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  1. jsgraphicart

    Thread Now that I'm rooted...

    Hey everyone. I just have a couple questions regarding some root things I'm trying to accomplish. First, I was wanting to change some system UI sounds. Mainly the lock and unlock sounds. Every other device I have used had the sound files in system/media/audio. But the 7T has them in...
  2. jsgraphicart

    Thread Suggestions for chipped glass

    A while ago, I had my phone fall out of my pocket while sitting down and had the corner of the front glass crack. It doesn't affect the screen or camera luckily. It's just ugly to look at now. I have T-Mobiles insurance plan but I'm not going to pay the deductible for a small crack in the...
  3. jsgraphicart

    Thread Trouble with Flashing System.img

    Hello all. I'm having an issue with Google's Factory images. Ever since I got this phone, I haven't been able to flash the system.img with fastboot. I have since tried two different updates that Google has released with the same outcome. I get an error that reads: "error: cannot load...
  4. jsgraphicart

    Thread Slow Data Speeds (T-Mobile)

    Hi all. I've been a long time Nexus 5 user and lately, my LTE speeds seemed to have come to a crawl. Most noticeably at work where I used to get good speeds easily. I thought it may be my SIM card going out so I went to T-Mobile and replaced it but it didn't seem to change anything. I was told...
  5. jsgraphicart

    Thread Magnetic Car Mount

    I was wondering if anyone had thoughts or has even tried these types of car mounts. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Nexcon-Magnetic-Cradle-less-Universal-Car-Phone-Windshield-Dashboard-Mount-Holde-/221655676812?hash=item339bb5378c&vxp=mtr Its magnetic so I was wondering if people thought our Nexus 5...
  6. jsgraphicart

    Thread Xposed and the Nexus 10

    So Xposed was updated for Lollipop. How many of you are using it with the Nexus 10? I was using CM12 before Xposed and when I first tried installing it, it worked. Then I tried updating the nightly and flashing Xposed again and boot looped. Since then, I couldn't get it flashed on CM12 again. I...
  7. jsgraphicart

    Thread [Q] NFC System UI Sounds

    This is more of an observation and wondering what people's theories were on the matter. Since Lollipop was released, I have noticed new UI sound files in /system/media/audio/ui/ named NFCFailure.ogg, NFCInitiated.ogg, NFCSuccess.ogg, NFCTransferComplete.ogg and NFCTransferInitiated.ogg. I would...
  8. jsgraphicart

    Thread NexSense ROM General Discussion

    Since the DEV-ONLY thread was getting OT and Noob questions, I thought I'd make this thread to take all that away from that thread and leave the devs to their work. So ask anything here about it until Galaxyuser creates a ROM thread. I'll be happy to answer questions as well. If you would like...
  9. jsgraphicart

    Thread [Q] Does T-Mobile know you're rooted?

    So I have been on T-Mobile for a few weeks now. I downloaded the "T-Mobile My Account" app to manage my account, pay bills, etc. I got a notification today from the app telling me some test results and one of them was saying I was rooted. So is this info sent to T-Mobile and they know that I am...
  10. jsgraphicart

    Thread [Q] Sideways video playback

    I dont usually post questions and look up the answer myself. But I cant figure this one out. Is there a reason why playing a video I recorded in landscape mode auto rotates and plays sideways? I know I can turn off auto rotate but thats a hassel just to view one video. It should know to play the...
  11. jsgraphicart

    Thread [Q] Rooting A WiFi Only Device

    it is rare that I ever ask for help around these parts. But I just recently got my droid x2 back and wanted to try cm10 alpha 3. The problem is it doesn't seem to want to root. I have SBF'd numerous times and tried both Motorola one click root tool and Pete's Motorola root tool (which actually...
  12. jsgraphicart

    Thread Ubuntu For Tablets

    Ubuntu Just released this video showing off their new OS for tablets. In the video, they are using what looks like a Nexus 10. But what do you guys think? Would you use this if we were able to put it on our TouchPad? Don't know if that will be possible. But just asking to see what you guys think...
  13. jsgraphicart

    Thread 1% Battery Mod Alternatives

    People are always posting in the ROM threads wondering if a 1% battery mod is possible. I, personally, dont understand why it seems to be harder to accomplish on ICS and JB than Gingerbread. But I have come across some alternatives for those who need 1% increments. First, there is Minimalistic...
  14. jsgraphicart

    Thread Jelly Bean Talk

    So as we all know, we now have Jelly Bean. And to not flood dragonzkillers thread with general talk about it, I thought I'd start a thread for people to come and say what they like, what they dont like, and tips and tricks they might have, cool settings in the ROM, etc. Any issues should still...
  15. jsgraphicart

    Thread OTG Cable Issue

    I just received an OTG cable I ordered off of Amazon for 88 cents from Hong Kong. I bought one so I could use my PS3 controller for emulators and just plug and play. Well once I plug ANYTHING in, I get no indication of life from anything. I heard when you plug a PS3 controller in, its supposed...
  16. jsgraphicart

    Thread Gmail app vs. Built In Email

    Whats the difference? I can add my Gmail app to the built in email app, so doesn't that work the same? Whats the advantage of the official Gmail app? I just find it unnecessary to have all my emails in the built in email app and a separate app for just my Gmail. This is mostly just a curiosity...
  17. jsgraphicart

    Thread New Cyanogenmod Boot Animation

    The Cyanogenmod team released a new boot animation for CM10. The nice thing about it is that its not labeled with the cyanogenmod version number. Its just a general cyanogenmod animation. So people like us who only have version 9 can use it still and it will still look like it belongs. I looked...
  18. jsgraphicart

    Thread Google Now on CM9

    I have only tested this on the CM9 nightlies, so if you decide to try it on anything else, make a backup beforehand and report if it works for you. Do you want Google Now on your HP Touchpad? Of course you do. I have been following this thread for a while waiting to get Google Now on my ICS...
  19. jsgraphicart

    Thread Jelly Bean's Google Now for ICS (FULLY FUNCTIONAL!!)

    *Cleaned up OP. Started collecting too many old links. :)* I saw this on the news page and have been following it since then. Google Now finally comes to ICS and should work with any AOSP ROMs. Latest Development as of 8-6-12: There has been some new developments on this. XDA user...
  20. jsgraphicart

    Thread Lets talk ICS (not a ROM discussion)

    Now that we have our first ICS ROM, lets talk about what we like and dont like about the newest Android OS. I dont know about everyone else, but I have never touched Android 4.0 before our latest CM9 ROM. I have only seen videos on it. So my eagerness to play with it was very high. Now that I...
  21. jsgraphicart

    Thread Decal Girl Skins

    Has anyone used the skins by DecalGirl? I'm thinking of getting one. http://www.decalgirl.com/skins/HP-TouchPad-Skins
  22. jsgraphicart

    Thread [Q] CM9 with Touchstone

    Im planing on eventually getting a Touchstone for my Touchpad. I'm wondering, are there problems with charging the TouchPad on the Touchstone while running CM9? I would assume it just charges like normal since its a hardware feature. But does the software act up since it doesnt recognize HOW its...
  23. jsgraphicart

    Thread Text Messaging?

    Has there been any way of sending and receiving texts with the TouchPad through bluetooth? I know webOS can do it with the Pre 3 and the Veer but not with any other phone. How about Android? Any apps or anything?
  24. jsgraphicart

    Thread Black and White Theme?

    Is there any black and white themes in existance for CM9 Alpha 2? All I have seen are some blue ones and a red one. I would like a black and white one like this: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1460132 but for the tablet. Anyone know of any? I'm aware that this ROM is fairly...
  25. jsgraphicart

    Thread Mobile Hotspot?

    Anyone have problems getting their touchpad to find a mobile hotspot from your android phone? If not, what app do you use? I'm rooted and have tried open garden and one other that I forgot the name of. Both didn't show up on my touchpad when scanning for a wifi connection. Sent from my DROID X2...
  26. jsgraphicart

    Thread Where are the webOS users?

    Does anyone in this forum actually use webOS or is everyone just using Android on their Touchpad? I just got my Touchpad yesterday so I havent been around these forums much until now. I just see everyone talking about Cyanogenmod and everything else that has to do with Android. I would like to...
  27. jsgraphicart

    Thread Could this help us in any way?

    I read over the weekend that the Motorola Razr got ICS via a leaked ROM. I dont know how similar our phones are but could this help us in porting over ICS for our phone? http://www.xda-developers.com/android/motorola-droid-razr-ics-version-6-14-75-update-leaked/
  28. jsgraphicart

    Thread Just wondering...

    Does anyone here have an HP touchpad/Droid X2 combo? I'm probably going to be getting one with my tax return. Got a pretty decent return this year. :)
  29. jsgraphicart

    Thread [MOD] ICS Transitions For CM7

    Since the latest updates to our Eclipse and CM7 have the ICS Transitions included, There is really no more need for this. Unless you want to add it to a different ROM that doesnt have them. In that case, use the link to the Original thread. Thanks I came across this little tool in my quest for...
  30. jsgraphicart

    Thread Answer to SU problems on CM7???

    I just saw this on the XDA home page. Its a new super user app. As we know, the SU app on CM7 is a little buggy and doesnt always give super user permissions. Maybe this app will work better for us. Im going to be trying it out soon. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1538053...
  31. jsgraphicart

    Thread [Q] Which ICS CM7 Theme Is This?

    I've been going crazy trying to find a thread or a link to the market (I mean Play Store...screw it, Im still calling it market) but I cannot find this theme anywhere. I was just searching for themes around the web a little while ago to see if there were some good ICS themes that werent in the...
  32. jsgraphicart

    Thread Google Acquiring Motorola

    Do you think this will have any affect on our Droid X2? Good or bad? I don't really know the details of the deal, or what Google is planning on doing with Motorola. I know they want some patents Motorola has but dont know if they are planning on taking control of Motorola's devices. Do you think...
  33. jsgraphicart

    Thread Make Your Own Dock For Your DX2

    I came across this video the other day and wanted to share. This little trick is handy if you are a former webOS user and have a touchstone or two laying around like myself. I tried this last night and it works. So I may be rigging something up in the future...
  34. jsgraphicart

    Thread CM7 vs. MIUI

    So we may be getting MIUI soon. "Within a week or so" according to aceoyame http://twitter.com/aceoyame Wether it happens or not (Im not trying to stir up any expectations), what is the big difference between the two ROMs?
  35. jsgraphicart

    Thread Front Page Comments

    Is there a reason why on articles on the front page, all I see is users reposting the title of the article? I know thats not the case, so why am I seeing that?
  36. jsgraphicart

    Thread [Q] Best way to clean up Internal Storage?

    I have way too much crap on my internal SD card. I think a lot of it is from apps I have downloaded then deleted and other miscellaneous things. My internal storage which is 8 GB, because of the SD Flip Flop MOD, is pretty much full. I dont know how. The biggest folders that I know about is a...
  37. jsgraphicart

    Thread [Q] Droid X vs. Droid X2

    Im just wondering what the differences are that make the Droid X get Cyanogenmod and ICS ports and not the Droid X2. I thought the Droid X had a locked bootloader as well. If someone found a way around the locked bootloader on the Droid X, why wont the same method work for us? Are the ROM ports...
  38. jsgraphicart

    Thread [Q] Google Music Service

    Are any other Music apps able to use the google music service to stream your music from google music? Or is strictly the Music app from Google?
  39. jsgraphicart

    Thread [Solved] *Need Help* Can't Flash Keyboards

    Im having a problem flashing a keyboard to replace the stock keyboard. I have successfully done this many times before but after flashing a theme, which also themes the stock keyboard, I can no longer flash a new keyboard over it. Before, I had keyboards that where flashable zips on my SD card...
  40. jsgraphicart

    Thread [REQUEST] Blurred Backgrounds

    Can this be done for our phone? And if so, can one of you smart developers/themers create a flashable zip for this. This would look awesome. :) http://www.stealthcopter.com/blog/2010/01/android-blurring-and-dimming-background-windows-from-dialogs/
  41. jsgraphicart

    Thread Blurred backgrounds with popup window??

    Im not really sure if this a theming question or a developing question since I dont know if this is something done with code or not. But I was wondering if its possible to blur backgrounds when a pop up window is in the foreground. I see that it does this when I power down or reboot the phone. I...