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  1. brandnew2009

    Post [Q] Alcatel One Touch Fierce

    Yea ill try an upload it today.. I broke that one then replaced it Sent from my ALCATEL ONE TOUCH Fierce using XDA Free mobile app
  2. brandnew2009

    Post [Root] Alcatel One Touch Fierce

    tried all root methods and keep I have tried all root methods. Framaroot worked at first. After I installed the supersu apk as a system app I lost root. Now I can not gain su priveleges, even in adb shell. Tried re-installing, re-rooting, restoring to factory also. Did make a nandroid backup...
  3. brandnew2009

    Post [Q] Alcatel One Touch Fierce

    I have rooted stock tmobile 4.2.2 version nandroid backup of can that help.. if root a problem I could un root it and upload Sent from my ALCATEL ONE TOUCH Fierce using xda app-developers app
  4. brandnew2009

    Post [Root] Alcatel One Touch Fierce

    I recently got this phone thru walmart/tmobile and I have the latest update and build..(4.2.2/L2RUMR0).. read carefully and would like to know if these root exploits work with latest build or if there is another root exploit for the latest build Sent from my ALCATEL ONE TOUCH Fierce using xda...
  5. brandnew2009

    Post SHV-E160L Debricking Tool / Qualcomm Tool Pack V2-1

    File Dumps n Shares Device Info: P9070 Pantech Burst-- Networked Unlocked/Rooted--USA Rom: CWR Mod Touch 6.0.x.x -- Gizmolord 4.0 Status: "QLOAD" -- bricked -- I want to contribute wiithout becoming a burden. I worked long, hard, and failed, to...
  6. brandnew2009

    Post [GUIDE] - XDA New User Guide - Getting started on XDA

    For what its worth,I support the idea of an mandatory "forum basics orientation"... I have been a poor-contributing member for some time and i plan to change that. Thanks for the time and effort put into this post and helping me;
  7. brandnew2009

    Post [ROM][U8650][UNOFFICIAL] CyanogenMod 7.2 STABLE (2.3.7) 16-06-2012

    Thnx guys.. for the hard work.. Is there anything that I can post as far as links are concerend.. if so let me know where and its done..
  8. brandnew2009

    Thread [Q] need assist w/ recovering TM 32A MYTOUCH Fender LE matching SPL+RADIO(new)

    I started with the tmobile fender mytouch LE 3g stock successfully rooted w/ custom recovery and rom I flashed a different version of SPL/RADIO for a new custom rom now no recovery and no boot... RUUmode I have been working on this issue for 6 months. If I had to guess I would say that it has...
  9. brandnew2009

    Post !!sos, exppert dialog needed !!! 20$ +

    no... i have not solved my problem yet your help would be greatly appreciated
  10. brandnew2009

    Post !!sos, exppert dialog needed !!! 20$ +

    Ironically, the thread you have suggested is the first thread I followed to configure my device for the "carz" latest custom rom. Is there a way around the "unzipping hang" that happens during system partition portion of RUU_Sapphire_Rogers_WWE_3.05.631.7_R_release_signed_NoDriver flash? I have...
  11. brandnew2009

    Post !!sos, exppert dialog needed !!! 20$ +

    forgot to mention I forgot to mention a common occurance since I lost custom recovery and custom rooted rom, ect. the "goldcard-sappimg-flash" process freezes or hangs at [4] SYSTEM during the unzipping portion
  12. brandnew2009

    Post !!sos, exppert dialog needed !!! 20$ +

    Im currently looking for sappimg.zip that contains the required criteria. I will post after flash attempt... thank you
  13. brandnew2009

    Thread !!sos, exppert dialog needed !!! 20$ +

    Heres my issue... No rom or recovery rom that works yes bootslpash screen yes fastboot with security I need a solution that involves a funtional rom ability to flash to funtionality I have researched and troubleshooted this problem extensively; to no avail! Even though I should have...
  14. brandnew2009

    Post [Q] NEED HELP! Semi-Brick MT3G 32A 3.5mm

    Guidance needed: out of my league ORIGINALLY TMOBILE MYTOUCH 3G FENDER 1.2 rooted; custom rom; recovery CURRENTLY SAPPHIRE PVT 32A SHIP S-ON H HBOOT-1.76.0009 (SAPP31000) CPLD-13 RADIO- Dec 8 2009, 17:38:48 VERSION: 0.5 VER.-MAIN 2.53.707.2 cid: TMOB010AOBX Following...
  15. brandnew2009

    Post Modded recovery and boot images

    Yes I can.. ms account
  16. brandnew2009

    Post [Q] NEED HELP! Semi-Brick MT3G 32A 3.5mm

    [Q] about troubles along these lines, but first... [Question but first... I have to express my apprectiation for the patience and hard work in helping me and those before me with the particularly confusing modification of the sapphire device. I Thank not only the XDA developers co-op in large...