a bit pricey but they fit extremely well and made from matte, not glossy TPU. I got both Black and Red colors.
  9. xela19115

    Thread Announcement: Essential PH-1 Phone Photos Flickr Group

    Folks, I've created a public Essential PH-1 Phone photos group.
  10. xela19115

    Thread Charging LED turns green at 90%, not 100%

    I notice a small bug when charging the phone. When the battery level is at 90% or higher but not at 100%, the phone's LED indicator turns green, as if a battery is fully charged. Did anyone else notice it?
  11. xela19115

    Thread Screenshots

    Nova Launcher Chronos Widget Sent from my PH-1 using Tapatalk
  12. xela19115

    Thread Unlocked, developer HTC A9 Android 7.0 Issues

    My daughter has an unlocked HTC A9 that just got an Android 7.0 update 2 days ago. Our carrier is T-Mobile USA and when the phone had Android 6.0.1, it had VoLTE and Wi-Fi Calling features working extremely well. Now after Android 7.0 upgrade these 2 particular features are gone from the...