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    Thread Any browsers that compress audio feeds?

    Are there any decent browsers that compress audio feeds, so that they take up less bandwidth? Some of them mention video feeds... I like that as well. I was actually testing Opera Mini And it does not seem to play audio on the background properly. First there are dropouts and then it just...
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    Thread Norton Internet Security wake locks.

    Norton internet security, can at times use more than an hour and a half after 12 hours of up time. Other times, it's just fine. Using GSam, I have yet to find the correlation with anything else. In Norton forums, they've been telling me it's probably some other app which is causing it to scan or...
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    Thread RCS notification delay.

    For some reason, on both my and my wife's phones, when we have RCS on, the RCS message gets received in a timely manner, but the notification can happen hours later. with SMS the notification always happens immediately. They, of course it both using the Google Messages app. I opened the ticket...
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    Thread Gsam and Better Battery App issues

    Over the past few months, Gsam only rarely shows app utilization. I have the ADB security settings set. I don't know what triggers it to turn on or off. Any ideas? I then reinstall the Better Battery app. That said it was calculating statistics for over 3 hours. I wasn't able to see anything...
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    Thread Case with "Active Edge" support?

    Any idea about a non-expensive case which supports squeeze, has a lip around the screen, actually protects the phone...and isn't slippery? Google's cloth case is $40. I don't see others advertising their cases support this feature. Thanks
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    Thread Vibration options

    I see some old posts, but wonder if there is anything new. I just got an S2. Is there any way to have the vibrations for messages occur more than once? Is there a way to have each notification vibration have a longer vibration time, since each vibration is quite weak? Thanks
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    Thread Blueborne

    Considering how slow Lenovo /Motorola has been with security updates --- has anyone heard of any way of blocking Blueborne, without turning off Bluetooth? I'm unable to use a smart watch, which I rely upon, due to this. (Of course, the smartwatch needs to be ok, as well). BTW, I chatted with...
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    Thread Blueborne impact?

    Are the official and community versions of the Pebble firmware (I have the original Pebble), vulnerable to Blueborne? Of course, I also need to deal with my Smartphone... Thanks
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    Thread Alarm icon in status bar

    I don't have any alarms set, yet I frequently see the alarm icon in my status bar. It goes away after a number of second s. I'm trying to figure out why Greenify aggressive doze is inconsistent and wonder if it's related. Thanks
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    Thread [Q] Checking RAM situation

    Considering the way that Android deals with RAM, how can I check if I really have enough of it? The programs which show logs, that I see, only show them when the app is in the foreground So, I only see Garbage Collection pause times, when I have the logging app in the foreground.
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    Thread [Q] Analyzing RAM situation?

    Considering Android's memory management, how can I tell how am I am really doing memory wise? Is there a way to see stop the world garbage collection times, without root? I am having some odd stream buffering / stopping as well and wonder if it's a resource other than clean bandwidth. (Its on...
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    Thread [Q] Case recommendations ?

    I normally get cases like the two layer Otterbox with a belt clip. I always keep my cellphone on my belt. Is there something similar for the HAM2? I haven't purchased the phone yet. What case is convenient and secure, without breaking the budget? Thanks
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    Thread AA or crank chargers?

    Are there any recommended AA or crank chargers? It should have enough current and be able to let the phone know that it's a high current charger. Thanks
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    Thread [Q] Low on volume space - internal storage space

    I'm receiving a warning, "Low on volume space - internal storage space is getting low" . Looking at the Android memory stats, it doesn't look too low. Anyhow, what's the best way of cleaning things up? Thanks.
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    Thread Belt clip case for around Otterbox Commuter

    I have a Otterbox Commuter for my Atrix 2. Does anyone know of a horizontal beltclip case which this combo will fit into? I was using a case which I had lying around...but it's about to come apart. Thanks
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    Thread [Q] Music playing related questions - some answers - another question

    I posted this in the old Atrix 4G forum, before this existed. I now have an a partial answer to C. More comments / questions embedded. I just came from the Windows Mobile world and needed to research how to listen / watch live streams. A) Trying to listen to streaming audio (mp3) from a...
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    Thread USB Host/OTG without doc

    For the "old" Atrix 4G, there is a thread regarding USB Host, without a dock. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=997187 Can the same be done with the Atrix 2 (buying the USB hub and the OTG adapter)? I assume getting WebTop app requires rooting? Can the USB OTG still be used...
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    Thread [Q] Music playing related questions

    I've done some searching and haven't found many positive responses. I'm hoping a more recent request will turn up a better answer. A) Trying to listen to streaming audio (mp3) from a webpage. Leaving the web browser stops the audio. Besides trying to find the stream in a separate program, is...
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    Thread [Q] Player for WMA/WMV http/mms ASX / browser inline?

    I'm trying to get some WMV/WMA streams, with .asx (or even .asp extension), with http or mms transports to work. I find WMA/WMV players in the Android Market that do some of these, but not others.. IE, .asx, but won't work with web streams.... another works with web streams, but not .asx...
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    Thread Wunderradio menu "overwrites" itself?

    I updated to the latest Wunderradio and now I can scroll up/down with my finger, but when I do so, the menu items just replicate themselves, so it's useless. Any ideas? (I emailed Support again...) Thanks
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    Thread Hulu back yet?

    With the whole back and forth regarding Hulu -- is there currently a way of viewing Hulu on our phones? I see myvideo has about 4 Hulu shows.. but they use their server to transcode the flash...
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    Thread Recover "Owner Information"?

    Well, I set my "Owner Information" ... somehow the "Owner Information' is gone.. --- edit-- Never mind, I found it in an old email...
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    Thread Backup program

    I remember seeing a thread about this, but the search function doesn't seem to come up with it. My old Tilt came with a backup program, I have yet to find one on my Tilt-2... Is there one? Is there a recommendation? Thanks
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    Thread Third party onscreen keyboard too small

    I have an old dictionary program, meant for older QVGA screens and it's tiny on the WVGA of the Tilt-2. Is there any generic way to make a SIP screen larger, or is that the whole design of the keyboard? Thanks
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    Thread TV Out?

    What resolution / color depth etc does the TV out give? Does it work properly with an AT&T Tilt 2 (I hear there are carrier restrictions). Can it stream movies decently (SD card or online streaming, if bandwidth allows)? Where's a good place to get one? Thanks
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    Thread touchxperience.com (advanced-configuration-tool) website down

    I wanted to download the Advanced Configuration Tool, but http://www.touchxperience.com seems to be down. I don't know who administers it - but I want to make sure that they know it's not available. Thanks
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    Thread "Turn off device" interaction with programs using WIFI

    If I'm using a program which uses WIFI, after the 1 minute (adjustable) timeout, the program stops. Is there a way to have the WIFI connection continue if the program is still running? Is there a way to have a program clear the screen, but not go into standby mode ? I somehow 'fixed' this issue...
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    Thread Kinoma / Wunderadio issues

    I have been using Kinoma Play and Wunderadio with my Tilt.. Now with my Tilt-2, I have some issues. A) When I stream audio and the Tilt-2 goes into standby, there goes the audio. I seem to remember doing something for the Tilt, so that I can stream after if goes into standby - I don't recall...
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    Thread Gather info for migration to new Tilt-2?

    I have a Tilt and am migrating to a Tilt-2. I'm getting rid of the Tilt under HTC's trade-in offer. Is there a good way to migrate? I plan on reinstalling software from scratch , but want to recall what's installed on my old Tilt and maybe get some config info off of it - even though I may not...
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    Thread SIP Softphone - multiple profiles + STUN?

    Are there any decent SIP softphones with multiple profiles + STUN support? (WM 6.1). Price? (Free preferable, but willing to pay if that's what it takes for something decent) Thanks
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    Thread Charge: slow until 65%, then jumps to 100%?

    Lately, I noticed that when charging my tilt with the charger, it takes forever to get to 65% and then in almost no time, jumps to 100%. Is that normal? Does something need to be done? Do I need a new battery? If so, what's recommended? Separately, when using WIFI, it uses over 400 mA --...
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    Thread Phone profile audio quality

    Is there any way of changing the phone quality settings? I used to listed to a news/talk radio station via phone on my old phone, but using the Tilt / TyTyn II when I use it via Bluetooth (Motorola Motorokr T505), the audio is quite distant/muffled. Any suggestions? The "music" profile sounds...
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    Thread BlueTooth Telephone audio adjustment?

    I have a Tilt with the Motorokr T501. Is there any way to adjust the sound quality on the telephone side of things? If I stream live talking radio audio via the telephone side of things, the same source sounded fine on my old $50 phone, but sounds lousy via Bluetooth on the Tilt. The other...