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  1. blacksantron

    Thread [FIRMWARE] Help! Bootlooping on Optimizing Apps after flashing stock firmware

    Hello! I purchased a Galaxy S6 two days ago and have yet to really use it... I wanted to have a fully fresh phone so i flashed the latest firmware available to me (USA, Sprint, sm-g920p, zerofltespr, QB1) Everything flashed as normal (not my first S6, I'm familiar with ODIN) but upon booting...
  2. blacksantron

    Thread Simultaneous data and call

    My old HTC m7 had this. On Sprint. It's terribly frustrating tethering to my consoles and getting kicked off when i get a call. So is this possible on our phone? Am i missing something?
  3. blacksantron

    Thread Xposed works!

    http://forum.xda-developers.com/xposed/unofficial-xposed-samsung-lollipop-t3180960 Installs and runs well. Here's a spreadsheet of what modules are working...
  4. blacksantron

    Thread Uninstalling PlayStore

    I'm trying to remove playstore so that i can install a themed version instead. When i flash the themed version for 5.1.1 it says playstore has stopped working. Is there a way to fully remove the stock version before i flash the newer one? Sent from my SM-G925P using XDA Free mobile app
  5. blacksantron

    Thread TWRP and Xposed...

    I've been trying to stay up to speed with all the information as this is my first Samsung. I'm rooted. Am I correct in thinking that twrp isn't available for us yet and I read that we can't run xposed on Samsung devices? YouTube ads are brutal! Thanks!
  6. blacksantron

    Thread OK... It's been two days.

    Where are the recoveries, roms, etc?!
  7. blacksantron

    Thread 4G Hotspot

    Has 4G hotspot been figured out for any of the newer sense ROMs? I know it works in 3g, just haven't noticed any news regarding 4g. Thanks
  8. blacksantron

    Thread Wi-Fi tether on 4.4

    Is it stable yet, rather, has any dev or Rom solved the stability issue yet? I went back to 4.2.2 cause I require the stability, but I want the new stuff!
  9. blacksantron

    Thread [SOLVED] Completely stuck at bootloader. Need AMD USB 3.0 drivers for win8.1

    I just got a new laptop with 8.1 loaded on it... tried to flash a rom and it didnt go well.. bootlooping at the bootloader. computer wont recognize the phone, doesnt say fastboot usb. ive downloaded every possible driver i could find for 2 days and nothing... basically ive narrowed it down to...
  10. blacksantron

    Thread Yeah.. A One on the way

    Sprint and I have been at each others throats for months. Yes. I tether. I tether to my ps3 for Netflix every night. Average 3 gigs per. My girl watches while I'm asleep vice versa blah blah..... Got a call a month, or so, ago from Sprint... "your data usage is very high please blah blah..."...
  11. blacksantron

    Thread Signal icon as real time dBm

    Just curious if there's an icon pack or some other method for replacing the signal bars with the actual dBm strength.. Running Viper4G Thanks!
  12. blacksantron

    Thread Various music players not recognizing my mp3 files

    So I'm trying to load my phone up with music since my connection is not great in the virgin islands... Can't stream off google music with confidence... When I connect my phone to the computer I transfer the music.. I run out of space so then I go into root explorer and move the music to the...
  13. blacksantron

    Thread [Q] disable mms max size attachments?

    Wonder if there's a nifty trick to disable the max size an attachment can be for a mms message.. I see stuff about compression in the search but nothing about the size of the Thanks!
  14. blacksantron

    Thread [Q] Help with HTC Unlock and HBOOT (EVO 4G LTE)

    my first post! Im trying to unlock my 4G LTE using the htcdev site. I get through all the steps until i do the command: fastboot oem get_token_identifier it spits out a CMD ERR and fails the bootloader says all this "cant find image PJ75DIAG.zip" stuff after some research ive decided my...